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7 Ways to Achieve Your Fitness Goals This 2020

2020 might just be your lucky year to achieve your fitness goals. Here are seven easy ways to ensure that you get to look good and feel great through your fitness journey:

Find your fitness goals motivation

One of the determining factors to achieving your fitness goals is to have a reason to stick to it and see it through. Look within yourself and try to find a profoundly motivational factor that is powerful and meaningful. Finding your motivation gives you a fighting chance against temptations or distractions that could derail you from your goals.

Your motivations could be anything that sets your eyes on the prize. For many people, their primary motivation to reach their fitness goals is to improve their health and quality of life. Others simply want to look good and enhance their confidence and self-esteem. Either one or any other source of motivation could work perfectly for you. What’s important is that you determine that it is something you perceive as necessary and could keep you going throughout your fitness journey. 

Set realistic expectations for your fitness goals

Sometimes, what holds us back from achieving fitness goals are unrealistic expectations. You can’t simply aim to lose a hundred pounds and expect results in two weeks. You might end up resorting to dangerous weight-shedding methods like extreme diets or weight loss pills. 

To set truly realistic expectations and know that you are not endangering your health in the process, you can consult with a dietitian, nutritionist, or fitness instructor. Even a life coach to help you determine which fitness goals are achievable in your situation. These professionals can also plot realistic timelines as well as diet and exercise suggestions and calendars to help you keep yourself on track.

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Plan ahead

Creating a fitness goal plan is like drawing a map of a journey towards a definite destination. If you plan ahead, you’ll have a rough idea of your progress. You will know whether you are on track or not. This way, you’ll know when to speed things up or slow things down. You can do planning by yourself, or you can involve your fitness partner or healthcare provider in it for some validation.

Planning for your fitness goal should involve two main components: diet and exercise. For the diet component, you will need to determine your daily caloric allowance, the types of food you aim to consume and avoid, and possibly a weekly or monthly meal plan to keep things organized. As for the exercise component, you’ll need to note the duration, frequency, and types of exercise that you’ll need to perform based on your overall fitness goals. Just as your diet plan, you can also incorporate an exercise calendar to keep you on track and motivated.

Plot milestones

Milestones are indicator events that mark certain stages of development. Plotting milestones in your fitness goal plan makes the entire fitness journey feel like a series of accomplishments rather than a long, arduous climb to a very high peak. Having milestones gives you a reason to celebrate your development and take a look at just how far you have come since starting.

You can plot milestones like being able to do 20, 50, and 100 push-ups. You can also base your milestones on how much weight you’ve lost (be realistic and consult with a professional with this as weight loss tends to vary between different body types). You can also set milestones for muscle mass or body fat measurements. There are so many fitness milestones that you can set. The important thing is to set milestones that will help you keep motivated and looking forward to moving onto the next milestone until you reach your end-goal.

Reward yourself

There is no better way to celebrate the milestones you just hit by treating yourself. It can be anything you enjoy -a movie treat, a shopping spree, a fancy (but healthy) dinner at a five-star restaurant. Rewarding yourself will take out the strain and the feeling of being utterly miserable because you are missing out on all the unhealthy stuff. It will make you feel that all the hard work not only pays off but also comes with bonus perks.

To ensure that your reward system really works for you, plot out things that you think you will be looking forward to the most. It should be something that you enjoy a lot, but not so easily accessible that you can have it any day you want. It should be something that you think is worth working for and something that will bring you pleasure and a sense of satisfaction.

Curb your cravings

Perhaps one of the most challenging things to manage when working on fitness goals is managing temptation. This is especially true when it comes to food. Nowadays, food is very readily available and accessible that you don’t even need to step out of the house to enjoy your favorite treats. Since there are also a ton of food establishments now, you don’t have to slave over your kitchen to whip up something yummy. 

Unfortunately, this accessibility has led to more and more cases of obesity and lifestyle-related diseases like diabetes and hypertension. We tend to consume more than our body needs just because food is so easy to come by. While this might be tricky and may require a significant amount of self-control, there are a few things you can try to keep yourself plastered in the fitness wagon such as:

  • Whenever you feel hungry between meals, try to drink a glass of water as you might only be dehydrated. The water will also help you feel full instantly.
  • Avoid eating out of boredom. Try to do activities that will keep your mind off of food like going out for a walk, or occupy yourself with a productive hobby like knitting or painting.

Have fun at it

It’s no use going on a fitness journey if you only feel miserable all the time. You will only end up frustrated and resentful such that it will become difficult for you to develop lasting healthy habits. Your fitness goals should not make you feel like you are continually slaving away because you have no choice. It should make you feel empowered that you can take control of your health in certain areas.

To make things more enjoyable for you, stick to a regimen that you like. It does not need to be weights or cardio –kickboxing for fitness, for example, is just as appropriate. Find a buddy or a fitness partner –someone who can excite you when you don’t feel like working out, or someone who inspires you to make healthier choices. It could be a friend, a family member, or your significant other. You can also spruce up things by shopping for inspiring work-out outfits or researching delicious healthy recipes online.


Hopefully, with the help of these tips, achieving your fitness goals, this 2020 has never been easier.

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