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How to Create an Effective Email Campaign for Maximum Growth

Email marketing is a cost-effective, efficient, and highly profitable method of promotion. It’s no wonder many businesses partake in its practice through various email marketing campaigns. If you are a business owner who is interested in doing your campaign and making sure that it is sufficient enough to give your company massive growth, here is how it can be done:

Begin with an end in mind. 

Before embarking on an email campaign, it is vital to take a moment to pause and reflect on your goals for your business and the campaign. What exactly do you want to achieve after it all? How do you see your business as the campaign progresses? What type of customers would you want to attract? How do you want them to feel about your email campaign?

Beginning with your end goal in sight gives you a sense of direction as to how you can plan out your series of activities during the email marketing campaign. It ensures that you keep going in the same direction as to where you started and that deviations are kept at a minimum.

Build and maintain your email list.

Building an email list is a crucial step in any email marketing campaign. An effective email list allows you to directly communicate with a wide range of potential customers simultaneously. Think of it as direct advertising, except that you can accomplish all of your contacts at once per run.

The beauty of an email list is that it is so direct and personal that you are able to establish a relationship with your clients. The relationship is formed because people are most likely willing to open up about queries and concerns in the privacy of their email and away from the prying eyes of the public, like what often happens in social media.

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Set up an autoresponder.

Autoresponders are computer programs that are designed to automatically send emails to anyone who subscribes to your email list. It can be simple or complex, depending on your preference and business needs. There is a wide array of options for autoresponders. Some of the most popular ones are HubSpot, MailChimp, GetResponse, and AWeber

Set up your web forms.

Web forms are HTML forms on your webpage that enable your clients to enter their data for your consumption. They can resemble paper forms that customers manually fill out in an actual store. Web forms are essential in email marketing campaigns because they are a highly secure method of sharing data from customers to businesses. 

Use the power of attraction.

Your entire email marketing campaign would be for naught if you can’t attract clients. Try to look up ways to entice positive responses. There are a handful of ways you can try to practice–lead magnets, call to action, and opt-ins are some of the most commonly-practiced techniques that email marketers employ to reel in potential customers. The end-goal in this is to grow your business by enticing and engaging your audience enough to sustain their attention.

Set up a landing page.

Setting up a landing page is still technically part of the previous step. Yet, it should have its own spot in your email marketing campaign to-do list because it is a crucial component that makes up the perfect medium in the process of information and lead magnet exchange between customer and business. Its sole purpose is to convert all visitors into subscribers, preferably.

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Make quality content.

After successfully attracting and converting visitors from your email campaign, you would certainly want to keep them. Now, this may seem to be outside the realms of email marketing, but ensuring that you have enough good content to keep you from losing clients makes your email marketing efforts worth it. There are several ways that you can look up about producing quality content. Try to study the techniques and tips on what works best for specific markets, apply them to your campaign, and see how your customers respond.

Find the perfect timing.

Did you know that there is an optimum time to send out emails? Email marketers avoid the early rush of the week that occurs during Mondays, and the late rush to clock out for the weekend during Fridays. Studies say that the middle of the week–between Tuesday through Thursday–is the safest time to send out emails. 

It says that the best day out of all days is Tuesday, with Thursday and Wednesday following in second and third. The best times are late in the morning after people have settled into work around ten o-clock, late in the evening as people check emails before going to bed, middle of the afternoon where people are mostly bored, waiting for five o-clock and looking for a distraction, and early in the morning to target people who check their emails as soon as they wake up.

Keep your email marketing campaign clean.

While you might be excited to go hard and fast with your email marketing campaign, doing things the right way ensures that your efforts will pay off and will keep paying off in the long run. Always run a background check on your data, learn its source, and keep it clean. Manage your emails such that you are neither sending too much that will give you a bad image to your audience, nor too little that you won’t be able to create an impact. Start with small steps and gradually build up from there until you have achieved the end-goal that you have set at the beginning of your campaign.

At the end of the day, an email marketing campaign is just one of the first steps in growing your business. It enables you to have a platform wherein you can attract your desired number and kind of customers. The heart still lies on the quality of your product and your relationship with your customers. An email campaign is simply a powerful tool that gives you a head-start in the race towards maximum growth.

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