5 Ways to Motivate Employees

Sadly, most companies don’t know how important employee motivation is. Employees are the foundation of businesses, and as a leader, you are in the position to promote happiness and ensure that your employees are enjoying the advantages of happiness in your workplace. Studies show that there is an increase of 12 to 20% productivity when an employee is happy while also raising sales by 37% at the same time.

Employees need to feel motivated for them to become happy and increase productivity. There also other benefits of employee motivation, and these include:

Lower level of absenteeism 

Excessive absenteeism leads to decreased productivity that will have a major impact on a company’s finances. When an employee feels unmotivated, underappreciated, and stressed, absenteeism can occur, which can be challenging for an employer to control. That is why you should motivate your employees to avoid absenteeism.

Increase employee commitment

When employees feel their connection to your business, they understand your goal, become more committed to it, and determined to work to reach it.

Improve efficiency and product quality

Businesses track and calculate employee work hours to measure employees’ productivity. Employees’ productivity keeps the company operating at peak efficiency. When employees are productive and efficient, less labor is required to produce profitable goods and services.

Motivated employees feel good about their jobs, and as a result, they perform at an optimal level. When employees are happier about their job, product quality and quantity will increase.

Lower chances of staff turnover 

The common reason why an employee leaves a company is because they feel that they are not valued, challenged, or well-compensated. On the other hand, when they feel that they are motivated, they are more productive and engaged in the workplace. Thus, they become loyal and stick around for a long time.

Promote good reputation in your company

When employees are motivated and happy in their workplace, they only say good things about the company and promote it to others. As a result, more people would want to be part of your organization.

Contribute innovative and creative ideas

Employees who are motivated about their work are more creative and innovative than those who are not. As a result, motivated employees are able to provide high-value ideas and deliver high-quality output. The advantage of this is that they have the capability to innovate, plan, manage, analyze, and collaborate for your company.  

So how do you motivate your employees? Here are some tips that you could follow to increase employee motivation. 

1. Radiate positive energy

The energy that you radiate as a leader can determine the success of your company. We use positive energy to connect with people, promote productivity, gain new clients, and inspire people to tag along with you. Apply positive energy into your team by having a “We can do this!” mentality or an optimistic approach to challenges. When you have a positive energy, you channel that to your employees. As a result, they feel good, and effortlessly become productive.

If you want to learn how to be happier with positive psychology, visit this link for an online course.

2. Offer employee rewards

Rewarding employees makes them work harder, become more productive, and increase motivation to become greater. Many studies show that positive reinforcement is far more effective than negative reinforcement. According to, “Two things drive human actions: necessities—food, sleep, avoidance of pain, and rewards.”  

This is because the reward system in our brain is activated when we get exposed to a rewarding stimulus. When this happens, the brain releases dopamine or sometimes called “happy hormones,” which is a chemical messenger that plays a role in pleasure. Therefore, when the employee is rewarded, the level of the dopamine in the brain increases, and they become more happy and motivated to keep moving forward.

3. Recognize their achievements and efforts

Recognizing the hard efforts an employee has accomplished is one of the most important factors that contribute to motivation. It boosts the employee’s drive and morale towards work. When an employee puts a lot of effort into a task and does not get recognized, that employee might think that there is no purpose of performing well. If employees feel more appreciated they will perform more than what is expected. Although a cash bonus is a great way to make your employees feel appreciated, there are other small but powerful ways that you can do to recognize your employees, and these are:

  • Give public acknowledgment to inspire and motivate your employees
  • Offer continuing education class, such as online courses
  • Treat them out for lunch or a pizza party in your office
  • Give gift cards
  • Just say, “Thank You!”

The most important thing is that you need to do is just be genuine when you recognize their achievements and efforts.

4. Promote positive communication

Having open or positive communication in your company increases employee motivation—talking to them in person or at a personal level. Another way on how you can promote open communication is by acknowledging your employees’ views. This is by asking and listening to your employees’ input or opinions and acknowledging it. Highlighting that your employees have a very important viewpoint towards your company is also a great way of promoting positive communication.

5. Create a career path

Providing your employees training and career advancement will help increase their commitment to your company. They will feel more valuable and fortunate to be part of your organization because you are giving them the opportunity to learn new skills and by creating a clear career path.

Career pathing means you are structuring employees’ career path or development so that the employees can visualize their progression to your company. It involves understanding and taking inventory of the skills, knowledge, aspiration, traits, and experience of the employees. The information that can be gathered will be used to custom a plan on how you will develop the necessary skills according to the career path you have mapped out for that employee.

When a career path has been laid out to the employees, they are more motivated to work and become a top-performer.  They are also more engaged to be part of your workforce in delivering better outputs.   

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