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Nowadays, human resource managers are no longer limited to just hiring people and processing terminations. In these modern times, they also need to come up with effective human resource strategies to boost employee performance.

It’s not merely a carrot-and-stick strategy designed to manipulate people to do as management wants. It takes the right skills to encourage people, improve employee satisfaction, and bring out the best in everyone in terms of skill and character.

Examples of human resource skills

The following are some of the top human resource skills that you could use to improve people management:


Managing people entails a lot of communication. You need to listen, relate, and relay information accurately so that other people can fully understand. Ethical communication is a critical skill in just about any career, but it is of utmost importance in management.

Administrative skill

Administrative tasks are part of the HR manager’s everyday duties. Employee files, leaves, absences, payroll, and other jobs make up a large chunk of HR responsibilities. While there are apps and software to help nowadays, being an administrative expert can help you go about these daily tasks effortlessly.

Human resource management

Part of human resource management is the recruitment and selection of prospective employees. It also involves the administration of procedures that involve personnel. Having a background in HRM or Psychology can help one in this skill.


HR managers advise stakeholders or business executives on matters that pertain to personnel management. This may involve tactical issues, such as personnel integration, budgeting for payroll and benefits, and taking into account the company’s growth and assets in relation to its organizational composition.


You will also need to provide guidance to employees. People issues may arise in organizations, and supervisors will need help in managing them. Also part of coaching is onboarding sessions, one-on-one meetings, and group training.

Intercultural sensitivity

Most organizations will usually consist of people who come from different backgrounds. An essential HR skill is cultural awareness. You have to be educated enough about other cultures to be sensitive to others’ beliefs and practices and enforce cultural sensitivity to other personnel.


Another HR skill every manager needs is teamwork. Even if you are the head of the team, you need to be capable of relating, collaborating, and inspiring your team to work together effectively.

Benefits of having human resource skills

Having HRM skills is beneficial for any manager or anyone who handles people. Below are some reasons why you need to acquire human resource skills:

  • Effectively hiring the right people
  • Having the proper training and coaching skills to maximize employee potential
  • Help build culture and values within the organization
  • Effective conflict management
  • Develop good relations within the organization
  • Improves and maintains good employee turnover
  • Helps to plan and ease into changes
  • Takes care of the health and safety of personnel
  • Effective human resource strategies that increase company performance

You can easily learn how top companies manage and engage their employees online to see how they get things done to come out on top. 

Effective human resource strategies to try

Below are a few examples of human resource strategies that work well for many organizations. You can give one or several of these a try and see positive improvement in employee motivation and performance.

Competitive salary

A decent pay is one of the most fundamental things that make employees feel valued. Giving employees a fair salary shows just how much you value their skill and service. It is the very reflection of how much importance you place on their contribution to the company.

Employee benefits

On top of competitive salaries, offering primary benefits such as healthcare and retirement shows employees that they care about their wellbeing and future. This encourages company loyalty and gives employees a reason to be grateful for their jobs.

Open door policy

An open-door policy means that all managers’ doors are open to every employee in case they have an idea or a concern that they want to share. This fosters open and honest communication within the organization.

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Transparent and regular communication

Changes are inevitable within a company, especially one that is trying to grow and develop. With the onslaught of change, employees need a lot of transparency and regular communication. This will make them feel that no one is left behind and that their opinion matters because they are in the loop when it comes to information.

Regular training and development

Regular training allows employees to grow by acquiring knowledge and skill. This prevents them from feeling stuck in a career rut. Career stagnation is one of the reasons why employees seek other opportunities.

Career development opportunities

Many employees want to take on more prominent roles either in the near or the distant future. Taking on more significant responsibilities, along with their expansion of skills with regular training and adequate compensation, are excellent reasons for employees to foresee a promising future within the organization. 

Creative freedom

While some people are perfectly fine with repetitive and routine tasks, others find joy and excitement with creativity and innovation. Allowing a certain degree of freedom for people to practice their invention and do things their own way creates a comfortable and stimulating work environment.

Effective Human Resource Administration is an online course that teaches you all you need to know about human resource management. It involves leadership best practices, the fundamentals of government, and human resource administration. You don’t need to be an HR specialist to study human resource management. If you are a manager, learning at least the basics of HRM will let you understand and handle your people better for better business or team outcomes.

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