How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

For some successful marketers out there, they can say that affiliate marketing has given them the starting point to earn thousands of dollars without exerting much effort. 81% of brands are using this marketing strategy to maximize their income generation potential. And as a publisher, why wouldn’t you take this advantage to earn passive income that can yield you a 1-10% commission for every successful sale?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a method of earning a specified commission in return for promoting a brand’s products. When you recommend a product to friends, family, and online readers, and make a successful sale, you earn a percentage on every single purchase made.

It works in these simple steps:

  1. Choose a product you are genuinely interested in.
  2. Look up for any affiliate program that relates to the product. There are tons of affiliate programs out there and among the most popular include Amazon’s.
  3. Sign up for the affiliate program available.
  4. When you have successfully signed up for an affiliate program, an affiliate link will be given that is  used to track the people who have clicked it on your page.
  5. Create content that will promote the product. You can make use of reviews, vlogs, blogs, and more—where you will be adding that affiliate link.
  6. Get a commission for every sale once people make a purchase through your link.

The parties involved in affiliate marketing

There are four parties involved in making affiliate marketing work. These include the merchant, affiliate, network, and the consumer.

  1. Merchants – These are the brands, sellers, creators, retailers, vendors, or distributors of the product. It doesn’t matter how big they can be—as long as they can provide products, they are considered as merchant.
  2. Affiliates – Known as the publisher, they are the ones who recommend the products to their online audience. They can range from individuals to companies who seek to make money out of promotional initiatives. They could be influencers, bloggers, email lists, paid search focused microsites, and media websites.
  3. Consumers – They are the buyers of the products who have clicked the affiliate link on the promotional content. When they make the purchase, both affiliates and merchants generate profits.
  4. Network – Some businesses see the need to have a network to serve as the intermediary between the merchant and the affiliate. Some merchants will directly handle the delivery and payments made through affiliate links, but having a network that does this for both parties eases the process. Affiliate networks also have a database of all products that are up for affiliate marketing.

How do merchants benefit from affiliate marketing?

Knowing that most businesses have turned to the aid of affiliate marketing, how do they benefit from it? Here are the reasons why they practice it in their marketing strategy:

It is performance-based.

Affiliates are paid on a commission basis when a successful purchase has been made. This motivates affiliates to do their own initiative to ensure there will be tons of conversions made on their promotions. The merchant will just have to sit back and wait for conversions to come in before they give away those commissions.

It maximizes your online presence.

Having the affiliates work their magic, the products reach various audiences that you might not have explored yet. Most affiliates have established a good following—making your product reach a broader audience. This amplifies the chance of conversions as affiliates come from various niches and industries.

It solidifies your reputation.

You are most likely to build a trustworthy reputation when there are reputable brands and individuals who vouch for your products. Having a seal of approval from these established personalities and brands make conversions easier as they are likely to buy from a recommendation of their trusted personalities.

It is cost-effective.

You only get to pay affiliates when they make successful conversions. This avoids you from shelling out funds to marketing initiatives that haven’t proven their effectiveness yet.

It quickly generates traffic and sales.

Having additional streams that regularly post your affiliate links will garner you increased traffic, which can then lead to conversions. The more affiliates you have, the higher the traffic you can get. This event can lead to ranking higher in Google as people will have the tendency to look you up on the search engine when they are interested in your products.

How do affiliates benefit from affiliate marketing?

On the other hand, affiliate marketers get paid via pay per sale, pay per lead, and pay per click. In addition, here are the reasons why affiliates get lured in getting into affiliate marketing.

It is a source of passive income.

As an affiliate, you don’t really have much to do—it’s just a one-effort-initiative that will yield hundreds of dollars when done right. You will only research, review, and create content once, then wait for it to make conversions to earn your commissions. It offers continuous returns for a long period of time. Unlike working for a regular job that demands you to work for it at the time being, affiliate marketing skips that while giving you continuous cash flows.

It is a work-from-home opportunity.

With affiliate marketing, you can enjoy working in the comfort of your own home while earning income. It gives you the freedom to work whenever and wherever you want to—a perfect opportunity for all freelancers out there. 

You don’t have to provide customer support.

You don’t have to serve as customer support when consumers have concerns as you are just promoting the products. It is the merchant’s responsibility to ensure consumer satisfaction, so you have that load off your shoulders. You are just solely invested in promotions.

It is cost-effective.

Normally, you need to initially shell out some cash when trying out a venture. However, affiliate marketing reduces the costs you need in order to start earning—you only need to try out the product, and that’s it. Creativity and good planning is all you need. 

It is performance-based.

You are more motivated to ensure the quality of your promotional content, knowing that you can earn more when your initiatives are successful at converting. When you invest your time in ensuring that your campaigns are engaging enough with effective marketing copies and other content, you can yield returns that have exponential potential. 

It is convenient and solely individual.

You don’t really have a boss who will be breathing down your neck on your every move. Your strategy is totally your own! You get to do what you want at your own convenience. 

That is the overview of how affiliate marketing works once incorporated with a business’ marketing strategies. Either you are a merchant or an affiliate who wants to explore the possibilities it offers, it counts to know the various ropes and strategies that make affiliate marketing successful in meeting both parties’ income goals.

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