How to Build an Email List for Your E-commerce Business

One of the best marketing strategies you can ever use in growing your e-commerce business is learning how to build an email list. Most businesses have found that building an effective email list is the secret recipe for expanding consumer reach and increasing sales.

Your online visibility should not end at setting up your own website and social media platforms; you should maximize all the strategies you can execute to monetize them. A huge chunk of your attention should be focused on making your website not just aesthetically pleasing, but also smart enough to capture potential customers’ emails.

Most consumers will check your website out, but end up buying nothing at all because of various reasons. The fact that they are interested in your products should be used as an opportunity to get their emails and employ marketing strategies to turn them into paying customers.

What is an email list?

An email list is a collection of email addresses gathered from several sources you have utilized. They may be coming from your blog, website, subscriptions from your newsletters, or emails you’ve obtained from people in person.

Having an email list is an effective way to increase the number of your potential leads. You ought to grow your collection of emails to convert website viewers into loyal customers. With the right email marketing tactics, you can start seeing the impact of an email list to your sales growth in no time.

Building an email list for your e-commerce business

So how do you use an email list to start growing your business? Your e-commerce business plan has been set up, therefore you just need to employ a competent approach on marketing what you have. One of the first steps you are going to take is creating your business website. When you launch your official business website, make sure you have several facets to obtain a potential buyer’s email.

Here are a few pointers to remember when starting to build an email list:

1. Mind the quality.

When asking for their email, always make sure that all information to be collected is factual. Do not resort to buying an email list that may backfire your email campaigns.

2. Know your target.

Focus on obtaining email addresses from your target market. All those interested in your products serve as your potential leads so focus on what you think they need and design your materials in a way that entices them into subscribing to your email list.

3. Use proper segmentation.

When you start sending out campaigns to your email list, you must be critical of how much you send a single email to each of your potential leads. They may seem spammy if your emails are all over the place. You must learn the proper segmentation of who the priorities are, what kind of content to send them, and how tolerant they are to emails like these. This way, your email campaigns will deem effective rather than a waste of effort. 

4. Grow your email list.

Once you have successfully planned out the items above, you can start growing your email list with several methods applicable to your business.

Methods to build your email list

Your website is the main channel to gather email addresses from potential leads. Make sure you make the most of it when designing it and putting out marketing content. Check out this list of proven methods to build an email list for your business:

  • Website pop-ups

Pop-ups are most effective for new customers visiting your website for the first time. These pop-ups should offer your potential customer something in exchange for their email—it can be a newsletter for store updates or an exclusive discount with their first purchase. 

Discount and newsletter pop-ups are proven to convert less than 2% of website visitors. Whereas content-related pop-ups convert visitors to 5 to 20%. It’s up to you what kind of pop-up you are going to use. As long as it entices your visitors, it can be useful to grow your email list. 

  • Email signup forms at the footer or navigation

You will notice that most e-commerce websites have signup forms located at the footer or the navigation pane. This is a small strategy that can help you garner emails over time. You just have to make a marketable copy at the footer to lure them into subscribing to your email list.

  • Lead magnets

A lead magnet is a valuable resource you can offer to visitors to turn them into your subscribers. These resources take form in PDF guides, e-books, stock images, gift guides, and many more. To be able to download these lead magnets, they are required to sign up for your newsletter and email campaigns. Just remember to always produce lead magnets that are highly related to your business.

  • Gamification

One way to easily capture a visitor’s interest is through an engaging approach in offering discounts. Thinking outside the box will score you loads of email signups–you just have to be creative enough. The most popular gamification right now is the wheel of fortune where you ask for a signup first prior to spinning the wheel. 

You can place different discounts on each partition and excite them with huge savings. This way, you are extending to them a good deal while giving you the favor of adding them to your email list.

Recommended courses for you

  • Referral programs

Referral programs are pretty common in e-commerce right now. It doesn’t just offer your visitors incentives and exclusive one-time discounts, but you are more likely to be trusted when your business is personally shared by people. Based on market research from, 78% of people trust recommendations from family and friends. This ranks the highest as opposed to the least trusted source which is advertising.

  • Giveaways and promos

Who doesn’t like freebies? People love huge deals where they can save more. Host giveaways on your website and offer them a chance to win a particular prizelet’s say a $100 gift cardwhen they sign up for your newsletter. A one-time promo like this can garner you a high surge in emails which can benefit you for a long time.

  • Sign-up buttons at social media pages

Maximize your online visibility by making use of your social media pages to display your website link. Your website and social media pages are all connected after all. People follow your social media pages because they are interested in your products, so take that to your advantage and place your website link on your home pages. That way, you can easily direct your social media followers to your website and add them to your email list through sign-up forms.

  • Ads to drive traffic to a landing page

If you think you are ready to take a bigger leap by shelling out extra cash to fund ads, then you can go for it. You will need a landing page where you will direct viewers into luring them to subscribe to you. You can make use of targeted Facebook ads which directs to a lead magnet. With targeted ads that know your potential leads’ age, gender, location, profession, interest, and more, you can easily reach the right market.

This is just a handful of proven methods on building an email list for your e-commerce business. There are tons more you can discover when you are really committed to growing your online business. It pays to invest and learn from online courses that will help you start building your email list.

Learning to build your email list contributes greatly to increasing your sales growth and brand reach. Test out any strategy that’s applicable to your business and soon enough, you will be monetizing from your email campaigns.

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