Best Instagram Marketing Strategies for Sales

It is no secret nowadays that businesses should have a solid social media presence to gain more sales, and Instagram is one of the top platforms for consumers, brands, and advertisers. But for you to grow your following and gain more sales on Instagram, you must develop a well-thought Instagram marketing strategy.

Here are a few of the most effective Instagram marketing strategies that you can apply today.  

You Need an Instagram Business Account

If you already have one, you can skip this strategy and proceed with the others. 

Setting up a business account on Instagram is just easy.

You can follow the instruction below to switch your profile to a business account:

  1. Go to your profile and tap Menu (the three horizontal lines) in the upper right corner.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Account.
  4. Tap Switch to Professional Account.
  5. Tap Business.
  6. You can follow the steps to connect your business account to a Facebook Page associated with your business. But this is optional.
  7. Add details, like your business category and contact information.
  8. Tap Done.

Having an Instagram Business profile gives you access to Instagram ads and promotes your posts and account.

Just like Facebook ads, you can set up, run, and track ads and campaigns in Instagram ads. You can also access Instagram Insights, a built-in analytics tool that provides data on the engagement of your content with Instagram users. As a result, you can compare, measure, and see the performance of your Instagram account, posts, and campaigns. 

Instead of Announcing a New Product, Post a Product Teaser

Are you launching a new product? Posting product teasers is a great way of promoting your new product and catching the attention of your followers. A product teaser post should increase the excitement of your audience. One of the ways that you can do this is by gently showing off the good points of your products. 

Also, instead of directly announcing your new product on your post, build up anticipation by using Instagram Stories. An example of an effective teaser is using a poll or question sticker to create engagement with your followers on your new product. You can also give our audience exclusive content by giving them a glimpse of how your product is made. 

If you post product teasers, people tend to engage and respond to it either by liking your post, leaving a comment, or pulling a trigger and actually buying your product.

Use Instagram Paid Advertising

With almost one billion users as of 2020, Instagram is undoubtedly one of today’s leading social media platforms. Given the vast audience, businesses are given an opportunity to reach more audiences and potential sales. However, not all of these, almost one billion users are your customers.

Throwing some money and paying to post sponsored content will lead to more exposure to your business and product. Instagram paid to advertise can help you narrow down the Instagram users into your target demographic. 

By employing paid advertising and using Instagram apps, you can better identify your target audience’s behaviors, preferences, interests, and tastes. Once your demographic has been identified, you can create a well-targeted post or copy geared toward your audience. 

Working with Social Media Influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the best Instagram marketing strategies for sales. Using this technique can raise your awareness of your brand and build your brand online quickly. The good thing about this type of marketing is that your target audiences are already gathered and present. You just need to establish a win-win partnership between you and the social media influencer. 

Big and small businesses are also relying on influencers to boost their sales. Here are some of the major advantages of influencer marketing.

  • Finding the right influencer will help build and spread brand awareness about your brand. The content they are posting provides value to the audiences.
  • Social media influencers help build trust in your brand. This is because they have already established trust, credibility, and relationship with their followers. Whatever their recommendations are, their fans will respect and follow them. 
  • It helps you with your content strategy as every influencer has a unique style of content creation. You also don’t have to worry about the quality of their content about your product. Influencers will present your product in an interesting, creative, and aesthetic way.

Avoid Over-Posting and Schedule Your Post

Flooding your Instagram followers’ news feed with your post is a surefire way to turn off your followers and unfollow you on Instagram. The key to how your followers notice your content is by finding the best time to post on Instagram. 

The best time to post on Instagram is during the peak days and hours when your followers are online. Generally, these times are during lunchtime (11am-1pm) and evenings (7-9pm).

Instagram Marketing Strategy Online Courses To Boost Your Sales

These are the top Instagram marketing courses we recommend for you.  

A Complete Guide To Instagram Marketing 2021

Are you interested in growing your Instagram followers and business? This Instagram online course will give you a step-by-step guide to creating a professional Instagram business profile that will magnetize your target audience. 

You will also learn effective promotional marketing strategies to gain more followers and engagement. Most importantly, convert your followers into long-term loyal paying customers.

Instagram Marketing: How To Build Your Brand

This course focuses on building a brand on Instagram. You will learn:

  • How to create a powerful Instagram account for your business or personal brand.
  • Build strong and long-lasting relationships with your followers/customers.
  • Connect with thousands of potential customers every day.
  • Convert those followers into paying customers over and over again.

The Complete Instagram Marketing Course: Beginner To Advance

This is an online course that will teach you how to use Instagram to the fullest. You will learn how to use Instagram from a beginner’s level to the advanced level. 

Do you have zero experience using Instagram? Don’t worry because this course will start with the basics, from setting up your Instagram account, moving towards the advanced concepts such as researching your competitors to collaborate and grow your account.

Recommended courses for you

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