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Beginner-Friendly Plants You Can Grow at Home

Plants add a breath of life to any home. They are perfect stress-busters and can upgrade your home aesthetics. If you don’t have much experience caring for plants, you might be wary. However, there are perfectly beginner friendly house plants that don’t demand expert care.

Chinese Money Plant

Otherwise known as a pancake plant. It most likely gets its name from its coin-shaped leaves. Pilea peperomioides prefer shady areas or window sills in the winter. If you live in an area that does not get much sun, you’re in luck with this fortune-associated plant. It only needs weekly watering, and any offshoots that grow out can easily be replanted in other pots so you can keep several money plants all over your home.


If you live somewhere sunny, the hardy Yucca is for you. All it needs is a deep-enough container to keep it from toppling over since it is quite top-heavy. You don’t even need to water this woody tree-like plant very often. 


These beauties are characterized by thick waxy leaves that almost look like plastic. They thrive well in humid conditions. The best part is, you don’t even need plenty of windows for it since it can flourish entirely even under fluorescent lights. If you live in an apartment with little natural light, this house plant is your best friend.

Air Plant

These amazing Tillandsia don’t even need soil to grow. You don’t need a pot, or all those soil conditioning since all it needs is an excellent place to hang, and several hours of water submersion every two weeks.

re-potting small house plants

Spider Plant

If you’re impatient and want to watch your house plants grow, the Spider Plant will not disappoint. It grows and multiplies rapidly so you can re-pot its “babies” and have an entire field of Spider Plants in your home.

Peace Lily

Lots of plants tend to get irreversibly damaged and die due to overwatering. Overwatering is a common mistake eager beginners make. The good news is that some plants like the elegant-looking Spathiphyllum are so hardy against water that they can live in a fish tank. A bonus is that it is able to filter out air toxins. You might not want to consider it if you have pets since it is poisonous to our furry pals.

Variegated Snake Plant

Lots of homes have this houseplant. It is so low maintenance that it can thrive with neglect for weekseven up to a month. It is one of the perfect house plants for the laziest home gardener. What’s more, is that it is also classified under plants that absorb toxins in the air.

Red Edged Dracaena

Sunny? Cloudy? This tropical-looking mini tree is not selective at all. Like the Snake Plant, it doesn’t thirst easily either. If you want a bit of tropical vibe in your home, go for this plant.

Chinese Evergreen

If you don’t have enough natural light hitting your place and tend to forget watering, the Chinese Evergreen will still thank you for your care method. This house plant can easily thrive with little light and does not require that much watering. If it does get a bit of extra sun, it will give you a pretty bloom that almost looks like a calla lily.


Aside from its multiple uses, it makes a refreshing companion on your office desk or bedside table. A good soak once a week and some indirect sunlight are all it needs. 


You can have a bright pop of color without having to exert that much effort with this lovely succulent. It is excellent at retaining water, so it can withstand drought. It is also very hardy and resilient against temperature swings, enduring even the coldest winters.

potted indoor house plants


Most types of orchids are quite forgiving. They thrive in humid environments since they originate from tropical Asia. They can survive being watered only once per week. Not only that, but they also give the most beautiful blooms that give off warm tropical vibes.


Native to the West Indies, Mexico, and Brazil, these large-leafed beauties thrive in dry climates. That means that you don’t have to worry about watering them often. Once a week is sufficient, any more will not be healthy for the Philodendron.


If the name creates the impression of a delicate bloom, you are spot-on. The begonia produces beautiful blooms without needing much upkeep. They even need much less water in the winter. This is a flower that is almost impossible to kill.

Crown of Thorns

Yet another one of those blooming house plants that do not require much water is the Crown of Thorns. Just as the name suggests, it also does not like direct physical contact. Its thorns can cause blistering. However, to make up for its prickly nature, it blooms all year round, so your living room is always ready to impress your guests.

Christmas Cactus

If you want a plant that thrives on utter neglect, leave it to the cacti family to oblige. On top of their undemanding nature, they produce some of the most breathtaking blossoms that can vary from red, pink, purple, or white. 

ZZ Plant

Virtually indestructible, the Zamioculcas zamiifolia easily thrives despite the drought, low light, and low humidity. You can keep it in the middle of a room and appreciate its vibrant glory without having to feed it a single drop for weeks.

Cast Iron Plant

Low light, poor solid quality, dodgy temperatures, and inconsistent watering are not usually right conditions for many plants to thrive in. However, that is not the case for this sturdy and robust plant. It doesn’t like too much attention unless you only want to gawk at its stunning foliage.

If you want to learn more about caring for houseplants, check out this course from Skill Success. 

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