Consent Management Platform That Works [2022 Edition]

Consent management platforms, CMPs as they are called, are becoming increasingly important.

Not only the UK’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), USA’s California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and Brazil’s General Personal Data Protection Law (LGPD) but there are many others as well.

However, GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD, together combinedly cover at least 13% (approximately 1 million people) of the world’s population. This means when these 1,000,000 people visit your website, they are protected by privacy laws that could result in legal action against you if you violate them.

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Top 5 consent management platforms that work in 2022

To put it short, consent management platforms are a set of tools that work to achieve two main goals: effectively obtaining users’ consent and enforcing users’ choices across data systems

A good permission management platform is essential for regulatory compliance and developing trust in the data of users, especially if you are willing to create a marketing funnel.

Consent management allows organizations to focus on their main operations while knowing that other specialized people are taking care of the details that would otherwise require more time and effort to handle. So, where do you get started? 

Here are the top consent management tools that are worthy enough in 2022.

osano consent management platform 2022

1. Osano

Osano is a consent management platform that offers legal assistance for both free and commercial editions of your software product. It is considered to be among the finest consent management software programs to be rolled out to this date. The tool works not only with general cookie regulations but also takes global legalities into consideration.

If your products serve mainly EU-based users, Osano might be the ideal data privacy tool you can choose ahead of other similar platforms in the market.

One of the key benefits of Osana is that it also helps you manage data rights. At the same time, Osano protects not only your website’s users but also you, by identifying and mitigating privacy threats on your website.

Osana also provides a feature that allows users to check if the cookie policies that apply to your business have been modified by regulatory bodies. This way, you can plan for the necessary adjustments and have your report ready in case such authorities require it.

In addition, this particular consent management platform provides handy notifications that will inform you if something goes out of order, like the implementation of new privacy regulations or potential lawsuits. It also notifies you of other pressing issues that require fast attention.

Features and Advantages

  • Provides data subject and rights management services
  • Changes in the cookie policy are detected
  • Risks are monitored and mitigated
  • Sends out notifications on new privacy laws and cases
  • Provides a well-thought-out permission form
  • Supports 42 languages
  • User-friendly for developers
  • Provides third-party blocking


Osano has a free developer version, while its Business and Business Plus plans are billed at $99.99 and $199.99, monthly respectively.

2. CookieYes

The next consent management platform to take place on our list is CookiesYes. As the name suggests, it is a cookie consent management tool that includes a fully customizable cookie banner to match your website’s branding. It can be tied to a traditional content management system like WordPress or to a headless CMS. Furthermore, CookieYes helps meet GDPR regulations without dealing with personal data.

CookieYes also provides several dynamic tools to help millions of organizations around the world comply with global data privacy legislation. As a result, it ranks among the top content management platforms for web-based businesses.

CookieYes allows users to control cookies at a granular level and conduct comprehensive website cookie scanning. If and when certain visitors on your website refuse to comply with cookie policies, CookieYes stops running scripts to avoid instances of noncompliance.

This particular tool features certain versatile integrations that help you to integrate this platform with your other applications. CookieYes has a geotagging feature that allows the platform to know right away what cookie and privacy policies are in effect within your operational area.

Features and advantages

  • Provides a fully configurable cookie banner, as well as detailed cookie control and a log of consent logs.
  • Advanced website scanning is available.
  • Automatic script blocking is available, as well as a variety of integration options.
  • Creates cookie and privacy rules that are already in place.


CookieYes comes with a free version. Its basic version costs $100 per year, while the Pro and Ultimate editions are priced at $200 and $400, respectively. All plans are yearly.

3. Cookiebot

The next tool on our list Cookiebot is different as compared to other consent management tools, as it solely focuses on cookie consent.

Aside from that, the system detects and blocks cookies and trackers till the user gives their approval. That’s not all, as Cookiebot tracks and detects cookies, eventually creating a cookie declaration based on the information gathered from your websites.

Cookiebot currently complies with CCPA, GDPR, and ePrivacy Directive.

This permission management platform comes in both free and paid editions, and it features a modern user interface that caters to the interests of younger generations.

In terms of preferences, you can customize your website’s cookie consent widget and banner options, as well as ensure that the cookie consent form speaks your visitors’ native language.

Cookiebot is ideally suited for commerce-driven websites that require a bulk permission form for several domains. It happens to be one of the easiest and most convenient consent management platforms to integrate with your website. It’s completely beginner-friendly.

Features and advantages

  • Cookies are automatically monitored and detected
  • Creates a cookie declaration automatically
  • Supports and identifies multiple languages
  • Customizes the cookie consent widget and banner
  • Provides bulk consent for numerous domains
  • Encrypted security
  • Quick and dependable
  • Available as a smartphone app
  • Geo-targeting is available in real-time
  • Easy website integration


Cookiebot starts with a free edition. Its premium versions are priced at $13, $32, and $55.

4. CookieHub 

CookieHub is yet another comprehensive cookie consent management platform on our list that makes it simple for users to collect, store, and manage user data. When it comes to being beginner-friendly, CookieHub provides a user-friendly and intuitive design.

CookieHub runs on JavaScript (JS) code that may be customized to fit any website, that too for free. Users must give their explicit approval before proceeding, and they can opt out of or enable any specific cookie category(s) at any moment they want.

CookieHub adheres to the following — LGPD, GDPR, and other policies.

Henfield Storage, a successful storage company says that  “…when it comes to staying legally compliant, CookieHub proves to be a top-notch option for online businesses.”

Features and advantages

  • Recognizes cookies in all website visitor’s domains automatically.
  • Categorizes COOKIES, as well as provides information about those that have been detected most frequently
  • Interfaces with Google Tag Manager, which will automatically transmit changes based on CookieHub actions
  • Will not load services or tags unless website users agree to the cookie categories that have been assigned
  • The user can immediately track anonymous data by enabling pre-consent
  • For visitors coming from countries where cookie legislation, such as the GDPR or CCPA, is in effect, the cookie permission dialogue appears automatically
  • Logs and maintains user consents as well as the information needed to look up consents in the event that you are obliged to provide them to authorities
  • Supports multiple languages


CookieHub comes with a free version, while its paid edition starts at $4.95 per user, per month.

5. OneTrust

OneTrust is a consent management platform meant for privacy and governance that offers a variety of services such as cookie consent and legal bulletins. It allows publishers to serve ads that are GDPR and ePrivacy compliant. It’s also one of the most effective consent management tools for corporate websites.

This tool checks and verifies cookies and other tracking technology identified on your websites. The software will begin automated cookie categorization using data acquired from these features.

Above all, OneTrust ensures that your website meets the highest user experience requirements, with the ability to change your cookie banner to match your preferred themes. If your visitors refuse to proceed with cookies, the consent management platform offers a cookie auto-blocking feature.

Besides, you can also stay transparent without putting in any work because the cookie banner will automatically include all of the data you collect from end-users.

Features and advantages

  • Cookies and tracking technologies are detected.
  • Cookies are automatically classified, and a customized cookie banner is available to engage end-users.
  • Follows a stringent cookie policy that is both secure and transparent.
  • Consent data from website visitors are saved


OneTrust’s monthly pricing starts at $30.00 per feature. A free version of the tool is also available.


As we approach the mid-2020s, the matter of online privacy grows into a major concern. 

Remember, the customer is always rightIf they think you have violated their data privacy rights, then you did it! As simple as that. Thankfully, you can avoid these situations.

According to Phi Dang, director of Sidepost, “…consent management is not only about understanding, adhering to, and doing the right things, but it is about following the law.”

Digital giants like Apple and Google are constantly changing their consent and privacy policies. As a web publisher, if you aim to survive on the Internet, you must buckle up and take action.

We believe that our list of top consent management platforms will solve the problem for you.

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