Do you want to learn JavaScript and know the best JavaScript course based on your needs?  Whether you have zero knowledge or have some experience in coding, there is an online JavaScript course for you. Here are our top five picks of the best JavaScript online courses from beginner to intermediate learner levels for real-world application.

Why you should learn JavaScript

Whether or not you want to build a career in tech or web development, learning JavaScript is a handy skill to have. The ability to create a website from scratch is a sought-after skill in the real world, in almost any office or industry. Here are other reasons why you should start learning JavaScript now.

  • It is the most popular programming language. There are many others out there, but if you want a programming language that can fit right in no matter where, JavaScript is your best bet. 
  • It is the internet’s universal language. You don’t need to look any further than your own browser to see JavaScript’s significance. It is the programming language used to develop browsers, so you can just imagine how critical of a programming language it is.
  • JavaScript is not merely limited to the internet. It is also used to create iOS and Android applications and power up smart televisions and even desktop apps. Its application is virtually endless.
  • It is noob-friendly. Since it is found virtually everywhere, even the most inexperienced learners will not encounter any problems with setting up a development environment since it is readily accessible.
  • Versatility. JavaScript is like a swiss army knife of programming. Both front and back end developers can make use of the programming language; and as mentioned above, it is flexible enough to create web development, desktop, and mobile applications.
  • It is easier to learn. Much of the feedback on JavaScript is that it is “natural” and easier to learn. It digests very intricate details into abstracts that are easy to understand and process, unlike other programming languages that may be more complicated. Plus, the best news is that there are a multitude of online courses available to learn JavaScript. Take a gander at the top five JavaScript courses below.

Learn JavaScript In 1 hour

Is it possible to learn how to code in under an hour? This is one of the best JavaScript courses that shows you that it is. If you’ve always wanted to learn code but never knew where to start, this course is a good place to do so. 

Here are some of the things that are covered in this course:

  • HTML CSS and JavaScript Preview
  • Adding in a button function
  • Scaling functions
  • Changing the text in JavaScript
  • Variables, adding variables and variable scope
  • Adding user input
  • Saving your project
  • Calling functions with functions
  • If statements
  • Else statements
  • Changing the style tags with JavaScript

Students who started their JavaScript learning with this course have lots of positive things to say about it. You don’t need to have prior coding knowledge to understand the course content, so it’s a great beginner course. Unlike other courses that are too techy from the get-go, the instructor here makes it clear and easy to follow.


JavaScript Programming For Everyone

This JavaScript programming class covers the very basics of coding up to the more complex portions. This is one of the best JavaScript courses that makes it perfect for everyone, indeed. All you need is a text editor (which you can download for free), and you’re ready to code!

The course covers the very basics of computer science with concepts such as the following:

  • Printing to the screen
  • Variables
  • Numbers and simple math
  • Comparison operations
  • Assignment operations

It also tackles intermediate topics for those who want to dive deeper into coding and have already grasped enough of the basics:

  • Conditional statements (if and else)
  • While loops
  • For loops
  • Fizzbuzz

And when you’ve mastered the basic and advanced JavaScript concepts, advanced topics and web development concepts are thrown into the mix to complete your arsenal:

  • Arrays, objects, and functions
  • Pou-ups, web forms, and more

You won’t just be blindly spoon-fed information in this online JavaScript class. It culminates with a hands-on activity that will allow you to apply everything you learned in the course. You’ll end with a sense of fulfillment not only because you finished the course, but because you ended by making something out of it for the first time.

Full JavaScript Masterclass Course

If you think you’re done with the basic basics, why not indulge in an all-out masterclass? This online JavaScript course covers all of the essentials, plus a few more.

  • What JavaScript is 
  • JavaScript certifications
  • How to program using the JavaScript language
  • Features of the JavaScript programming language
  • Coding semantics
  • Website programming
  • Design practices of applications
  • Application programming
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Network programming

The course is designed for just about anyone trying to learn or upgrade their knowledge in JavaScript. Developers, programmers, beginners, and even experts and experienced professionals can pick up a couple of things from the instructor.

What’s great about the class is that you get to walk away with not just added and updated knowledge on JavaScript. You also get lifetime access to high-definition video tutorials with no monthly subscription required. You get to learn at your own time and pace whenever and wherever you like.

On top of the class and free material access, you also get free help and support through the course’s Q&A. Finally, it also comes with several coding challenges so you can put your newly acquired knowledge and skills to the test.


Learn Modern JavaScript

If you think you know a bit about JavaScript but want to keep your skills updated, this modern JavaScript online course could help you. It has readily accessible downloadable materials so that you can review and refresh your knowledge anytime you please. The course covers the following concepts:

  • Introduction to JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
  • Writing JavaScript code
  • Working with the JavaScript console
  • Learning JavaScript fundamentals such as values, variables, and constants
  • Using control structures such as loops and conditionals
  • Working with arrays
  • Incorporating functions
  • Using objects
  • Manipulating HTML pages
  • The latest in JavaScript features
  • Debugging and deploying

If you are someone who is seriously contemplating a career that involves coding, this course has it all for you. Each concept of its comprehensive list of sections comes with exercises that gauge how well you’ve absorbed the information by applying it in practice.

JavaScript Advanced: Power Up Your Code

Once you’ve covered all the fundamentals of JavaScript, you might think of leveling up. Avid JavaScript users, HTML, and CSS coders, as well as web developers, will surely enjoy the intermediate-advanced concepts found in this online JavaScript course.

Here’s what you can expect to learn:

  • JavaScript number methods
  • JavaScript string methods
  • JavaScript math
  • DOMContentLoaded
  • JavaScript date methods and how to set and use the date
  • JavaScript parts and stringify
  • JavaScript local storage to store variables in the user browser
  • Getting dimensions of an element
  • Run code whenever you want to
  • Encoding made easy
  • Regex to get values from your string
  • Extend JavaScript object with customized powers
  • Try and catch for error testing
  • Fetch xHR requests to bing content in from servers

The course promises to power up your code and give you an edge over basic JavaScript coding. The course has a downloadable PDF for your reference. Additionally, each section comes with challenges that stimulate memory retention through skill application.

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It is used by giants such as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. If you’re into coding, learning a thing or two about JavaScript can open lots of possibilities and opportunities for you. Check out some other classes in programming, expand your knowledge, and put an edge on your resume!

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