A Quick Guide to Social Media Etiquette

Social media plays an essential role in reaching and connecting billions of people, building businesses, and freely expressing your thoughts, insights, and feelings. Even though we are free to express ourselves in social media, we still need to be cautious of what we post or publish in it to preserve our reputation online. Here are 5 social media etiquette that you should follow.

1. Tagging friends in photos without consent

Although you and your friends have a close relationship and tagging them in a photo that is unflattering or candid may seem harmless, it is still better if you ask permission first. Your friends probably would not appreciate it when you tag them in these kinds of photos, and you might put them in an uncomfortable situation. Even though there is already an option in social media, like Facebook, that allows users to review and approve a tagged post before it appears on your Timeline, you must still ask for your friend’s approval.

2. Be wary of posting your jokes

Even if you are the funniest person within your family or group of friends, when your jokes online fall in the wrong audience, it can hurt or upset that person. Also, you should understand that your jokes aren’t universal, and not all the time, it is funny. You can still post jokes or funny thoughts, but just be kind and mindful of others’ feelings and how other people would feel when they read your post.


3. Avoid posting too frequently

If you don’t want to lose your friends and followers, then you should avoid over-sharing or posting too frequently. It can be tempting to post your fun ideas and awesome photos that you have taken to your social media right away. However, uploading photos or posting almost every hour can be drowning to your followers—give them a chance to breathe. Even if your social media account is not intended for business use, you must treat your social media as part of your personal brand and present your best characteristics.

4. Don’t brag or show off

There is nothing wrong with sharing your achievements and milestones in social media. We can make use of social media to post great things that happened in our lives. Sharing your positive achievements will promote happiness and support from your followers. However, there is a thin line between sharing and showing off. If your main intention is to make someone envious or jealous, your post may seem that you are bragging. When you make a post, be wary of your comments and post wisely. You can start by observing the frequency of your post. It is okay to share your joy and accomplishments online, but you don’t need to remind your followers every day how perfect your life is.

5. Do not mix business with pleasure

Don’t use your personal account in doing business engagements. If your job requires your name to be used in your social media account, you should create a separate account for it. Also, use your business account purely for business only and do not post personal thoughts or any personal engagements. You can create a professional Facebook page for your business that is specially tailored for your niche and to attract more traffic. Also, you can create another professional or business account and follow some tips on how to grow your followers if you want to monetize your Instagram.

It is important that we follow social media etiquette when it comes to expressing ourselves, promoting a business, or engaging with other users. We must ensure that we are not hurting or upsetting anyone and post anything that will backfire and harm your reputation.

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