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How a Speed Reading Course Can Help You Learn Faster

Speed reading course is apparently now a thing. Ever since the invention of language and the written word, humans have constantly been reading. Reading opens us up to a world of information we would otherwise have no access unless by experience. 

These days there are millions upon millions of reading materials made available to us both on paper and on tech. One topic may have several different discussions on several different reading materials. It is simply harder to catch up with all the changing information that is at our disposal any time of the day.

That is perhaps why speed reading is employed and availed by many avid learners. It allows them to breeze through reading material and learn at a much faster pace than how one normally would. They get to enjoy the perks of learning speed reading, such as efficiency and better time management. 

Why we read slow

Most of us learned to read at about five to seven years of age. A study on Qatari undergraduate students shows that early reading habits actually have an effect on the reading literacy of adult students. It is, therefore, likely that slow reading is a habit that was learned early on during the formative years of a child’s reading journey.


This simply means that you read the words out loud. Remember how the teacher used to make you read words out loud during your first reading lessons? That is probably where this habit began. As children who are not yet as familiar with as many words as an adult, vocalizing helps with understanding the words that you are reading.

However, saying the words that you read basically slows down your reading. This is because the eyes and your brain can eat through sentences much faster than how your mouth and vocal organs can form them.

This bad habit of vocalizing can even happen without you even knowing or hearing yourself. Even when we do not speak as we read, the sounds of the words still get to be pictured in our heads. . This is now called subvocalizing. Subvocalization often occurs as the brain’s way to recognize words and the meanings behind them, although it is not really necessary at all times.

Reading word by word

Experts reveal that reading one word at a time lessens a person’s understanding of the reading material.  One particular study revealed that past a certain grade level, reading speed is somewhat correlated to reading comprehension

In reading, to effectively comprehend the thought of a statement, words should be recognized and read in groups. Words by themselves do not usually make up a full thought, which is why taking in one word at a time is does not contribute much to reading comprehension scores.

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Negative attitude towards reading

We all know a person who just seems to hate reading so much -someone who would rather do a lot of other things except reading. This is likely because of a long-term negative impression towards reading. Most likely, reading was never a fun activity for them as children.

Fostering a positive attitude towards reading is a crucial step towards a lifetime of good reading habits. If you were forced to learn to read against your will as a child, chances are, you might end up harboring negative feelings towards reading. As an effect, your reading speed is greatly affected because you are not motivated to read at all. 

Things you’ll learn from a speed reading course

If you feel like a victim of the causes of slow-reading mentioned above, there is still hope amidst your despair. The bad reading habits that we picked up and fostered throughout childhood can still be remedied. One of the ways to do it is to get into a speed reading course. Here are some of the things you can expect from a speed reading course:

  1. Identifying the root cause for your slow reading
  2. Solving the cause of slow reading
  3. Reading versus speed reading and the application for each
  4. The stages between learning to read to becoming a speed-reader
  5. How to ensure that you make reading a daily habit
  6. Techniques to reach your maximum reading potential
  7. How to comprehend everything that you read
  8. Tools to use in your free time
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So, how does speed reading affect my learning capacity?

The answer all lies in your brain. Everyone knows that besides puzzles, games, and physical activities, reading is one of the most effective ways to give your brain its much-needed exercise. With speed reading, you are basically giving your brain some hardcore workout. Here are some of the good effects you may experience with speed reading:

  • Better memory

Since speed reading challenges your brain to catch up, you are basically putting it on a treadmill at a faster pace. Giving your brain this little power activity allows it to practice processing information at a more rapid rate. When functioning at optimum speed, the brain actually also practices its memory. 

  • Better focus

One of the reasons behind slow reading is poor focus. When we lack focus, our minds tend to wander off to other things that are not significant to the task we have at hand. Speed reading does not allow for any distraction since you are immersed in the words you are taking in. This builds your brain into a habit of better focus.

  • Better confidence

This benefit primarily stems from the fact that the faster you read, the faster you learn. Knowing that you have the ability to quickly grasp information through almost any reading material gives you a better perception of yourself. 

  • Better logic

Another benefit you get from exercising your brain with speed reading, aside form better memory and focus, is a better ability to process information and form logical conclusions. Since you have already breezed through so much information through speed reading, you have more resources to bank on to form connections and correlations with the new information that you encounter in your speed reading process.

  • Better emotional health

Active meditation is when a meditative state is achieved through activity. This can happen during the act of speed reading since you become so absorbed with reading that you tend to focus on reading alone and nothing else. This form of active meditation relaxes you and gives you peace and clarity, thus improving your emotional and psychological state.

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