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Best Alternative Jobs for Teachers

Teaching is one of the most gratifying jobs anyone can pursue. However, it’s inevitable to experience a change of mind after teaching for quite some time. And that’s totally normal for all professionals. And fortunately, there are lots of alternative jobs for teachers to choose from.

Essential teaching skills

Teaching consists of a broad scope of skills that are highly sought after in any work environment. The profession encompasses the essential skills that make one thrive regardless of what career one chooses to pursue. Thus, switching careers as a teacher gives you a sheer advantage to excel in most jobs.

Here are some teaching skills that come in handy when changing careers:

  • Leadership skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Conflict management
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Multi-tasking skills
  • Computer skills
  • Creativity
  • Time management
  • Organization skills

The alternative jobs for teachers

If you are interested in switching careers while maintaining the context of teaching, here’s a rundown of great career choices for former teachers:

1. Event planner

Event planners organize events of all sorts. These may include weddings, conferences, conventions, meetings, birthdays, and more. Their primary job responsibilities include coordinating locations, transportation, food, and staffing.

If you got stellar organizational skills and have a penchant for planning activities, this might be a promising career for you. The base salary of $50,011 a year isn’t bad either. If you are interested in becoming an event planner, here’s a well-recommended online class to guide you.

2. School counselor

If you are not ready to leave the academe yet, why not become a school counselor? School counselors help students in terms of their studies and promote mental health wellness. If you are passionate about assisting students through counseling, this career may fit the bill.

School counselors are essential in the academic structure. They guide students into becoming well-rounded individuals through individual sessions or school assembly. If you are keen on pursuing counseling, here’s a comprehensive introductory course you should check out.

3. Human Resource Specialist

Teachers possess impressive interpersonal skills that most human resources (HR) offices require. You can use this to your advantage in switching to an HR role. HR specialists are responsible for sourcing candidates, recruiting, onboarding, and training newly hired employees.

Your teaching skills will play an advantage in training new hires. With those skills, you can effectively design training plans and curate activities for their onboarding.

4. Writer

Teachers are fluid in writing, especially for the subjects they specialize in. You can use this advantage to leverage your subject expertise in writing about it. You may try content writing, copywriting, freelance writing, or writing books. There are a whole lot of writing opportunities, whether it is for advertising, news, SEO, copy, print, and more.

If you enjoyed writing when you were still teaching, becoming a writer is a no-brainer. It even offers you the opportunity to work remotely for your convenience.

5. Career coach

Teachers are persuasive in so many aspects. This comes from their authoritative and leader-like nature. And if you are into sharing good career advice with other professionals, you may come out as a natural in becoming a career coach. Career coaches help others achieve success and get the self-fulfillment they aspire to have in their careers.

Career coaches earn an impressive average pay of $43,947 a year.

6. Personal financial advisor

Personal financial advisors help individuals get better at their finance management. They typically meet with people and educate them about different personal finance strategies. This job requires good communication skills and a lot of persuasion, which teachers naturally possess.

Being a math teacher may even come in handy since it implies expertise in numeracy. But regardless of what subject you used to teach, you can gain a promising career as a personal financial advisor with the set of skills you have plus financial literacy, which you can learn here.

7. Librarian

Not ready to leave the academe just yet? You can try becoming a librarian. Librarians manage school libraries and help students find books and resources they need. While you may not be teaching in this job, you will still interact with students and help them build good research skills. 

If you enjoy the serene environment that libraries have, being a librarian would be an excellent career for you.

8. Instructional Designer

Instructional designers create lesson plans and other instructional materials for students. If you love teaching but want to lie low on working with students in a classroom setting, this could be a good career change for you. In this job, you’ll get to use your existing teaching skills and expertise through the development of various instructional materials.

Being an instructional designer earns an average of $63,655 a year, increasing after quite some time.

9. Textbook Author

Becoming a textbook author is a great career switch for you if you demonstrate mastery in your subject field. Writing a textbook is one of the most rewarding career opportunities you can take on as a (former) teacher. In this job, you get to multiply the number of students you can help in building their knowledge.

Even more, authoring textbooks can be a side hustle as you take on a full-time job. And in terms of pay, you can enjoy a base salary of at least $53,985 a year.

10. Museum Educator or Guide

If you have a penchant for working for museums, why not utilize your teaching skills in this totally new environment? Museum educators or tour guides educate visitors about the historical information of the displayed artifacts. You can enjoy this job as it gives you a platform to share knowledge with others.

Those are ten of the most promising jobs for teachers who are thinking of switching careers. There are more options to explore, but with the sought-after skills teachers have, you are bound to thrive in any career path you wish to pursue. 

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