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Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy for Startups

Social media marketing strategy for startups is essential to growing a business. In today’s world, social media has become an essential part of businesses when it comes to marketing. Whether your business is big or small, social media platforms can help you connect with your customers in any part of the world and in real-time. In fact, there are about 3.48 billion social media users worldwide in 2019, and that is a very significant number.

According to a statistic in the article “Social media marketing usage rate in the United States from 2013 to 2019,” 91% of the businesses in the U.S. use social media marketing. One major reason is that social media connects marketers to their potential customers, but what exactly are the reasons why most businesses are now using social media marketing?

Reasons why social media is important for business marketing

1. Builds brand awareness

Social media helps you become visible to your potential customers because it allows you to reach a broad audience. There are various ways on how you can use social media to increase your brand awareness. A rule of thumb is to create share-worthy content. Social content sharing expands your reach and increases your followers.

2. Provides support

With social media, you become more reachable, and you are more likely to become more interactive with your audience. This also develops a sense of personal connection. When you establish a reputation that you are responsive to your customers, you are already providing excellent customer service–thus, building customer loyalty. The support you are offering to customers will have a positive impact on your sales.

3. Saves you a lot of money

Creating a social media account is free of charge. Posting content, whether it is for advertisement, is also free. Think about how much you can save and add to your profit by only using social media marketing.However, this is only possible if you know how to use social media marketing strategy appropriately.

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Eight social media marketing strategies for startups

1. Conduct a market research.

Market research is the gathering of information of your target audience, customers, and buyer’s personas to find out the success rate of your product or service to these people. It allows you to know who your target audiences are, where they are based, what their needs and wants are in a product, what is unique in your product, and what factors influence their buying decisions. 

2. Determine which social media platform your audience is using.

Signing up in every social media platform will not be of help if most of your target customers do not use one of those platforms. Your customers might only frequently use one or two of these platforms and that is why you need to find out which social media channel is most active. But how are you going to determine this? Here are some few tips:

  • Survey your customers. This is by asking your key customers directly which social media platform they are consistently using.
  • Look at your competitors. Doing your own analysis of your target audience is much better, but looking at your competitor’s standing on social media will also help you. If you have a competitor who has the same target audience as your startup and they are doing well on social media, find out which platforms they are using and penetrate those as well. Look for their loopholes and incorporate your solution to that to your product or service.
  • Test your platforms. Before you exert your time and effort building your brand on a particular platform, you should test that platform if it will help you reach your target audience. 

3. Use the same social media username or social media handle in all of your platforms.

Consistency is the key for your target audience to find you quickly, and your social media handle has a huge part in building your brand awareness when it comes to online marketing. Why use a consistent and strong social media handle?

  • It shows professionalism and that you are a reputable business.
  • Your brand is easily remembered and won’t confuse your target customers.
  • It makes your business easier to find online.
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4. Create an effective social media marketing plan.

When you are done conducting your market research and determining the social media platforms and the social media handle you will be using, the next step is to develop an effective social media marketing plan. Each platform should have its own marketing plan. This will define how you will use social media effectively to meet your goals in marketing. 

In simple explanation, social media marketing is the process of outlining your goals, the action or steps you will take to reach those goals, how you measure your progress, and the target outcome that you plan to achieve. 

5. Concentrate on your social media platform.

There are many social media platforms that you can use to publish content and promote your business, and it can be tempting to jump from one social media to another to reach more people. However, it will be better if you stick with the social media platform where your customers are based on your research. By focusing on a single platform, you are able to learn more on how to effectively create content and engage more people to your brand.

6. Develop your brand message.

A brand message is a value you are trying to impose on your target customer. It sets you apart from other brands and main competitors. This is what pushes people to avail your product or service so there should be a force in your brand message that makes them relate to your brand and motivates them to make a purchase. 

7. Publish content consistently.

Again, consistency is essential in social media marketing because it helps your brand become relevant and recognizable. Most importantly, this keeps your audiences engaged. 

Just a tip: Before you post content on your social media platform, you should be aware of the best times to post on social media as the right timing in posting content will definitely have a positive effect on your social media marketing.  

8. Take advantage of social media automation tools.

Social media automation tools will help you in your business as this will save you time with your social media marketing management. These tools will even allow you to schedule your posts and when they should be published on your social media platforms.

Social media marketing can get complicated. If you want to master the basics, enrolling in online courses like Social Media Marketing Strategies For Entrepreneurship can help your social media marketing journey, ensuring your social media success.

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