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8 Tips to Grow Your Youtube Channel

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google in terms of users, searches, and time spent on the site. There are 30 million people on YouTube every day and almost 2 billion every month. It’s no wonder that more and more people and businesses are flocking into youtube to start their own channel, share content, be known, and earn online.

Here are eight proven effective tips for successfully growing your YouTube channel:

Make good content

If you want to grow, you have got to be good. Make sure you have a clear vision of what your channel is all about, which population is your target audience, and how you plan to capture their attention and maintain their interest. Put out nothing but absolutely excellent content—the best possible content you can create given the resources and time frame that you have set for yourself. Give it your best always and plan content ahead of time, so you have an ample amount of time to prepare production. Make something that you feel absolutely passionate about, and you’re sure this would resonate with your viewers.

Optimize your content

Many YouTune noobs will most likely skip this part, but it is what sets a channel above the rest. Search engine optimization is not merely limited to blogs and websites. You can fully incorporate it into your YouTube channel as well. To do this, identify a strong keyword among your target niche with the help of keyword tools like KeywordTool for Youtube. Build your content around that keyword so that your videos can rank well in search engines like Google search. 

Try to include the keyword as naturally as you can within your content, and do the same for your video titles and descriptions. Another way to optimize your videos is to keep it at an ideal length. The top-ranking videos on YouTube typically last for five minutes, so don’t overdo it, unless you are posting a documentary or a mini film.

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Look the part

Your content is of excellent quality and is highly searchable. However, as soon as your audience gets there, they’re greeted with a generic channel with no art, character, or soul. Chances are, they won’t stick around to check everything out or subscribe. 

The key here is to visually brand your channel so that it reflects what it is all about. It will help your channel appear more professional so that visitors will take you a lot more seriously and subscribe to see your content. This will also make your channel and your content more recognizable to users. 

Other ways to brand your channel are to accomplish a unique bio of what your channel is all about and to add custom URLs to your channel header.

Engage with your YouTube audience

Although it might not be as obvious as in other places, YouTube is also a social media platform—which means that a lot of social intercourse is expected to take place in it. Posting great videos is just the first step. Your follow-through to ensure growth in subscriptions is to give your viewers something else to look forward to: interaction. 

Try to respond to as many comments as you can, and prompt your viewers to “comment below” either through your description or within your videos themselves. You will be pleased to know that YouTube rewards engagements within channels, including not only comments but also likes, dislikes, and overall time spent on your channel.

Promote your YouTube channel on other social media platforms

If you have a YouTube channel, you most likely also have a Facebook page, an Instagram account, Pinterest, or Twitter. Use your presence on other social media platforms as an opportunity to plug your content on YouTube. You can even post previews of your video content on platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Cross-promoting between platforms is one of the easiest ways to grow your presence across all platforms that you are present in.

Invest a good amount of thought in your thumbnails

The thumbnail, apart from the video title, will be the first thing users see when they encounter your content. They might be small (literally), but they create a big impact on your channel’s performance. If you noticed, YouTube advertises related videos with thumbnails on the sidebar. It also presents thumbnails for search results. Ensure that your thumbnails stand out among others. Make it catchy and intriguing. Make it hard for users to resist clicking on to find out what you have to show them. 

You will find that videos that have catchy thumbnails and titles, have higher click-through-rates compared to those that do not, regardless of the quality of the video itself. That is because your thumbnail and title are what lure users to open the video in the first place. You can improve your click-through rate by using elements like arrows, large fonts, and unexpected or unique images. 

Remember to ask for subscriptions

“Please like, comment, and subscribe”—sound familiar? This line is often blurted out by vloggers and YouTubers in general, usually at the end of their vlog. Why so? It’s because there is power in asking—especially if you’re asking for subscriptions. You might have caught your viewers’ attention and given them a good time with your video, but they might still forget to subscribe at the end of it.

Asking for subscriptions ensures that all the hard work you put into branding, ensuring great content, and wrecking your brain for creative thumbnails and titles pay off. As a word of caution, never buy or pay for subscriptions as this may make your channel less authentic and bite you back in the future. 

Post frequently

If you have more things to offer, you will have more customers to cater to. Increasing your posting frequency to at least once a week can do wonders for your YouTube channel. You might be worried whether you have the capacity to make videos on a weekly basis, especially if your YouTube channel is only a side-hustle. The reassuring thing is that it becomes easier to achieve making videos nowadays since modern smartphones enable anyone to record quality clips, and even edit them on the spot with tools like Animoto.

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