Bad Work Habits You Need to Stop Doing Now

When you have been with your job for quite some time, chances are, you have already established a comfortable work routine. This familiarity opens up the gateway to developing bad work habits. Whether you have been arriving late or taking too many breaks—these little habits can be detrimental to your career if you don’t act right.

The problem with bad work habits is that sometimes, you don’t even know it yourself. It’ll take someone else pointing it out for you to realize what you’ve been doing all along. And before the management catches you red-handed, you should start getting your act together. 

Here are the bad work habits you need to eliminate in the workplace to save your career from being compromised. 


Employers hate late employees. It demonstrates a lack of respect and unwillingness to work to the fullest. Whether you always arrive late at work, submit projects past due, or take up too much time to reply to a message, this toxic work habit can be a subject for disciplinary action. 

To avoid tardiness notices, improve your time management skills by learning how to allocate your time correctly. You can try this online personal development course, Practical Time Management, to help you ace it in no time. 


Another time management-related issue, this bad toxic habit can affect your productivity as a whole. When you postpone doing things just because you feel like it, your procrastination can impact the overall team productivity. Due to limited time, the quality of work may suffer—thus, affecting the team’s efficiency and productivity. 

Do not delay tasks on your end, as it may impact all dependencies on you. Instead, learn prioritization and proper time management to balance out your to-do list. 

Poor communication

Poor communication refers to various bad communication practices that can happen in the office. These include not replying to emails or text messages, not asking for feedback, not listening to others, and engaging in heated arguments with coworkers.

Excellent communication skills is a universal work requirement. Without it, you can succumb to constant misunderstandings, which cause unproductivity. To excel in it, you can benefit from an online personal development course like ­­­­­­Effective Communication.

Negative body language

Body language creates a negative impression on your team. You will not notice it, but certain body languages give off negative vibes that imply wrong meanings. 

Here are some gestures you should stop doing:

    • Slouching means submission or withdrawal.
    • Supporting your head with your hand
    • Avoiding eye contact means dishonesty.
    • Fidgeting constantly means nervousness and a lack of power.
    • The crossing of arms means defensiveness and untrustworthiness.

Always be mindful of your body language to avoid implying the wrong impression towards your coworkers. Here’s a personal development course to help you decipher various body languages.

Terrible email etiquette

When you are dealing with emails left and right, you should know the fundamentals of writing a professional email. Whether you are communicating with clients or coworkers, you need to maintain a professional persona in crafting your emails. 

Neglecting to do so will cause misunderstanding, which can cause you even to lose potential clients. To save you from this trouble, you can learn to write professional emails with this top-rated Skill Success course, ­­­Email Etiquette: How to Write Professional Emails That Get Results.


Whether you are an introvert or not, skip isolating yourself from others. You never know who you are going to meet and what opportunities other people can give you when you socialize with your workmates. Blend in with the group and collaborate with others to reach maximum productivity in your work. Do not do things on your own and practice asking for other’s help when needed. 

Abuse of office perks

Do you find yourself using the office printer for personal use? Do you take advantage of unlimited paid time off? Or do you max out any exclusive work privileges meant for moderate use? Well, if all your answers are “yes,” you might want to step back and rethink this bad work habit of yours. 

Being abusive to privileges shows unprofessionalism and can even land you a management meeting regarding your poor practices. You wouldn’t want that, would you? 

Constant blabber with coworkers

Are you one to disappear from your cubicle to get a regular chat with a coworker? Well, the management can easily trace people who like to roam around and gossip with others. When you do this, you are not only creating a bad reputation of yourself, but you are also risking your career in being tagged as an unprofessional blabbermouth in the room. 

Way too high expectations for yourself

Stop beating yourself up when you commit mistakes—it’s a part of life. Lighten up and minimize taking yourself too seriously. When you focus on winning, you sometimes forget to take a break and devour your progress. Overworking yourself is a bad work habit that will compromise your overall health. So focus on building growth, not on overdoing things to say you met success.

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