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How to Grow as a Project Management Consultant

Project management is a fast-paced but satisfying job. Moreover, if you’ve seen the data on a project management consultant’s salary rate, you might be inclined to take a more in-depth look at this career. 

Whether or not you’ve had previous experience in project management, below are the things you need to know to become and succeed as a project management consultant.

What does a project management consultant do?

Project management consultants oversee all of the elements of a company’s projects under them. Below are some of their detailed roles and responsibilities:

  • Head and accomplish big-ticket projects, most of which are client-based.
  • Supervise and integrate project aspects to meet desired goals and objectives
  • Review budget, sots, and expense
  • Help develop project plans
  • Monitor team performance and motivate team members
  • Establish reports on project progress and finances
  • Develop, design, implement, evaluate and improve business processes
  • Communicate and establish relationships with clients and customers to assess their needs

What does it take to become a project management consultant?

Before you become a project manager and enjoy the perks of a project management consultant salary rate, you need to have what it takes to do the job. Below are some of the requirements, skills, traits, and characteristics you need to possess in order to succeed in this line of work:


You need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field of study to enter the job. Degrees such as program management or business administration are not only handy for the line of work but necessary for you to accomplish the basic tasks.

If you have certificates in industry or management, that could be a big plus for your application.


You also need relevant working experience to apply for a consultant position. Maybe you’ve handled smaller projects in the past. Perhaps you worked under a consultant as a project manager. You might also have been a manager in your previous job. Managerial experience is a plus for this job.

Traits and characteristics

You need to be organized since you will be dealing with people, data, and high-profile projects. In addition, you also have to have an eye for detail so as not to miss any critical information.

Strong communication skills are a must in the job as you will be speaking to high-profile clients and evaluating their needs and desires. Finally, you need to be good at multitasking because project management is a series of tasks, and the role of a project management consultant is sometimes to handle several projects all at once.

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How much is a project management consultant’s salary?

The project management consultant salary ranges somewhere between $55,000 and $173,000. You might think that the range is so large. That’s because there are several factors that can influence the project management consultant’s salary. These factors include:


Consultants with more experience tend to earn more, just as many other professions. On average, the annual salary for junior consultants with less than one year of experience is $59,000. Those with 1 to 4 years of experience earn an average salary of $74,000.

Consultants with 5 to 9 years of work experience earn an average of $88,000 annually, while those with 10 to 19 years of work experience hit the six-digit mark at $102,000. Finally, those who have been in the field for more than 20 years earn at least $132,000.


Some skills pay more than others. Your salary as a project management consultant can be influenced by the skills that you offer. Below are the average salaries for each type of skill:

Project Management ($84,842)

Process Improvement ($85,489)

Business Analysis ($75,385)

Strategic Project Management ($88,034)

Consulting Management ($91,926)


Where you choose to work can play a factor in how much you can earn as a project management consultant. Every state has different pay rates and different costs of living. As a result, some states may pay consultants more than others.

What are the career paths available for project management consultants?

If you want to further grow your career as a project management consultant, there are some careers that you can advance into or specialize in. specializing allows you to focus your energy on honing your skills in one specific area.

Director of Special Projects

As a director of special projects, you get to handle big-ticket projects that require specialized skill and superb leadership. You can either become a Chief Operations Officer, an Executive Director, or a Project Management Director.

Project Management Specialist

A project management specialist specializes in one aspect of a project and provides an expert opinion on those aspects to ensure that the project proceeds smoothly. As a specialist, you can either become a project engineer, a clinical operations manager, or a general project manager.

Operations Project Manager

As the title implies, the operations project manager’s primary focus is to make sure that the project is smooth-sailing and that all of the proponents and elements that comprise the project are working. This may entail a more nitpicky approach to processes, documentation, and personnel compliance.

An operations project manager can be a general project manager, a senior project manager for operations, or simply an operations manager.

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