How to Gain Subscribers for your Youtube Channel

If you want to earn money by creating YouTube content, you must learn how to get more subscribers on your YouTube channel. This article will show you 8 simple and effective tips to gain more subscribers for your YouTube channel.

1. Upload videos longer than 8 minutes

There is no ideal YouTube video length as long as your content is not dull, and the viewers stick to your video longer or until the end. 

If you observe the video length of top YouTubers, you will probably notice that most of their videos are over 8 minutes long. You must remember that you should set enough time to allow your viewer to see the “meat” of your video. You can also take advantage of the optimal monetization if your videos are a bit longer because you can place extra mid-roll ads in the videos.

It will also help if you have your YouTube account get verified first. This YouTube incentive allows you to upload videos longer than 15 minutes and customize your video thumbnails. 

2. Post high-quality and interesting content

It is no secret that the best way to grow your YouTube channel is to build great content. So you better get your creative juices flowing. Your video content must be actionable, engaging, and valuable to your viewers. There are a lot of people who turn to YouTube to find answers to some of their questions by watching how-to tutorial videos.

There are also a lot of people who use YouTube for entertainment. Here are a few entertaining content ideas that you can do to your YouTube channel that will definitely grab the attention of your viewers:

  • Make an opinion or a response video
  • A challenge video
  • Review a product, movie, show, etc.
  • Make a haul video
  • Give a tour of your room, house, or hometown
  • Make a reaction video
  • Make a video tutorial

3. Create a custom thumbnail

Awesome YouTube thumbnails lead to more clicks and more views. Your video thumbnail is the cover of your video, so you need to keep it engaging for people to click on it. Your thumbnail will determine whether a person will watch or ignore your video. In fact, according to a report, 90% of the best-performing videos on YouTube have custom thumbnails

So what makes a YouTube thumbnail eye-catching? Here are some important points.

  • Use very high-quality images.
  • Your thumbnail images should look professionally shot and edited.
  • Your thumbnail should convey an emotion or tell a story.
  • The quality and style of your thumbnail should be consistent. This will help viewers to recognize your channel and make your channel look clean and cohesive in design. 
  • You can use vibrant colors and sharper images to make your thumbnail pop out of the screen as thumbnails are a bit smaller.

4. Keep your content consistent

Consistency is the key to gain subscribers and grow your YouTube channel. Just like in marketing, you should have a target niche in your YouTube channel. Having a target niche will give your channel more focus and find your target audience easily. This will also help you have long-term subscribers. 

  • You will build a stronger relationship and loyalty with your subscribers.
  • Establish expertise, knowledge, and experience in the chosen niche and its algorithm. 

Here are some popular YouTube genres you can focus on for your video content.

  • Vlogging
  • Gaming
  • Technology
  • Cooking
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Comedy
  • Travel
  • Reactions and Commentary

5. Optimize your video title for YouTube search engine

Just like optimizing content, you will also need an SEO tool to identify target keywords that you can use for your video. Most of the time, nobody watches your video content because you use a generic title or video description, and your video is not searchable in YouTube search engines. 

You can use YouTube SEO tools to help you identify your target keyword. Once you have identified your keyword, you should include the keyword in your title, video file, and video description.

If you want to learn how to optimize and rank your video content in the YouTube search engine, you should take the YouTube Video Search Engine Optimization: Boost Views, Engagement And Subscribers. This is just one of the best online courses about YouTube from Skill Success.

6. Ask your viewers to subscribe and turn on the notification to your YouTube channel

How to get more subscribers on your YouTube channel? The simplest way is to ask your viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Subscribers are critical to your success on YouTube. That is why you need to give your audience a compelling call to action and ask them to click the “Subscribe” and notification bell button. 

Don’t assume that your viewer can read your mind on what you want them to do. Giving your viewer easy instructions showing that subscribing to your channel is not that complicated can also help you. You just need to tell them what to do, how to do it, and why they should do it.

For example: “To stay up to date with my latest videos, make sure to subscribe to this YouTube channel by clicking the subscribe button and the notification bell icon in this video if you want more [weekly/daily] updates on [whatever your niche is].”

7. Interact with your viewers

If you want to gain and retain subscribers, you must interact with them. Respond to their comments, or follow their YouTube channels. Another way you can do it is to comment on other videos. This allows you to promote your channel and interact with other subscribers. 

8. Host a giveaway

Another way on how to gain subscribers for your YouTube channel is by hosting a giveaway contest. Of course, you need to make sure that your giveaway’s mechanics will help you get more YouTube subscribers. 

Effectively hosting a giveaway will help viewers interact and be more connected with your brand, which may help increase your rankings in the YouTube search. You will also encourage viewers to like, comment, and share your video and channel.

Here is an article you can read to find out how to host a giveaway contest successfully, “How to Run the Best YouTube Contest in 10 Easy Steps“.

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