How to Build an Email List Fast Through List Building

Many marketers and business owners are looking for ways on how to build an email list fast. Email marketing is used to drive traffic to a website and it is one way of communicating with potential customers to build a strong relationship with them.  

For you to start email marketing, you need to have an email list first. Email lists are the list of emails you have gathered from the visitors of your website who subscribed to you to receive updates on your business, such as special discounts and other information or announcements.

Email list building is the process of gathering more people to subscribe to your email marketing campaigns. There are many ways on how you can grow your email list fast. Here are some.

Ways to grow your email list

1. Create interesting content

If you want people to stay in your email list and remain subscribed, then your content must entertain them so that they will always look forward to your email or newsletter. You may start by addressing their names in the subject line and in the body of your email. Also, you personalize your content in such a way that it is easier to digest, but entertaining enough that it will build an emotional connection with the subscriber.

You can personalize your content easily, segmenting your email lists by buyer persona. This method separates your subscribers into different buyer personas to send more targeted content to the right audience.

Another way to drive more people in your email list is by creating a gift content. This may be in the form of free content or discounts on your products or services.

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2. Use social media

Social media is a powerful tool to help you build your email list. You can give potential subscribers free giveaways or discounts in exchange for their names and email addresses. You can do this by promoting content on your social media accounts to sign-up to your email list.

3. Maximize your website

When you are collecting information from people to be in your email list, keep in mind that the information that you will be asking from them should be short. The length of your forms should only contain two to three fields: name, email address, and birthday. You can also add a chat box that lets them leave their email address if they have any questions about your business. 

Some marketers and business owners find other solutions to maximize their time doing email marketing. Thus, they opt for an automated list builder.

What is an automated list builder?

Automated list builders use special mailing list software to send mass emails to a mailing list saved in their computers. The process involves a reflector address set up in a server that has the ability of receiving email. The message received by the reflector address is processed by software. This reflector address has the capability to send messages to the recipients’ email addresses that were subscribed to the mailing list. The messages each recipient receives can be personalized using the automated list builder. 

Businesses use automated list builder is used to target customers, unlike the email list you buy from other people that are usually non-targeted spam lists and won’t convert the people you are sending you email marketing to leads.

Although, you may also choose to build your own email list, there are some challenges in building the email list itself. This may be because you have an ineffective email capture box, landing pages that are not working, or pop-up forms that irritate your audience.

When you are planning to create an automated list builder, you must consider the following points:

  1. Choose what product or services you want to promote–plan your website, create landing pages, and build it.
  2. Set up the automated list builder and map out the materials you will be using for your email marketing. This includes preparing the products or services that you will promote, designing, generating the code for the landing page and capture box, as well as setting up the auto-responder and email schedules. 
  3. Place the automated list builder on your website.
  4. Increase traffic to your website.
  5. Gather all the collected email using automated list builder strategies by using email list segmentation. You must also create a different list from the customers who bought your product from your prospect list.
  6. Prepare another automated list for people who visited your website for a back-end offer.
  7. Create another automated pre-scheduled email to follow-up opt-in customers to sell more products.

It is important to bear in mind of the three main goals on why you are building your email list:

  1. Grow your email list
  2. Sell your products or services to your email list members; convert leads to sales
  3. Get them to buy more and become your loyal customers

Creating an automated list building might be tricky for some because of the technicality involved in installing software. Some might also think that this will cause annoyance to the subscribers in the email list because of the automated emails they will be receiving.  But the fact is you are helping your subscribers find what they are looking for. Automated list builders will help you focus on creating more compelling content.

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