2020 Instagram Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Brand

Instagram undeniably holds a strong influence over consumers’ buying decisions. With several merchants popping up on Instagram, there seems to be a competition on how brands will stand out among others. Thus, as a business owner, you need to know the latest Instagram marketing strategies to boost your brand’s engagement. Looking for other ways to grow your business? Our online courses in business strategy can help you achieve your goals.

When you ace your Instagram marketing efforts, users will flock into your feed and convince them your brand is worth the try. Marketing with Instagram is quite competitive, but it’s worth the grueling hours of planning your feed curation and trying out the latest features. In fact, recent studies proved that Instagram users are likely to purchase things they saw on Instagram.

Understanding Instagram’s algorithm

Now, before diving into the strategies that help you bolster your brand’s online visibility, you need to know how the Instagram algorithm works. In 2016, Instagram stopped showing its feed in reverse-chronological order. While Instagram claims it resulted in users’ better experience, the game has become more complicated for businesses to rank in followers’ feeds.

You need to understand that in order to rank higher in their feed, you must meet the following signals:

  • Users must always engage with your posts.
  • People must engage with accounts and posts like yours.
  • Your posts must be timely and consistent to appear at the top.
  • Instagram shows the most popular posts since the last time a user accessed the app.

Instagram marketing strategies to try this 2020

With the constant updates on the Instagram algorithm, any previous year’s strategies might not work this time. Even more, Instagram adds special features every once in a while that both users and marketers can take advantage of. These make social media marketing challenging yet fun to try out several strategies that can pull in user engagement.

Here are 2020’s Instagram marketing strategies you need to try out now:

1. Optimize bio

Bio is the first thing every user sees in your account. Make it informative and strategic by placing your brand name, description, and a call-to-action (CTA) to your website URL.

Choose a landing page where you want to drive more traffic, such as your website’s home page. Lure them in with compelling descriptions in your bio through effective copy and imaginative emojis.

2. Curate content

One of the factors that will make your brand stand out and establish a persona is through your feed’s curations. If you stick to a consistent and strategic theme, color schemes, and voice, your feed will fit right into Instagram’s aesthetics. 

Build a feed that strikes to your viewers, pour creativity on every post to promote user engagement.

3. Plan with a content calendar

A content calendar will ensure you never run out of content to publish in the next coming days. It is a must-have that allows you to plot your content creation ahead of time so that you don’t scramble for a new post when there’s none scheduled. 

In your calendar, outline the day, date, time, content type, caption, hashtags, tags, and links. There are several third-party content calendar tools you can use to implement, including Hootsuite, Loomly, Buffer, Trello, Evernote, and more.

4. Post consistently at the right times of the day

Aside from posting consistently, you should familiarize yourself with the optimal time when there are more active users. Knowing those times of the day will maximize your posts’ visibility since you identified when your audiences are most active. Depending on your location, these times will differ. 

5. Use hashtags and branded hashtags

Hashtags make your posts discoverable by other users who don’t follow you yet. The clickable links allow other users to discover your posts without having to follow you. This then opens up the possibility of luring them in to follow when they find your posts interesting.

The Instagram algorithm makes use of hashtags for content suggestions to boost discoverability. On the other hand, branded hashtags make your brand unique and memorable. It’s recommended to use niche-relevant hashtags and avoid generic hashtags that might miss your post’s point.

6. Reply to comments and open your DMs

Nothing speaks more about being responsive to followers. When you respond timely through your comments and DMs, you give off an approachable vibe. You also promote interaction between you and users since you open up pathways to know the brand better.

Consistently monitor your comments section, DMs, mentions, and tags to engage with followers who are obviously interested in your brand. Also, check here how email marketing can help increase sales.

7. Promote user-generated content

User-generated content refers to any follower’s content that aims to promote your brand. This can be found on tagged posts, stories, and mentions that feature your products or services. Marketers should maximize this opportunity to allow users to get involved with their brand as they are the very advocates of what you sell. 

Watch out for tagged posts that feature your brand and publish them in stories or feed to encourage others to follow through.

8. Maximize IG stories, IG Live, and IG TV

These three key features are powerful in rolling out your marketing campaigns. Disappearing stories are perfect for frequent posts that don’t need to be published on your feed. IG Live is great when you are hosting a live promotion or announcement for your viewers. And IG TV is appropriate for longer video clips that you can save on your feed.

These three key features help you organize your content according to their relevance and category. It also paves the way for an avenue to post the most user-generated contents you accumulated. 

9. Run contests and giveaways

Contest and giveaways are every marketer’s leeway to increasing followers and boosting engagement. People love winning free stuff. Take this opportunity to hold exclusive giveaways or contests to encourage everyone’s participation.

You can even cross-promote this contest to your website and other social media to amplify the results. This will drive everyone to your post and boost user engagement.

10. Place highlights on your feed

Highlights are essential in saving relevant stories that you want to save for more than 24 hours. You can set up categories to direct followers where they can get brand’s info, FAQs, contests, announcements, milestones, etc.

To make them pop on your feed, create highlight covers that are monotonous to one another. 

11. Invest in Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads allows you to find the right audience for your brand. While organic efforts might do the trick, paid ads will ensure you reach the right audience through the platform’s audience segmentation.

Instagram ads come in the form of stories, photo carousel, videos, and collection content. According to Adspresso, Instagram ads cost-per-click is $0.70 – $0.80 on average, depending on ad requirements. 

12. Use creative content ideas

Content is king in every marketing effort you do. Try to be creative in every post you share by utilizing fun and creative content such as memes, gifs, stickers, countdowns, questions, and a quiz that are all found in IG stories. These make your posts fun, relatable, and on-trend.

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13. Tell stories

One of the best ways to create compelling posts is to convey a story that will evoke emotions. This is an effective way to establish a connection between your brand and followers over a topic that resonates with both parties. You can tell a message through penning a long caption or making a series of visual content to share with them.

14. Collaborate with influencers

Influencers are on the rise—they are key personalities that can make any brand relevant because of their strong influence. When you team up with micro-influencers and famous influencers, you widen the reach of your brand. You can even provide affiliate links for them to track how many sales each influencer brought you.

15. Add “swipe up” links to relevant IG stories

Any Instagram account that has over 10,000 followers gets the privilege of adding a “swipe up” link on their IG stories. If you have this, you can easily direct your viewers to a link you ask them to check out. This is especially effective in linking promo links, blog posts, the home page, etc.

16. Place shop tags

Shop tags are the floating tags that consist of the product name and prices of the item featured in a photo. It makes the shopping experience way more convenient as it displays how much your products cost and links users up to the website where they can check out the item.

17. Use filters and create one for your brand

Filters are among the hottest trends of Instagram this 2020. When done right, you can pull in massive engagement from various users across the globe. You just need to produce a catchy filter and encourage followers to use them on their newest IG stories to boost visibility.

18. Cross-promote to other social media

Cross-promotion is essential in bolstering your overall social media marketing strategies. More likely, you have other pages as well on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. Utilize those platforms to maximize your reach to capture all qualified leads that will convert to buyers.

19. Keep an eye out on trends

Trends come and go. But if you are among the first ones to jump on a trend, you can enjoy the massive user engagement it brings. Aside from essential updates and features on Instagram, be sure to try them out the soonest and see how they will work for your brand.

20. Monitor others

You can get a lot of inspiration from other existing pages–whether they are related to your niche. You can monitor how they run their feed and how they deal with their content. With brands fueling their Instagram with creative and compelling content, you can never run out of inspiration to relate to your strategies.

21. Check Instagram Analytics

Using a Business account for Instagram makes it possible to track how your analytics do. For everything you post, you can analyze how effective your strategies are. Religiously track your Instagram analytics to identify loopholes and strategize how you will improve your next campaigns.

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