Top 10 Best Anti-Counterfeit Solutions

The trade of counterfeit products is worth around $600 billion per year. As the digital world continues to expand it is becoming more difficult to prevent the proliferation of fake goods. Many businesses are struggling to stem the rise of counterfeiting and minimize the impact on their brand. 

So, what can your business do to protect itself from counterfeiters and credit card information leaked? One of the simplest and most effective steps is to use an anti-counterfeit solution. With a specialized service your business will be able to defend a variety of counterfeits, target high-priority fraudsters and safeguard customers. 

In this blog we’ll exploring the top 10 best anti counterfeit solutions by highlighting a few key topics: 

  • What is an anti-counterfeit solution?
  • The alarming rise of counterfeit goods
  • Top 10 best anti-counterfeit solutions 
  • How to choose the right anti-counterfeit solution for your brand

What is an anti-counterfeit solution?

An anti-counterfeit solution is a combination of technologies and workflows that brands can use to protect their products and customers from counterfeiters. While businesses can implement their own measures to defend against fraudsters, a dedicated anti-counterfeit solution will usually provide a more sophisticated and effective level of protection. 

Anti-counterfeit solutions often focus on detecting, monitoring, and removing counterfeiters from their online spaces. They provide businesses with the expertise, experience and resources necessary to successfully takedown fraudsters. The best anti-counterfeiting software will boast automation technology and non-stop protection capabilities. 

The alarming rise of counterfeit goods

Nearly 10% of branded goods sold may be counterfeit. This number that has steadily risen over the years as more counterfeiters have turned to online avenues to advertise and distribute their fraudulent products. 

The alarming rise of fake goods presents many challenges for businesses that operate legitimately. Counterfeit products undercut the ability for brands to sell their products. They cause customers to be confused and lose trust in their purchasing habits. Fake goods also present a danger to consumers because they haven’t been regulated or product-tested in the way that legitimate goods have. 

Counterfeit goods continue to become a larger part of the market. As a result, it is also seemingly becoming more acceptable to purchase counterfeit goods –  70% of Gen Z and 63% of Millennials admitted to purchasing counterfeits in 2022. This is a scary prospect for many businesses but thankfully there are steps you can take to protect your brand, your intellectual property (IP) and your customers. 

Top 10 best anti-counterfeit solutions 

1. Most recommended: Red Points

Red Points is the leading anti-counterfeit solution on the market today. Its AI-led solution scans the Internet on behalf of its customers to find and remove online counterfeiters, pirates and impersonators that are, in effect, stealing revenue from them. By leveraging their platform, over 1,200 brands can effectively identify infringements on marketplaces, websites, social media, apps and NFT platforms, and act upon them in an effortless, cost-efficient manner.

With the help of machine learning tools, such as keyword generation and image recognition, they are able to process the information retrieved across over 5,000 online marketplaces, websites, payment sites and social networks.

With a workforce of 300 employees spread across offices in Europe, North America, and Asia, Red Points is dedicated to delivering exceptional brand protection solutions. Its software consistently removes over 4.6 million instances of illegal products and unauthorized content from the web on a yearly basis, covering a wide range of global marketplaces and social networks.

2. BrandMonitor

BrandMonitor safeguards brands from counterfeit, unauthorized sales and brand abuse – online and offline. They work with established brands to ensure that counterfeiters are held to account. 

With an artificial intelligence-based (AI) algorithm, BrandMonitor detects and takes down counterfeit offers across marketplaces, social media, search engines, apps and databases. They identify counterfeiters through logo detection, machine learning and product recognition. It is a great solution that also allows your brand to automatically enforce against fraudsters and safeguard your business. 

3. Sentryc

Founded in Germany, Sentryc is an anti-counterfeiting solution that protects brands all over the world. Every infringement Sentryc encounters is carefully documented to ensure you have the evidence you need in the event of a legal prosecution. They also provide users with regular reporting to help evaluate the effectiveness of your brand protection measures. 

4. OpSec

OpSec are pioneers of brand protection that have a storied history of defending businesses from counterfeiters around the globe. They seek to tackle the rise of counterfeiting across online marketplaces and listings. OpSec’s origins in product authentication and their comprehensive approach to brand protection, have helped make their anti-counterfeiting solution robust, flexible and extensive.  

5. Neurotags

Neurotags’ Anti-counterfeiting solution is focused on allowing your customers to easily authenticate your products and empower them to work for you in the fight against counterfeiting. Their service enables consumers to easily report incidents from their smartphone, along with screenshots and other details that may become evidence in eventual legal proceedings. 

This proactive approach to monitoring is also supported by their AI technology that allows their program to monitor the market and detect potential infringements with speed and precision. 

6. Snapdragon

Snapdragon is an online brand protection company with a suite of tools to help you tackle fraudsters in marketplaces, social media and across the web. Snapdragon’s anti-counterfeiting solution using logo detection, text analysis and image detection technology to identify counterfeiters. Once the fraudsters are identified, Snapdragon will support you throughout the monitoring and take down process to ensure you can protect your brand and customers. 

7. DH anticounterfeit 

DH anticounterfeit is a digital workspace for counterfeit protection that provides businesses with an accessible and cost-effective way to protect their brand online. Their brand protection team works side-by-side with their team of investigators and legal professionals to streamline the process of finding and removing counterfeits. 

Their anti-counterfeit features include smart dashboards, to help you stay on top of cases in real-time, as well as bulk action capabilities, to help create, change or complete multiple tasks with one, simple action. They also have advanced target matching and actionable intelligence insights to ensure you can make the best anti-counterfeit decisions. 

8. Authentix

Authentix has been providing clients with anti-counterfeiting tech and solutions for over 25 years. Their experience in the industry is also testament to their successful approach of dealing with fraudsters and their ability to evolve along with the growing needs of brands. 

Their anti-counterfeit service is a collection of holistic and secure technologies focussed on preventing unauthorized products entering legitimate supply chains. They are an authority in authentication and a great option for any brand looking to protect themselves from online counterfeiters. 

9. Scribos

Trusted by companies like Novartis, Nivea and Mercedes-Benz, Scribos is a top choice to fight against counterfeiting, gray market activities and overproduction. 

Their digital platform SCRIBOS 360, is designed to identify originals, spot counterfeit products and immediately remove them from the market. Their solution is powered by AI and filled with innovative features. They use intellectual data analytics algorithms to collect information, identify counterfeits and focus on hotspots for illegal activity as quickly as possible. 

10. SGS

SGS aims to identify any counterfeit problems that may impact your business and provide you with a bespoke solution to help you tackle them. They are another anti-counterfeiting business that aims to provide 360 degrees of protection and minimize any vulnerabilities you may have against online counterfeiters.

SGS’s services include identifying weak points in the supply chain, monitoring the transportation of products in real-time and using tracking technology to give complete visibility. 

How to choose the right anti-counterfeit solution for your bran

The secret to choosing the best anti-counterfeit solution is to be informed, proactive and targeted. It is essential that you identify your brand’s unique needs and requirements. What kind of protection do you require? What kind of counterfeiters do you need to target? Examine the way counterfeiters have misused or stolen your IP and try to understand the resources you will need to counter them. 

You must also ensure that you evaluate the compatibility of different solutions. Some services may be more suitable for your business model and your products. 

Ultimately, you must also understand the cost-effectiveness and scalability of each option. Do you know how much revenue you can potentially save by using an anti-counterfeit solution? Which anti-counterfeit technology is the most cost-effective? And which solution is scalable and suitable for your growth goals? 

All of these questions will help you reveal which anti-counterfeit solution will provide the best protection for your brand, your IP and your customers.

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