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With the brand new year coming in, a surge of demand for particular skills approaches the spotlight. In 2019, digitally inclined hard skills took over the job market demand. For this 2020, will they still make the cut for the most in-demand skills for employers?

You’ve read the top soft skills in demand for the year. While these primary soft skills are valuable for any career, they go hand in hand with the set hard skills that the job market demands for jobs that offer great potential now. Now we are going to shed light on those top 5 skills that companies prefer for this year. Here’s a breakdown of the top five skills as consolidated by LinkedIn:


Sounds familiar? If you have been in the loop in the finance industry for the last ten years, chances are you are aware of the cryptocurrency as well. Blockchain is the technology behind safeguarding the Bitcoin network. As digital assets are stored, validated, authorized, and transferred across the web, blockchain ensures the overall process is secured. This goes for all online transactions that use “block,” or a piece of digital information that is stored in a public database, or the “chain.”

Not many have this skill among the sea of job applicants when there is so much potential in the market. In fact, the estimated revenue for the global Blockchain technology market will rise to $20 billion by 2024. With 90% of both European and North American banks that started exploring Blockchain, there’s a pressing demand for the skill.

Want to delve into the Blockchain technology? Here are some beginner-friendly online courses you can try.

Cloud computing

Being on the top for last year, cloud computing is still among the most in-demand skills for 2020. Cloud computing is the on-demand transmission of IT functions over the internet at particular pricing. With the technological advancements of today, companies won’t need to buy and maintain a physical data server because there are cloud services that can provide their storage needs, computing power, databases, and more. 

About one-third of companies’ IT funds are allocated for cloud services. And by this year, the global public cloud computing market is expected to surpass the $330 billion mark. With this magnitude of technological need, companies come with high demand for IT professionals who specialize in cloud computing. They continuously look out for fresh hires that can aid them in their database maintenance needs and cloud systems services delivery such as those of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and more. 

Once convinced to try cloud computing, there are helpful resources you can turn to in this learning pursuit:

Data Analytics

What drives a business to come up with company decisions is the data gathered. Data analytics has paved the way for a more critical and definite analysis of raw data to draw out conclusions. With the use of several specialized software and tools, data analysts use various technologies and techniques to gather data and analyze the trends and patterns of a business or system. 

Businesses turn to the aid of data analysts to make sound business decisions, improve efficiency, and optimize operational systems. On a recent Forbes survey, 95% of businesses seemingly need to organize their big data, and 40% of them need to do it more frequently. With that in mind, when you are equipped with the expertise a data analyst needs, you have so many opportunities waiting for you in this digitally-demanding generation. 

Start your data analytics pursuit now with these perfect-for-beginner online courses you can take.

Artificial Intelligence

Noticed how much computers has seamlessly replaced human labor for most types of services? That’s because of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is used to mimic humans and their actions. AI is a subdiscipline of computer science that deals with developing smart machines to perform tasks that can only be met with human intelligence. This technology has paved the way for all sectors to optimize their operations while decreasing the human labor force. 

Huge companies such as Alibaba, Amazon, and Apple are among those who utilize artificial intelligence in their processes. Although big companies are more likely to adopt AI in their practices, there are some small-scale businesses that try to incorporate it into their business strategies. So if you have been eyeing to get started with this in-demand skill in the job market, now’s the time to learn it. 

Here are some online courses to help you get acquainted with the realm of artificial intelligence.


UX Design

User experience (UX) design is used to create human-centric products and services for various businesses. UX design concentrates on making relevant experience between humans or consumers and the products and services offered, such as websites, apps, gadgets, and many more.

It’s a multi-discipline that not only focuses on the user interface, but also in terms of the design, usability, branding, and function. UX designers are not limited just to ensure the products and services are usable, but they also guarantee that these are fun, engaging, and efficient as well. Having the right UX design results in providing good user experience, which all businesses aim for.

In a research, every $1 invested for a good UX design is expected to bring in an ROI of 9,900% or $100! That’s an apparent reason why businesses are investing in good UX design. So if you want to ride the wave and take advantage of this in-demand skill, there are online courses you can take such as:

And those five topped this year’s most in-demand skills, according to LinkedIn. You can see how all of them fall under the realm of technology, which is just timely for this digital generation. 

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