Creating a Killer Social Media Strategy for Your Business

Social media can be your most powerful marketing tool in this digital age. One quick signup to every social networking platform, and you can start enjoying the countless possibilities a good social media campaign can do to your business. All it takes is just having a killer social media strategy to start growing your business.

Active social media users keep on growing its number of 3.48 billion—this is most likely to increase in the coming years. And if your target market falls in the age bracket of 18-34, you’re quite lucky as 95% of them are most likely to follow a brand online.

There are tons of reasons why social media is good for your business. If you haven’t made official pages for your business or maximized its use since you opened an account, we are here to help you build a strong online presence.             

Killer social media marketing strategies to guide you

With millions of other businesses having online visibility as well, you have to make your mark to get recognized by your target market. Learn how to stand out against the competition with these spot-on social media strategies:

1. Set your objectives.

Before jumping into the pool of businesses with online visibility, identify first why you are doing it. You can’t just start having your own pages just because everyone has it. You have to know your purpose and objectives. 

It takes time, but it’s a vital part of integrating social media into your whole marketing strategy. Without a clear set of objectives, you won’t know what success really means to your business. Remember when you are setting goals, they should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound.

2. Understand your target market.

Whoever your target market is, you should take the time to know their social media behavior and interests. Your posts are targeted to them, so you have to deliver content that’s sure to capture their attention; otherwise, you are only wasting effort and time. 

Identify the age group they belong to, interests they have, influences they take inspiration from, online activities, and even the social networking tools they use. Once you have figured out all these things, it will be so much easier to align the content with your objectives and target market.

3. Pick the right platforms.

Just because there are several platforms out there, doesn’t mean you should create one for all. Although it’s ideal to be present in most social networking sites, you have to consider your capacity to handle those and availability of the target market in the said platforms.

To know which platforms can deliver results to you, you have to depend on the target market you have. What platforms does your target market use the most? Pick those where you can find them.

4. Produce original and engaging content.

When you plan out your marketing campaigns, ensure their originality and ability to engage your followers. You want to stand out among thousands of brand pages filling their feeds so make an effort to create content that speaks your brand.

One helpful trick to use in producing content is the Pareto principle or the 80/20 rule. When applied in marketing aspects, the rule refers to focusing the 20% of content on the promotion of your brand through the call to actions. Whereas 80% of the content focuses on creating customer engagement, building trust, and cultivating relationships with your followers. 

5. Keep up with the trends.

To amplify your engagement, you should practice keeping up to date with online trends, viral posts, and other timely content you can use. Social media is extremely dynamic—what’s viral today won’t be as relevant next week. You have to be quick in riding the wave and adding a touch of your brand.

To be up to date on trends, you have to be online-savvy and on the look-out for trendy pages you can take inspiration from. You should start following these accounts on your personal account to get fresh deets.

6. Ensure post shareability.

One of the factors to weigh in when planning your content is its shareability. When your content is shareable, it paves the way for a broader reach. How do you ensure your content is engaging enough to be shared by your followers? Well, there are tons of ways to trigger shareability, which include humor, answer to questions, relatability, timeliness, and call to action statements.

7. Engage with your audience.

An effective way to humanize your reputation is by being approachable and highly responsive to the online community. When people are talking about your brand, why not join them in the comment section? Be engaging and talk to them as if they are your friends.

8. Tap brand advocates and influencers.

With a highly competitive environment, sometimes you will need the help of testimonials to convince people you are worth trying out. You can tap influencers who have an impact over your target market to amp up your brand awareness. When these established individuals speak up about your brand, chances are, their followers will check you out and convert to customers.

9. Keep an eye on the competition.

Monitoring how your competition fares in social media is so much easier since everyone is basically visible to the public. You can keep tabs on marketing strategies that work or do not work for them. This way, you can evaluate if certain strategies are worth the try or not. 

You can look up some of the leaders in your niche and check out what they are doing in their respective campaigns to get great ideas.

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10. Organize a content calendar and schedule content.

A consistent posting is one of the effective ways to grow your following. To help you ease up the process of planning social media marketing campaigns, you should make use of calendars. This way, you can establish how frequently you will post, what type of content to share, and how your posts help achieve your objectives. 

When you are done planning your social media calendar, it’s time to schedule your posts. You can make use of scheduling platforms to help you organize your posts and avoid missing your target times. There are several tools you can use, such as Buffer and Hootsuite, to get you started.

11. Use ads responsibly.

Ads can skyrocket your engagements in no time. However, if you don’t have a clear objective of why you want to boost your engagement, you may want to think twice before you put money into ads. Without properly knowing how ads work, all your efforts and money could go down the drain.

It’s essential to identify what you want to boost for more generated leads. You can focus on follower acquisition, reach growth, or follower retention. The benefit of using ads is that you can track the growth you made so you can take notes on what you need to improve on next time.

Once you have maintained your online presence, your following will slowly grow. You will then start seeing all your efforts driving results that align with your objectives. See how powerful social media is to your business? You can still get more valuable strategies through this online class about the power of social media. There are tons of killer strategies that can give you incredible rewards, and you just have to explore them.  

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