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16 Traits That Every Good Leader Should Have

Good leadership helps the team row in the right direction. Without competent leaders, an organization may fail to materialize its respective goals. 

So how do you know the leaders display the right qualities? You might think that as long as they can delegate tasks to team members and meet success, it already makes them excellent. But contrary to this, leadership is not one-size-fits-all that is universal to every organization.

If you are an aspiring leader, don’t hold yourself back just because many believe that a leader should be like this or that. You are only limiting yourself from exerting your utmost potential. Here are the key traits you must embody to guide you in being the best leader you can ever be.

1. Effective communicator

Excellent communication skills are the foundation of a well-structured team. Without being skilled communicators, leaders cannot delegate tasks, explain responsibilities, motivate team members, and express the right words. 

When a leader isn’t an effective communicator, the team may suffer from poor results. Communication is what integrates all other traits you are about to see on this list. If you can’t nail your communication skills, all other qualities will just go down the drain.

2. Decisive

The leader spearheads the team, and decision making is a massive part of it. A good leader should be able to make concrete decisions in any given situation. When bosses are indecisive, they are risking everyone’s ability to meet success. Leaders should know what will be best for the team and be able to accept failure when mistaken.

3. Accountable

Accountability should come with decision making. This makes leaders own up to their mistakes and avoid pointing fingers. This is taking responsibility for actions and errors that occurred as a fruit of your decisions. 

Be it good or negative—leaders should be held liable for the results of the decisions they made.

4. Ambitious

Determination is the driver of success. The ambition to do great makes all the difference in achieving success with hard work and direction. A leader should always have that burning desire to attain goals and conquer challenges. It doesn’t only add fire to the fuel but also motivates the whole team when they see its leaders getting down to business with utmost effort.

5. Confident

Confidence is a must-have for every leader. Without being able to show your capabilities to lead others, how can anyone trust you? Confidence demonstrates competence and motivation. When others can see how confident you are, it’s easy to follow your lead since your authority matters.

6. Humble

While confidence is a must, humility, on the other hand, should always be a trait that will balance everything out. Leaning on confidence too much may likely result in arrogance and lesser results. As compared to when you keep a humble mind, you are aware of your limits—making you cautious and more hardworking on what you do.

7. Has integrity

Having integrity means doing the right thing at all costs. Just like honesty, it is sticking to your morals and choosing right over wrong. Be it for providing what’s best for your team, acknowledging mistakes, giving affirmations—good leaders should always be able to identify the right things to do. 

8. Approachable

Bosses can be intimidating; after all, they are holding high positions. However, being approachable will make you more effective because you exude openness. It paves the way for building healthy work relationships with team members because you break down the barrier between you and your teammates.

9. Empowering

One characteristic that makes a leader great to his employees is the ability to empower team members. When a leader believes in the skills of team members, it demonstrates trust and empowerment. This, then, leads to the willingness of the team member to accomplish expectations with ease. 

10. Inspirational

A considerable chunk of hope comes from leaders’ affirmations. Words of encouragement instantly boost one’s confidence. If you regularly practice praising team members and acknowledging efforts, you are providing the motivational support they need. 

11. A role model for all

A leader sets a good example for everyone. You cannot expect everyone to do as told when you cannot follow rules yourselves. Having a higher authority doesn’t exempt you from abiding by the rules. You should set yourself a good example in everything that you do because your team members will follow your lead. 

12. Empathetic

Having empathy is being able to put yourself in somebody else’s shoes to feel for them. This key trait is essential in creating rapport and clearing out barriers with others. When you can see through the perspective of others, you can make rational decisions that will benefit both parties. 

13. Resilient

Resilience is the courage to keep going, even if situations become unbearable. It is choosing to stand your ground and keep pushing to conquer challenges. To put it simply, it is keeping your eyes on the prize no matter how tough the situation is.

14. Transparent

Keeping a transparent leadership builds trust among an organization. Rather than hiding information, practice sharing things with teammates. Don’t keep them in the dark, especially when it concerns them. Transparency keeps your members engaged. It provides clarity and openness that contribute to a healthy work environment.

15. Creative and innovative

Creativity is the result of necessity. Becoming a leader means you are tasked to think outside the box. When you make use of creativity and innovation, you stand out among the rest. Unique ideas will bring in good results as a result of your creative mind. 

16. Visionary

Good leaders know the purpose of being the head of a team. They envision the future and row the team in that direction. When the whole team understands why they are going a certain route, they are more likely to meet the right end. Having a leader who’s got a vision for the team will help draw success. 

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