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5 Great Benefits of Learning to Play a Musical Instrument

Many people would agree that musicians have a certain appeal to them. It’s like there’s a certain special characteristic that sets musicians apart from other people that instantly makes them appear cooler. It’s no wonder that people see something good and superior about musicians. That’s because when you learn to play a musical instrument, you acquire a lot of great benefits in terms of cognition and skill. 

Increases brain power

Learning to play an instrument is a good exercise for the brain. It has a full host of benefits for the mind, such as improved memory, creativity, abstract reasoning, and even literacy skills. All of these benefits are scientifically proven. Even the great genius Albert Einstein himself was known to have a love of music. He was an excellent violinist and a big fan of Mozart’s sonatas. If one of the greatest scientists who ever lived knew the value of music, it is safe to assume that learning to play music is correlated to his brilliance.   

Reduces stress

If your primary reason as to why you want to learn to play an instrument is stress reduction, you are on the right path. Listening to music, especially slow and quiet classical music, has profound effects on our mind and body. It is powerful enough that it can actually decrease your heart rate, blood pressure, and stress hormones. 

Improves self-confidence

Nothing can boost your confidence than learning something new and getting good at it every day. If you learn to play an instrument like piano or guitar, you add something new to your rack of skills. You gain something that you can show off to others, and find something that can make you feel good about yourself.

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Preserves your hearing

Once you hit the golden ages, your chances of losing your hearing increase by a third. If you want to preserve it, it might be time for you to learn to play an instrument. A study found that musicians tend to have a better sense of hearing later on in life than non-musicians. It doesn’t matter what instrument you choose to play so long as you continuously play it. The longer you’ve been playing, the better your chances of preserving your hearing.

Teaches time management and discipline

If there is one thing you must not skimp on when learning to play a musical instrument, it would be practice. Any musician you ask would agree. Once you have committed to an instrument, you need to dedicate time and patience to regularly practicing if you want to improve and play with ease and skill. The amount of practice playing an instrument demands a lot of time management and discipline, which you will surely develop over time along with your musical prowess. 

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