Dos and Don’ts of Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns are one of the most effective marketing strategies when it comes to advertising and interacting with customers. An email statistics report for email and mobile email users from 2015-2019 stated that worldwide email usage continues to grow from 2.6 billion in 2015 to 2.9 billion in 2019. More email users mean more potential customers.

Many businesses use email marketing campaigns to send promotional materials to help them stand out from their competitors, increase sales, and create brand awareness 

Email marketing campaigns are crucial for online stores

Online store customers already spend some or maybe most of their time online. Therefore, email marketing campaigns are an effective tool to reach out to potential customers. Here are some reasons why online stores benefit from email marketing campaigns.

  • Almost all of the online store customers have an email address, and they use this to check the status of the products they have purchased or check email newsletters.
  • Email marketing campaigns are a great way to increase ROI (return on investment). According to statistics released by Brilliance, the email conversion stats in 2018 was 17.75%, which means those people who received the email made a purchase because of the promotional message they received.
  • You can send emails based on the demography or segmentation from your email list.
  • You can personalize emails to customers.

Even though the email marketing campaign is an effective marketing channel, many businesses still make mistakes in their marketing strategies while using this tool. To help you avoid the pitfalls in having the same shortcomings as other businesses, here are some of the most common email marketing mistakes. In addition to email marketing, discover here how starting a podcast can increase your audience reach.

Five things you should NOT do in an email marketing campaign

1. Hiding the unsubscribe link

Respect the decisions of customers if they want to unsubscribe from the mailing list. It is better to lose a subscriber than to mark your email as spam. When someone reports your email as spam, it increases the risk of you being added to a blacklist.

2. Not having a clear call to action (CTA)

So you have created an engaging email marketing content with well-thought images and design. You have also grabbed the attention of your customers. However, you did not include your call to action (CTA). This leaves them trying to figure out what you want them to do.

How do you create a call to action? Here are some tips:

  • Use bright color buttons or font to grab the user’s attention
  • Use urgency words in CTA phrases to foster curiosity, e.g., Download Now, Click Here, Join Now
  • Keep your call to action phrases short and no longer than seven words
  • Set a clear benefit of the call to action

3. Having an unprofessional email marketing look

Your customers will not take you seriously if your email looks amateurish. Some mistakes in writing email contents are:

  • Failing to proofread the email before sending it out
  • Not using appropriate stock images
  • Including attachments instead of providing links
  • Not being respectful in writing emails

Learn to write proper email marketing with Email Etiquette: Marketing Formula For Sales Communication online course.

4. Not formatting email for mobile devices

According to emailmonday, 47% of people check email marketing campaigns using their mobile devices. In fact, 40 % of consumers said that their mobile phones are their primary device in checking emails. Thus, your email design and content should work as effectively as in other devices.

5. Sending email marketing campaign at the wrong time

Timing is everything. This also applies to sending email marketing campaigns. There are some businesses that send email marketing campaigns late at night or early in the morning, which is a mistake because it is not a convenient time for people to read it. What is the best time to send email marketing campaigns? According to some research, Tuesday is the best day to send out email marketing campaigns with an 18.6% conversion rate, and the best time to send promotional emails is at 5 pm.

Now that we have tackled the top five things you should avoid in an email marketing campaign, let’s now proceed with the best practices in creating an email marketing campaign.

Five essential things you need to remember in creating an effective email marketing campaign

1. Personalize your subject lines

A subject line influences the receiver, whether they are going to open the email or not. How will you make a subject line interesting? 

  • Use the reader’s first name to make them feel valued
  • Check their transaction history to come up with related products and service you will include in the subject line
  • Use a minimum of 60 characters or nine words to keep your subject line short 

2. Your email template should be 500-650 pixels wide

The email template width is an important factor in email marketing. Templates wider than 650 pixels will cause annoyance to the readers as they will have to scroll your message horizontally rather than vertically, making it uncomfortable to read.    

3. Welcome your new subscribers

Welcome emails have 86% open rates. Sending a welcome email to a new subscriber is the first impression they will get after subscribing to you. When people sign up to you, it means that they want to communicate with you, and about 74% of new subscribers are expecting to receive a welcome email.

4. Never use the noreply@ address

A noreply@address prevents the receiver from replying to the email. This is often used by businesses to avoid customers from flooding their inboxes with queries or replies. Again, when people subscribe to you, you are indicating an opportunity for open communication. The noreply@address limits your communication with your customers and will eventually frustrate them.

5. Building an email list

Building an email list is important in your email marketing because this is the best way to connect to your subscribers and potential customers. This also helps customers to learn more about your products and services. 

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