How Crystal Therapy Healing can Improve Your Health

You may have already heard about the immense power of crystals in the field of therapy. Crystal healing therapy became a breakout alternative medical technique in curing ailments and providing protection against diseases. It consists of the use of crystals and stones that are believed to allow the inflow of healing energy to the human body, purging out the disease-causing energies.

The crystal healing therapy continuously gains popularity over the years—even celebrities are drawn to it. But unfortunately, it doesn’t get much support from medical doctors and scientists. Many in the medical field like to call crystal healing a pseudoscience. Presently, there is no scientific evidence that proves crystal healing can actually treat ailments.

However, despite not being backed by sciences, crystal healing is still being practiced in various therapy kinds. Crystals are popular in spas, reiki, and other massages. Crystals are helpful in these practices since these stones are believed to induce relaxation.

How crystal therapy healing works

Crystal healing is an energy-based approach to treating ailments. It refers to the belief that human bodies are made up of different energies, which can become stagnant, blocked, or unbalanced, causing illnesses. Crystals are believed to help unblock, balance, and direct energy flow where it’s most necessary. This then supports the body to heal therapeutically.

There are several kinds of crystals used for treating particular health ailments. As each crystal has its own properties and energies, not every crystal works the same way. The mere holding or being near a crystal is believed to impact our energies physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

The positioning of crystals varies depending on the kind of crystal and the ailment. Crystal healing therapy is popular in treating physical conditions like headaches, emotional concerns like stress, and spiritual difficulties.

The benefits of crystal healing therapy

While crystal healing therapy serves as a natural and complementary approach to traditional medicine, it gains recognition as it claims to provide many health benefits. Some of the common benefits that clients reap from having a crystal healing therapy include:

  • Deep relaxation induced during sessions

The relaxation helps alleviate serious levels of stress and anxiety. It helps aid in the general well-being of a person. It even helps ease muscle tension, improving physical health conditions, sleeping problems, and physical pain.

  • Sense of peace and balance

The use of crystals helps promote inner peace and centeredness. This improves the emotional and spiritual levels of a person. As a result, it can help boost self-esteem and promote clarity toward one’s perspective.

Types of crystals and what they treat

To be more specific on what crystal healing can do, here’s a list of the kinds of crystals used in therapy sessions and what they are used for.

1. Jade

The jade is commonly used for the improvement of health. It is said to promote longevity, purity, wisdom, fertility, and peace. The jade is believed to help the body flush out toxins through the stimulation of the filtration system.

2. Citrine

This crystal represents prosperity, creativity, confidence, and digestion. This is popular for entrepreneurs in stimulating their minds of motivation, creativity, and self-esteem.

3. Rose quartz

The rose quartz is for the attraction of love. Its properties include relationships, friendship, recovery, and fertility. This is popular for those who seek affection and openness to forgiveness and more trust.

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4. Clear quartz 

The clear quartz is more commonly known as the master healer of crystals. It is believed to amplify energies through absorption, storage, release, and regulation. Also, clear quartz is claimed to stimulate the immune system and promote balance.

5. Jasper

This crystal is believed to empower one’s spirituality and support you when in distress by fully opening yourself. Jasper is said to absorb negative vibes while bringing you more courage and confidence.

6. Obsidian

This crystal is claimed to protect you from physical and emotional negativities. Other things obsidian promotes are clarity, strength, and compassion in finding one’s true self. This crystal is said to aid digestion, detoxification, and menstrual cramps reduction in terms of physical claims.

7. Turquoise

Turquoise is claimed to have healing powers for the mind, body, and soul. It’s popularly used as a good luck charm for balancing emotions and finding spiritual groundings. In physiology, it is believed to help improve the immune, respiratory, and skeletal system.

8. Amethyst

This crystal is known to be protective, healing, and purifying. It claims to help weed out negative thoughts and nurture spiritual wisdom and sincerity in place. Other benefits it promotes are sleep, sobriety, hormone production, blood cleansing, and stress relief.

9. Moonstone

The moonstone is believed to promote strength and growth. It is claimed to soothe all uneasy feelings caused by stress and the inability to move forward. Other benefits it claims to have are the promotion of positive energy, intuition, and inspiration for reaping success.

10. Sapphire

This crystal represents wisdom and royalty. It is believed to attract happiness, prosperity, and peace as you open your mind to intuition. It is also commonly used in aiding eye issues, cellular concerns, blood disorders, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

11. Tiger’s eye

The tiger’s eye is recommended for those who seek a motivational boost. It is believed to purge out fear, doubts, and anxiety clouding your mind and body. This is mostly helpful in the pursuit of a career and relationship.

12. Bloodstone

As derived from its name, the bloodstone is believed to help cleanse the blood by improving circulation and flushing out the bad energies. It also claims to promote selflessness, idealism, creativity, and live in the moment. Other benefits include the reduction of irritability, impatience, and aggression.

There is more to know about in this pseudoscience. Countless crystals are waiting for you to discover in improving your well-being. If you need more in-depth lessons in mastering crystal healing therapy, here are some Skill Success courses to check out:

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