Guitar Songs for Beginners

Learning to play the guitar is easier when you accompany your practice with beginner-friendly songs. You might get overwhelmed if you start out with complex songs, resulting in demotivation to learn. While it’s normal to get challenged as you learn to play the musical instrument, you must always opt for easy guitar songs for beginners like you.

Starting with easier songs is important in building up your knowledge and skill in mastering chords and strumming techniques. It serves as the foundation you need in perfecting more complex songs and tunes you’ll learn as you go along.

Why you should learn the easy songs first

Here are the two reasons why beginner songs are your best friend:

  • Minimal number of chords

The fewer chords there are, the easier it is to perfect a song. Some songs consist of only two to three chords, which are the perfect starting point in training your guitar playing skills.

  •  Easy location of chords on the fretboard

Beginners still need to develop certain techniques in reaching several chords on the fretboard. In doing so, you might even gain calluses and finger pain, which are pretty normal for new learners. Despite that, beginner songs allow you to play simple chords, which will build up your familiarity with the fretboard.

With these two components, you can ace your guitar playing skills in no time.

The easy guitar songs for beginners

 Here are the easy guitar songs for beginners you must include in your guitar practices.

1. I Wanna Be There by Blessed Union of Souls

This song is one of the easiest songs to learn for beginners, as this only consists of three simple chords. You only need to know the major chords G, C, and D to master the song and play around various strumming techniques.

The song goes out in this progression: G | C | D | G. The chords are pretty easy to find in the fretboard, making you wing the song in just a couple of tries.

2. Love Me Do by The Beatles

If you are a Beatles fan, this song is a win-win for you as it only has three major chords, namely, G, C, and D. The song starts with G major and C major up to the chorus, and you’ll only add the D major on the bridge part. 

With only two chords initially, this song can be your go-to song in practicing different strumming and plucking patterns. 

3. Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus

Who doesn’t know this classic country song? It turns out, it’s a song that’s pretty easy to nail. It only has two major chords in it, namely: G and C. 

With only two chords, you can nail one full song. The song verses and chorus follow the same pattern, making it an excellent choice for beginner guitar players.

4. When You Say Nothing At All by Allison Krauss

In this song, you’ll need to pick up a capo, a guitar accessory used in clamping the guitar neck for a higher pitch. You’ll need to clamp on the C1 to play this song. It only has three major chords to be played, namely: A, D, and G. 

5. Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

This mellow song only has three major chords you need to remember: A, D, and E. Without any need for the capo, this guitar song is definitely a must-know for beginners. Expect everyone to jam with you when you start playing this. 

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6. Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars

More interested in learning pop songs over the classics? This song is a top-pick for guitar beginners. Although it requires you to be familiar with the basic chords, this pop song is definitely a pretty easy song to nail. The chords are A# (Bb), Dm, and F. 

This song is a good training ground if you want to practice songs with transitions of major chords to minor.

7. Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke

Another pop song that’s simple to nail is this Robin Thicke’s chart-topping hit. Consisting of only two major chords, you can perfect this song in one sitting. You only need to remember the major chords: D and G.

8. Skinny Love by Bon Iver

If you’re familiar with this song, it might be because it’s an absolute favorite in musical competitions. This song is a beginner-friendly piece you can practice with if you like the old school tunes it has. Its chords only consist of Am, C, Dm, and G/B. 

9. She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5

This Maroon 5 hit only consists of three chords you will strum throughout the song. However, for a more defined pitch, you’ll have to clamp your capo on C3. The chords you’ll need are Am, C, and G, which are basic for beginners. 

Want more easy guitar songs for beginners like you? Here are some Skill Success courses to teach you not just the songs but also the secrets to mastering to play the guitar:

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