Five Important Writing Skills That Will Help You Succeed in Real Estate

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You need a variety of skills if you want to succeed in real estate, such as great communication skills, negotiation skills, and organizational skills. But one skill you need in order to make it in the real estate game and that is often overlooked is the ability to write well, a key business skill to learn.

Whether you are writing real estate listings, brochures, web content, customer service scripts for chatbots, or advertisements for your real estate business, you must learn how to write for each in the right way.

While you need to always ensure your grammar and punctuation are correct, there is a lot more that you need to know about writing if you want to embark on a successful career in real estate.

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1. Writing real estate listings

You need to become adept at writing real estate listings.

After all, listings are usually the first port of call for potential homebuyers, so you need to know how to write property descriptions that are concise, use the right wording, and are able to help to sell the home to the prospective buyer.

Once you have improved your basic writing skills, you should remember to do the following when writing listings.

Write accurate descriptions

First off, make sure you write an accurate description of the property.

For instance, if you write that a property is in excellent condition when in reality there is extensive damp in the bathroom, potential buyers will be put off as soon as they arrive for a viewing and see the damp for themselves.

They are then less likely to look at other properties in your portfolio.

Choose your words wisely

While your descriptions need to be accurate, there is nothing wrong with choosing the right words to convey a favorable view of a property. So, select your adjectives wisely.

Look through real estate listings to see the types of adjectives they use. For instance, “cozy” is often used instead of saying a home is “very small” and “in need of modernization” is often used instead of “a lot of work and money is required to make this property fit for living in.”

Also, include words in your property listings that add value. For example, words like “impeccable”, “landscaped”, and “luxurious” always make a good impression and can help properties to sell.

Dalia Yashinky, a linguistics and English expert at GrammarBrain said, “Looking up common synonyms and antonyms for words you’re looking to use is a great way to diversify your language and increase your writing quality overall.”

Highlight property features

Knowing what to write about in your real estate listings is just as important as using the right words. So, make sure you highlight the unique features of any property you are writing about.

By including terms like “feature fireplace”, “master bedroom”, and “original oak flooring”, you can make a listing really stand out to potential homebuyers.

2. Writing property brochures

You could write brochures for specific star properties or for a range of properties in your portfolio.

In addition to learning techniques to boost your general writing skills, when writing brochure content, stick to the same rules as for writing property listings. It is also imperative that your writing is proofed to ensure there are no punctuation mistakes or grammatical errors.

But when writing a brochure, you need to think about the property you are selling in greater detail. A brochure will have more written content than a property listing, so it is best to divide the content into different sections with appropriate headings.

Also, you can be a little more descriptive and flamboyant in the way you describe a property in the content of a brochure.

3. Writing web content

Your website will often be potential homebuyers’ first point of contact with your real estate company, so you should consider hiring a web design agency to make your site pop.

And if you are writing content for your website, you must ensure that it is professional, unique, and engaging. The written content on your web pages should reflect the tone and style of your real estate brand. You should also research who your target audience is so that you can then adapt the way you write accordingly.

For instance, you can connect better with someone who is buying a luxury home by using a different vocabulary than you would for someone buying a property at the low end of the market. Think about how you alter the way you talk to different customers and then apply that to the way you write.

Another great suggestion for writing web content is to use storytelling in your writing. You could tell a story about a star property, such as one that has a rich history, and/or use storytelling to tell your website visitors the story of your company and real estate agents. By using storytelling in your website content, you can connect with potential customers in a more personal way.

4. Writing customer service scripts for chatbots

It is recommended that you use a real estate chatbot on your website.

With a chatbot, you can better engage homebuyers. Also, follow-up processes can be automated and you can offer real-time responses and a more personalized experience to your potential customers.

To write customer service scripts for chatbots, you first need to perform research into what information your website visitors want to know.

Once you have made a list of the most common questions and issues, you can write concise scripts for each one, remembering to use an engaging, helpful, and professional tone at all times; as well as remembering the above writing skills, such as using the right vocabulary.

5. Writing ads

Another writing skill that you may need to master is writing ads to promote your real estate company’s services.

You should research how to write ad copy in general and then use your specific real estate writing skills to adapt ads accordingly. You need to make sure that ads are clear and concise, use engaging words and descriptions, and are written with target markets in mind. 

For instance, you would write the content in a different tone for a young person on TikTok than you would for a retired couple on Facebook. As long as you think about your target audience and adopt the above writing strategies, you can write great ads to gain more customers.

And by using all of the writing techniques we have explored, you are sure to succeed in your real estate career.  

Key Takeaways

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