8 Best Educational Apps for Students and Universities

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It’s hard to imagine a modern student or anyone in the university environment without the use of various educational apps that make learning possible. Since we started with online studies and hybrid courses, many large and small app developers have presented their offerings.

Starting with famous learning management software platforms to apps that help to learn a foreign language, it is possible to find a tool that would help with anything related to education. Education software development is not limited to schools, colleges, and universities. Self-education and corporate learning apps also take a significant share of the market. The good thing is that there are both classic and new apps that you can find and enjoy!

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8 Best educational apps for students and universities

1. Dragon Anywhere Dictation

It is one of the best apps that will help you to translate your speech to text free of charge. You can try it during the lecture sessions or when you want to take notes as you are reading through the books or magazines in print. The results can be shared on social media right away, which is why it’s also good for bloggers.

What makes this app helpful is its accuracy and speed, which will help when you are in a hurry. Students who are facing learning challenges or dyslexia will find it essential. Make sure that you check the language packs that come along with as you check the executive installation package.

2. Evernote

One of the best educational apps that gained huge popularity among university students. This solution has been known for decades because it is a great planner that has lots of features and alerts. You can set up different schedules and reminders about upcoming exams. You can store photography, written notes, audio files, and basically anything that you need for your studies.

If you are still feeling stuck, you can approach an expert with your write my essay request. It will help you to relieve stress and use your planner by pairing it with skilled specialists. Evernote also provides you with the best import and export options, which also makes it one of the greatest educational tools.

3. Oxford Dictionary 

When you need to improve your grammar, writing, and the style of your university assignments, you can use this free app that will provide you with access to over 350,000 words. It is one of the best apps that can help you look up words, helpful phrases, and their meanings.

You can also benefit from the pronunciation of over 75,000 words. The best part about this app is that it does not take up a large memory footprint and you can always look up some saying, a phrase, or a word right away. Even if you are a native English speaker, you will definitely benefit from this small app.

4. iTunes University App

This also offers a free subscription to provide you with audiobooks, magazines, educational information, and useful articles that can be used by university students. If you have an iPhone or your university provides you with a trustworthy Mac, you can benefit from the great database of information.

It helps to listen to audio in high quality even if you are taking some rest. Speaking of the apps for Android, you can check the DyKnow solution for Chromebooks or consider the Amarok network where you can also find good educational content free of charge or via a paid subscription.

5. Remind App

It is one of the newest educational apps where you can communicate with fellow students, teachers, and even parents. Unlike a classic LMS platform, you can talk to your university professor privately simply by uploading and sharing your assignment.

If you cannot understand something, you can add animation and audio to showcase what needs to be resolved. Your professor will instantly see an audio or private message and will be able to show you how to settle down your challenges.

There are also alerts that will remind you of the deadlines or help you to choose the most efficient method based on your prior workflow tracking. There are also additional features in the paid version if you need a multilingual environment or additional space.

6. Duolingo

This educational app probably needs no introduction if you want to learn a foreign language. It’s accessible and does not burden you with complex rules. Even if you spend at least 15 minutes daily, it will show off!

Duolingo has been created with busy students in mind because you do not have to spend an hour to get started or achieve success. Since we are talking about the free app, you only have to click through ads, yet they do not really disturb you!

You can choose among various languages and approach the best learning methods by using all the possible technical means. There are 40+ languages and pronunciation methods that will help you along. Considering all the benefits, there’s no better time to start learning a foreign language and dive into a new culture and social environment.

7. Quizlet

It is not only a great educational app to create a multimedia presentation or help you to participate in university debates. It is much more than that because you can use free templates and tools that will help you to edit things a little bit.

For example, if you need something on King Henry V or a presentation on Barbra Streisand, you should enter the keyword and see what comes up. There are literally thousands of free multimedia presentations and templates that can be used free of charge.

If you want to start from scratch, the built-in tools will assist you in the creation of your multimedia assignment.

8. Office Lens 

The purpose here is to capture various documents and images that are presented on the whiteboard or any other source. It keeps the results in OneNote, PDF file format, or Microsoft Word. It allows you to keep your scanned documents by using OneDrive.

It is one of the best free apps that can help you trim images, capture, edit, and share various documents or drawings that your university professor may have. Basically, it is a PDF scanner that you can use with your phone alone. For example, if you have a handwritten document, it only takes a minute to scan it and upload it to your university campus! 

It’s all about flexibility! 

When you are dealing with a plethora of apps, think about flexibility and a range of import/export options. For example, if you have installed Evernote or Office Lens, you are always in for a treat because you can import things like Google Calendar, Gmail, and many other options that are related to Office 365.

If you can export something as a PDF and share it on your campus, you will save a lot of time. Before you install anything or choose an app, read online reviews and think about comfort first! This way, you will be able to improve your workflow and study in a better way!

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