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How to Build an Email List Using a Lead Magnet Funnel

One of the best and most diverse ways to build an email list in email marketing is through a lead magnet funnel. A lead magnet funnel is a concept of a funnel where you gain leads by offering something to an audience in exchange for their email addresses. It builds up an email list that is composed of eager and already partially-convinced subscribers who are most likely willing to welcome your next update or offer.

It takes a darn good lead magnet to get to those emails because emails are entirely personal. It isn’t likely that a person would give you their email without good reason, so your lead magnet has to be good enough to convince them to give it up. But what makes a proper lead magnet funnel? Here are three qualities that your lead magnet should possess:

  • Gives off perceived value. For your customers to bite down into your lead magnet, they need to recognize the value in what you are offering. It needs to be a solution that addresses a need, and it needs to be distinct enough for them to click through without having to ponder over it for a long time (which never happens online).
  • Provides instant gratification. It should be easy to access and quickly consumed. Although some lead magnets make use of documentaries or ebooks, those are not too common. You would usually see checklists, infographics, and short clips more often since these are more easily digested compared to richer and lengthier items.
  • Targets the right client. Your lead magnet should take into consideration the type of clients you want to attract into your business. For example, online education businesses might want to make use of tutorials and informational material as lead magnets that attract customers who are into online learning.
how to build an email list with lead magnet generation on laptop

Here are fourteen examples of brilliant lead magnet funnels that can help you build your email list:

1. Samples. This is the most common lead magnet used in consumables like cosmetics, food, and hygiene products. However, samples are not only limited to physical products as there are digital items that can be sampled as well. A few excellent examples of such are sample proposals, sample resumes, and sample sketches. Samples give buyers a good grip on the quality of the product that a business has to offer and prompts them to purchase later on.

2. Tutorials. Video tutorials are most common, but step-by-step written instructional material is also available. If your business is up in the educational field, this type of lead magnet will suit it well. An example would be dance lessons, piano lessons, or arts and crafts.

3. Graphic templates. Wedding invitations, signages, posters–you can offer so much to your clients even just by putting out one of these for testing. It is an excellent idea for creative businesses that focus on visual art like printers, logo designers, web designers, and even interior, fashion, and landscape designers if you know how to use it creatively.

4. Free trials. Free trials let your customers use your product for a limited time before they have to purchase it to use it. Software companies are known to use this type of lead magnet most frequently. Still, the strategy is also applied by other businesses like cable companies, internet service providers, and some mobile applications.

5. Tests, quizzes, and calculators. Want to find out which diet program is most suitable for your body type? Want to know your biological age based on your lifestyle? How much do you need to save in your current financial situation to retire comfortably? Test, quizzes, and calculators are the most involving and enjoyable lead magnets done by businesses ranging from fitness apps to insurance companies.

6. Studies and reports. Academic websites sometimes require email registration to grant access to studies and reports exclusively to subscribers. However, this tactic is not only limited to these sites because it is believed that case studies are also effective marketing strategies in such a way that it gives your consumers an idea of how other consumers perceive your product.

7. Coupons and discounts. Everybody loves a great deal, which is why coupons and discount codes are always hunted down by eager buyers. Any business can apply discounts as lead magnets since there is something so attractive about paying a bit less than the original price.

lead magnet funnel concept to help build an email list

8. Software and applications. Free software or free apps have sky-high perceived value. They are useful, immediately consumable, and can be tailor-fit for the needs of a specific target clientele. Trackers are some of the best examples of such lead magnets.

9. Checklists and cheat-sheets. If you have lengthy material like books or manuals, condensing and summarizing your original content into a free one-pager to use as a lead magnet funnel is a great move. It gives potential buyers a bird’s eye view or outline of your material before they purchase it in full.

10. Scripts. If you are catering to people who want to improve their speaking skills, prepare for a speaking activity, persuade a problematic client, or gain confidence in pitching themselves during an interview, offering scripts would be of great value.

11. Calendars and planners. These materials are simple, easy to produce and valued well by those who need or use them. You can tailor-fit your calendars and planners to your target audience. For example, if you run a fitness company, you can offer a work-out calendar or a diet planner. Other examples are events, calendars, and inspirational or creative planners.

12. Printables. Printables are simply images or patterns that a client can print out to use. They work well for visually creative companies to serve as something similar to samples. Printable can also be applied to materials that are useful like grocery lists, financial planners, tables, and charts.

13. Recipes. Any eager home cook would appreciate a free recipe. Recipes are an effective lead magnet for food-related businesses, including books and websites. Offering exclusive access to unique recipes upon email subscription has a reasonably high perceived value if your audience comprises of beginner to intermediate level cooks who want to advance their skill or try something new.

14. Infographics. Infographics are common and very prominent in social media. They provide concepts at a glance without needing too much time and attention, and thus cater to the average span of attention social-media users usually dedicate when scrolling through their feeds. However, infographics also have high potential as lead magnets if you are into selling educational material.

Those are only some of the suggestions on how to build an email list with the use of lead magnet funnels. There are plenty of other creative and resourceful ideas that you can utilize to attract those subscriptions and grow your email list.

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