2020 Best 3D Character Design Software

There is a wide selection of 3D character design software in the market. Mastering any of this software will make you in demand in a rapidly growing 3D character designing industry. You can become an expert in any 3D character design software and earn more by becoming a freelance designer working from home and accepting lucrative projects. 

So whether you are just starting to learn 3D character design software or just want to build on existing skills, these top 3D character design software are worth a shot.  

Autodesk Maya

Commonly known as Maya, it is a 3D computer animation software that uses powerful modeling, texturing, simulation, rendering, and animation tools for animators, modelers, and artists.

Maya is a top choice for creating believable characters by animators because of the powerful application and a huge library of animation tools. It can produce life-like videos using less sophisticated programs. 

Animators can create realistic effects like explosions, cloth simulation, dust in tornado, movements of objects, and particles. They can also enhance the facial expressions of animated characters, the realism of body language, and more.

Maya has been used in every award-winning film since the ’90s. It has been used in movies like Monsters, Inc., The Matrix, Spider-Man, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Avatar, Finding Nemo, Up, Hugo, Rango, and Frozen. Maya can also be used in video games to create realistic characters and game settings.

Start your journey to 3D animation using Autodesk Maya with the 3D Animation And Data Visualization In Autodesk Maya online course from Skill Success. This online course uses a project-based approach so you can learn from actually building something. By the end of the course, you will learn data visualization in 4D and make data presentations.



This is a free and open-source 3D creation suite used for creating animated films, 3D printed models, visual effects, interactive 3D applications, motion graphics, virtual reality, and video games. It supports almost all aspects of 3D development. 

Blender offers a wide array of modeling tools so artists can transform and edit their models easily. The key feature of Blender is its path-tracer engine, rendering process, and scripting, which are designed to be interactive and easy to use.

There are tons of cloud libraries in Blender, and you can download characters for free. There are also free tutorials or training for character modeling, 3D printing, rigging, and more. You can also use thousands of available textures from humans to rocks. 

If you need a powerful designing software, free of charge, for your projects and a small studio, then Blender is suitable for you. It is a cross-platform program and available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. 

Beginners can take advantage of the Create 6 Low Poly Rock Models In Blender For 3D Environments online course because it starts with an introduction to the Blender interface. By the end of the course, you will have learned how to create low poly rock models for 3D environments using Blender.

Autodesk 3Ds Max

Formerly known as a 3D studio and 3D studio Max, 3Ds Max is another software developed by Autodesk and has been around for a long time. It is popularly known to be the best 3D modeling software for Windows users. Like its sister, Maya, 3Ds Max also offers a huge library of animation tools for 3D modeling, character rigging, animation, and a lot more.

3Ds Max has flexible plugin architecture and modeling capabilities. This allows you to create worlds and environments in video games and make impressive 3D designs of your characters.

Designers can make their creation come to life because 3Ds Max offers a professional and robust toolset for 3D modeling. The fluid simulations, plus character rigging and animation, creates believable textures, flowing hair and fur, and human-like motion.

If you are interested to know the basics of 3d modeling and rendering with the 3ds Max software, then the 3Ds Max: Complete Intro To 3D Using 3Ds Max online course is for you. It will cover all the major concepts of 3D, so you don’t have to worry if you are new to using this software. By the end of this course, you will be more confident in creating your own projects, whether it is modeling, animation, or game content creation.


ZBrush is a software developed by Pixologic. This software is your go-to option for standalone sculpting, modeling, painting, and texturing. It is widely used by professional artists and hobbyists who want to 3D print toys and action figures.

Many artists opt for this software because it provides an exceptional toolset, which includes but is not limited to Texturing, Box Modelling, retopology, UV’s,  and a lot more. But sculpting is the first in the list why ZBrush is the top choice among 3D artists. 

ZBrush is capable of doing heavy sculpting and ideal for detailed, high-poly work. It comes with different brushes, stroke lengths, processes, and controls so that you can achieve design models in digital form with high poly detail.


Daz Studio

Daz Studio is an easy-to-learn 3D scene creation and rendering program that is free for all. You create various images and videos using a wide variety of different tools and assets in this software. Daz Studio is one of the most versatile figure platforms and the highest customization levels.

There are many ways you can use this software for almost everything you might think of. Daz3D uses Genesis technology, which is exclusively developed for Daz Studio, which is also the unique feature of this software. 

You can use some highly customizable base figures, and you can modify and refine these to anything you want. You can also download a huge collection of models from the Daz Marketplace.


Like Autodesk Maya, Houdini by SideFX is commonly used in the VFX industry to create 3D imagery. Its non-standard tools make Houdini one of the best 3D modeling software packages available in the market. Houdini uses a node-based workflow providing artists more flexibility and control. 

The nodes are what make this 3D software unique. The ability for nodes to be saved then “wired” into networks that define a “recipe” allows for the artist to tweak and explore different creative paths to refine the outcome. This unique feature can also record your actions and the parameters you used, so you can go back anytime you need to change something.  

Cinema 4D

Maxon’s Cinema 4D is known for its stability in being a 3D modeling software. Digital artists, whether beginners and seasoned professionals, can take advantage of the wide range of tools and features in Cinema 4D because of its easy-to-understand operations. 

It can handle different actions, such as rendering, texturing, or polygonal/procedural modeling. Also, Cinema 4D’s interface is arranged to be user-friendly. Therefore, even novice artists won’t feel intimidated using this software. You can also customize your user workspace based on your preference. 

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