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5 Ways to Promote Your Business on Social Media

With almost half the world’s population using social media, it is no wonder that businesses have been quick to maximize it to their advantage. It provides fast and filterable access to the mostly-buying population such that it has become a must for every business to have a social media marketing strategy to succeed in this day and age. Social media marketing blends so well within social media platforms that people sometimes don’t realize they are being marketed to every time they scroll through their feed. Here are five popular ways that companies promote their business on social media: 

1. Targeted Ads

Targeted ads are highly effective social media marketing methods that you can direct towards specific populations with specific traits or interests. Remember that time when you were looking for blue light filters online, and the next thing you know, you’ve fallen into a rabbit hole of computer lenses and anti-radiation eyewear.

Targeted ads these days do not need to rely on what you intentionally input on your account as your field of interest. They now look into more subtle signals like the pages you frequent, the ads you’ve clicked, and the types of content you tend to open. Businesses can quickly capitalize on this and make their marketing more meaningful by opening up most to audiences who are ready to receive them.

Targeted ads are especially useful for smaller and lesser-known companies. For example, when potential buyers look for specific products, they might directly look into the pages of more prominent or more familiar brands. That does not close the window of opportunity for other, less popular companies that offer the same products. On the contrary, targeted ads will allow other similar businesses to ride on to this interest, thereby giving smaller companies a chance to partake with the demand, and giving consumers more options to choose from.

2. Shoppable Tags

You’ve seen this before as they are quite a prominent and dynamic feature -simple yet attractive layouts with visible tags on the pictures that might even pop out the price when you click or scroll through the photo. These shoppable tags are hard to miss and quite tempting to the eager shopper on social media.

Shoppable tags are especially useful for retail businesses. As the name implies, shoppable tags allow your customers to purchase from you through the tags in your social media post directly. The tags once clicked, direct your customers to the product page with its description. This feature is widely used on both Instagram and Facebook. 

Shoppable tags are pretty straightforward if you run a business that sells goods. It allows your customers to have direct access to your products through your advertisement. This way, your ads are not merely ads. They also serve a secondary and more profitable purpose in sales.

3. Social-exclusive Deals

Another promotion trick you can try with social media is social-only deals. In traditional advertising, regular deals are being published in newsletters and magazines. In email marketing, lead magnets offer the same thing as well. Social media is no exception to this trend.

Social media offers are also relatively easy and uncomplicated. You can simply promote a product on your page and provide a discount code along with the ad. The principle works not just on regular discounts but also on flash deals where you can offer limited quantities of a discounted product.

Social-only deals should be exclusive to your social media following. It should have some sort of distinction from the sales and discounts that you offer through email or paper if ever you make use of any of those. 

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4. Influencer Power

For some business owners, marketing your own stuff can sometimes feel like tooting your own horn; and that does not easily escape the eyes of discerning buyers. Why should they trust you? Of course, you’ll only say good things about your product -you’re trying to sell it! Your ads are self-serving, and the audience knows it.

A third-party perspective can quickly remedy this, and some of the best third party perspectives you can get are from social influencers. It’s not as simple as paying someone else to advertise your brand, though, as consumers are now more conscious and suspicious about paid promotions.

What you can do instead is find someone who sports an aesthetic similar to yours, someone, who you know your customers will trust. Make sure your product gets into their hands, and then get them to create fantastic content about it. You can then incorporate their content into your social media platforms for your viewers’ consumption.

5. User-Generated Content

Something more personal and more believable than influencer generated content is user-generated content. This is something that not many companies integrate into their social media marketing, but many good things can be said about user feedback. It involves your consumers in the marketing campaign and encourages loyalty on top of growth in social media following.

Tags have made this strategy even more doable for many marketers as it makes it as easy as two clicks to share your customers’ wonderful experience with your brand. It’s not limited to shared and tagged customer content, though. You can initiate your user-generated content through review forums and hashtags that could get the word out through the crowds. 

If you’re not yet convinced enough about the value of user-generated content, take a look at the statistics on UGC that sings praises about how it is a valuable conversion powerhouse. A third of your site visitors come across UGC, and chances are, more than half of your converted customers have interacted with UGC at some point. The more you know about the value that user-generated content brings to businesses, the more likely you’ll be going after those reviews.

You can choose a couple or apply all of the methods mentioned above in promoting your business on social media. These methods may well become part of your social media marketing strategy as with them, you are not only able to reach out to a broader and more filtered audience, but you are also able to engage them in a way that you are only able to do with social media.

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