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How to Build an Email List and Monetize It

Almost one hundred percent of online transactions make use of emails. Emails have been a reliable form of communication since its invention, and it is one of the foundations of many online applications we use today. It is no wonder why marketers make use of email lists to capture, expand, and retain businesses. But did you know that aside from learning how to build an email list, you can also monetize it? Here’s how:

How do I build an Email List?

There are several ways you can build up your email list. You can do it in a classic traditional approach with pen and paper. You can also accomplish it online through your website. The best way is to combine both methods and conduct multiple email list building activities that will give you a bigger and better list. Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Put out a sign-up sheet

This is one of those classic pen-and-paper types of approaches where you put up a sheet to gather email addresses. You can do this in your physical stores to walk-in customers, fairs that you may participate in within your community, or events that you host.

  • Collect business cards

Business meetings, conferences, meet-ups, parties, corporate gatherings–there are a ton of situations where you are called to exchange business cards with potential clients. These business cards are valuable resources for contacts and email addresses that can provide you a way on how to build an email list.

  • Telemarketing

An equally effective means of direct communication is through the phone. You can optimize and make the most of your phone call if you make it a habit to ask for an email address before you hang up. You can make this part of your protocol in your business for you and your employees who handle phone calls.

  • Website/blog subscriptions

If you already have a website or a blog put up for your business, make sure to utilize it to its fullest potential by building an email list through it. You can do this with call-to-action (CTA) buttons, pop-ups, scroll boxes, and landing pages. There are plenty of resources where you can learn to build an email list out of your blog or website.

how to build your email list and how to monetize it
  • Maximize your social media following

If you think your list is not long enough, try to consider your social media marketing activity on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. While they may not necessarily have their emails on display, if they like you and are already following you, you can easily pitch in an email newsletter on your business account to give them a chance to avail.

  • List sharing

You can partner and network with other businesses and share email lists in exchange for some exposure. You can also arrange for subscription link sharing in each other’s newsletters or websites to make the partnership even more fruitful.

  • Encourage forwarding

You can include in your email an option for the recipient to forward to someone they think might find it valuable. The link should lead them to your landing page where they can opt-in for a subscription.

  • Go mobile

A lot of people nowadays access their emails through their mobile phones. If you have a mobile app and you offer a free download of it, you can ask your subscribers’ email addresses in exchange instead as a form of payment.

  • Utilize bills, receipts, and packaging

If you provide products or services, maximize your paperwork by using it to gather buyers’ emails. You can include a portion under the bill or receipts that ask customers for their email addresses. When you are packaging and sending products, you can provide a subscription code printed in your packaging.

  • Offer exclusivity

Make your potential customers feel extra special by offering exclusive content–a video, an e-book, or any piece of material that is available only to those who subscribe by giving out their email addresses. You can also do this physically by offering freebies or samples in exchange for email addresses.

how to build an email list and monetize successfully

How can I monetize it?

Now that you have established your email list and that it is growing by the day, you might wonder how you can earn more from it. Here are a couple of tried-and-tested ways:

  • Give 80% and take 20%

There is a give and take rule to follow when it comes to email subscriptions. Your subscribers are under the impression that they signed up for something useful to them, so make sure they feel good about their move by giving them more than what you take from them. That means for every advertising email you send, there should be four corresponding newsletters with valuable content. Adopting this approach will make your audience feel like their subscription is worthwhile instead of annoying.

  • Make use of affiliate marketing

If you have an established following in your website or your blog, you can try moving onto affiliate marketing to give it a fresh addition. You can do this by finding products that are relevant to your content, and then strategically placing them throughout your page so that they seamlessly blend in with the terrain.

  • Offer exclusive content

If you think you have been providing your email subscribers with good quality content, your readers will more likely be willing to shell out for some exclusive premium material. This is a great way to monetize your email list directly. Just make sure to have some premium quality content ready for those unique subscriptions.

  • Practice niche marketing

Narrow down your market to a specific niche and specialize in it. You can zone in on a handful of high-quality products compared to creating a crazy marketplace of cheap finds. This way, you gain focus, attention, and a following of people who are willing and able to pay for good quality offerings.

  • Offer freebies to subscribers

A month’s worth of free content, a week of open access, an offer for an exclusive promo–there are so many ways that you can achieve both readership and ranking at once using this method of monetizing your email list.

  • Utilize solo ads

You can use these types of ads to promote other websites and their products. The way it works is that you get paid whenever someone you refer to a website purchases that website’s products.

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