6 Social Media Platforms You Should Market Your Business On

Marketing through social media is a must in this modern-day and age. It makes use of the power of social connections on the internet to get your message across and get your product noticed. Here are six powerful social media platforms where you should market your business on:

Social Media Platform #1: Facebook

Almost a third of the world’s population, roughly more than 2 billion people are on Facebook today. They are mostly composed of both men and women between the ages of 18 and 65and a few from beyond the younger and older spectrum. It is one of the first platforms to provide advertising options for businesses. It is also the most widely-used social media platform in these times, with almost everyone with an internet connection also having a Facebook account. 

Those facts mean that it is likely that your target customers are on Facebook, too. That is why many businesses have a preference for marketing their business on this social media platform. You can quickly establish and organize your customer base into a community because of the span of reach that Facebook has. All it takes is a few minutes to create a page and upload a few posts before you can start reaching out to your crowd.

Photos, videos, and interactions are smooth and easy with Facebook. You can get close and personal with your audience through reviews and responses. You can even host contests on your page, sell products, or use it to promote new content on your website. If you could only choose one platform to market your business on, it should definitely be Facebook.

Social Media Platform #2: Instagram

There are more than a billion people on Instagram, which may not sound as impressive as Facebook, but still is a substantial amount of people that you can market your brand to. The demographics are also mostly men and women between the ages of 18 and 65, although the majority of its users are below 30 years old. It is relatively new and pretty young compared to other social media platforms out there, which makes its number of users quite admirable.

If your business is one to target the young and hip crowd, you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity that comes with Instagram. You will be banking on visuals here, with photos and short videos front and center, while texts are relatively quick and easy on the eyes. It is the perfect platform for brand building. And although it does not allow links within posts, it integrates with Facebook and Twitter, which will enable you to share one photo or video across several platforms, making it easier for you to spread the word.

You will find that the majority of Instagram’s following is concentrated on urban areas, so fashion and digital companies have an immediate upper hand in it. If your business is not urban, you can still partake in this platform with a little bit of extra help in creativity.

Social Media Platform #3: Twitter

With more than 330 million active monthly users, Twitter provides an endless stream of information from every corner of the internet. It is fast-paced and easily accessible, with all of its users flocking to it to find new information. Regularly updating your Twitter account with links to new blogs, updates about new products, and other original content gives hungry Twitter users the freshest scoop about your business.

The unique challenge with Twitter is that you only have 280 characters to spare with every update. With such limited characters, you may need to amp up on the creativity to reel in the audience towards what you’re trying to say. The benefit of having such a short amount is that it eliminates the possibility of boring your audience to the point of having your message wholly ignored.

Social Media Platform #4: YouTube

With about 2 billion users aged around 18-65, YouTube is a definite contender among social media platforms that offer advertising and marketing for businesses. You might not think of it as a social media platform, but it is the biggest gold mine for user-generated content. It is also the second-largest search engine in the world after Google.

The sheer magnitude of YouTube is not the only thing that businesses can bank on when it comes to marketing. If you produce your content, it allows you to interact with your clients. Also, if you tap into user-generated content and integrate it into your marketing, you develop an intricate and powerful web that catches more selling and marketing opportunities than you could imagine.

Social Media Platform #5: Pinterest

The majority of Pinterest’s 300 million users are women aged 18 to 64. It provides its users with a platform to share or “pin” images or visual content for others to see. According to 10 reasons why your business needs to be on Pinterest, a whopping 87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest. 

If your business specializes in visuals and graphics and aims to promote products or services vastly aimed for women, Pinterest is a beautiful avenue to market your brand. However, if you do not fit the description, you can still make Pinterest work for you. Who knows, your product might just catch someone’s eye. With this platform, you are not only limited to pictures of your products, but you can also make useful infographics and templates that can woo your potential customers.

Social Media Platform #6: LinkedIn

303 million users under the working ages of 25 to 64 comprise the audience of LinkedIn. If your niche’s target is highly professional, you can’t find a better platform than LinkedIn. Employees and business people gather here to share and connect more professionally. 

It is more formal than the rest of the platforms previously discussed. Because of that, B2Bs (Business to Business) thrive better in LinkedIn than B2Cs (Business to Consumer). The platform is chock-full of business owners, managers, decision-makers, and business influencers who may notice your business and get it to grow significantly.

Establishing your business’ presence in at least one of these platforms can make a difference in your company’s growth and performance. For many businesses, it is not uncommon to have social media presence in several (or even all) of these platforms mentioned above. That is because these businesses understand the value of social media marketing and want to maximize its benefits.

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