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8 Books to Help You on Your PMP Exam Prep

Every hiring manager knows that PMP holders have an edge in terms of efficiency and standard. That is why many aspiring project managers aim to get PMP certified at some point in their practice. There are several advantages to having a PMP certification. Companies highly prefer you, and you get paid more to do the job. That is how much corporations trust the PMP, which is no wonder why the PMP exam prep is such a big deal for test-takers.

To ensure that you snatch the title as soon as after your first and only take, here are eight top-rated PMP review books according to Goodreads that can help you out:

1. A guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)

The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) by the Project Management Institute (PMI) is a collection of guidelines, terms, processes, best practices, and overall standards in the field of professional project management. This body of knowledge evolves over time through updates and is presented through this book. It is currently in its 6th Edition.

2. PMP Exam Prep by Rita Mulachy

This book, by internationally renowned project management techniques expert Rita Mulachy, offers a lot of exercises for the aspiring PMP. It boasts of hundreds of sample questions, challenging activities, time-management tips, and other useful tricks you can employ to your test-taking experience. 

Rita Mulachy ensures that you pass the exam by helping you identify learning gaps and opportunities with reliable expert advice. She is the founder and CEO of RMC Project Management and an excellent public speaker on project management techniques, risk management, and advanced project management theories, thus making her the best resource for the Project Management Professional exam.

3. PMBOK Guide and PMP Exam Prep Book 2018-2019 by Robert P. Nathan

This book is essentially a study guide on the Project Management Body of Knowledge, which includes prep questions for the PMP exam. It boasts of brevity and conciseness, having gone through multiple rigorous revisions to get to the gem of information that is all you need to pass the test. It contains five straightforward chapters that discuss all the vital points in the ten knowledge areas in project management: communication management, cost management, human resources management, integration management, procurement management, quality management, risk management, scope management, stakeholder management, and time management.

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4. Head First PMP (Head First Series) by Jennifer Greene, Andrew Stellman

This book by Jennifer Greene and Andrew Stellman is pegged as unique and refreshing. It gives reviewers generous visuals, which is very helpful to many learners across the board. Also included in the book is a full-length exam that you can utilize to simulate the exam experience. What the Head First PMP promises is that you will be able to grasp and apply all of the project management concepts for the exam and beyond where you will need it even more so.

5. The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try by Andy Crowe 

If you identify with every other test taker out there and want to pass the exam on your first try, this book’s cover title would definitely appeal to you. The reason behind the title is that the author Andy Crowe has managed to crack down on the difficulties there are in getting certified, and created this book to counter those difficulties. 

If you look through the content, you will find that the ideas are meticulously organized, simplified, and explained with such clarity that allows a reviewer to effectively absorb the concepts, inputs, tools, and techniques.

6. Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam Prep and Quick Reference Guide by Sohel Akhter

With over fourteen years of experience in the field of project management, including six years teaching a PMP exam boot camp, Sohel Akter is definitely someone you can rely on to help you prep for your PMP exam. Being a former boot camp instructor, he has managed to create a reference that free of all the unnecessary pompous ranting and therefore is straightforward and easy to follow.

He has topped up his book with supplemental review material in the form of a Quick Reference Guide. It is eight pages of easily-accessible information that you need when prepping for your PMP certification exam.

7. PMP Exam Prep Flashcards (PMBOK Guide, 6th Edition) by Belinda S. Goodrich

If you feel like you could learn a lot better with some action involved, this spring-bound reference brought to you by Berlinda Goodrich might work wonders for you. The flashcards tackle all the essentials: project context, initiating, planning, executing, monitoring & controlling, closing, professional & social responsibility, and even acronyms.

8. Pmp Exam Prep Questions, Answers, & Explanations: 1000+ Pmp Practice Questions with Detailed Solutions by Christopher Scordo

As with any skill or accomplishment, success comes to those who practice. If you want to keep up and sharp with the right stamina to go through the actual four-hour exam, you have to first go through hundreds of questions to give your brain the right practice it needs. This book is just the right resource for that. It contains more than a thousand practice questions with accompanying detailed solutions to help you understand concepts in an application setting.

This book promises students that they will be able to adapt to not just the concepts but also the pace and the feel of the real deal to truly prepare for the exam in a holistic approach that tackles both knowledge and test-taking acumen in one.

Final Word

Once you have chosen the right resource to help you on your PMP exam prep, keep in mind that ultimately, your study habits can make or break your test outcomes. No matter how good your chosen book is, if you don’t have the right discipline and personal habits that contribute to successful test-taking, the rest of your efforts will be all forfeited.

It is also important to remember that the PMP certification exam is but just one step, albeit an important one, in establishing your project management career. The knowledge that you gain from these resources is only as equally useful and vital in your future practice. You can still look back to them for information and guidance when faced with difficult project management challenges while keeping up with the updates on the field.

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