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14 Things You Can Do With Photoshop

Is Photoshop really worth learning? Its complexity is so notorious that you’ll probably find thousands of Photoshop classes both on and offline. The sheer number of lessons available all over only goes to show how popular it is among onlookers, and that a lot of people are willing to go the extra mile to learn it as an addition to their skill repertoire. 

It’s no surprise why so many people want to learn Photoshop. You can do so many things with it! Below are a few examples of the things you can create using this software:

Visual material


This feature is used by a lot of businesses that want to provide their clients an initial look and feel of their product. Mockups are models or replicas of real objects. They are employed to give viewers an idea of what the real thing could look like.

Examples of businesses that make mockups with Photoshop are designersranging from interior design to t-shirt printing. Creating a convincing mockup and sharing it on social media can effectively hook the interest of onlookers into contacting you, asking about your product, and ultimately buying it.

Flyers and Posters

Another thing you can do with Photoshop is advertising material. You have the option to print out your design to physically hand out to potential customers, or you can send it digitally, such as in email marketing. You can even share it with the general public through social media. You can make your own template such that each advertising material you put out 

Business cards

Another way you can use Photoshop to help you with life is by using it to make your business cards. Your business card does not need to be plain and dreary anymore. With the right edits, you can whip your card into shape and attract the contacts you want. You can also let your personality shine through with your design.

Announcements and Invitations

If you’re into event planning and you want to include invitations in your business, you better make friends with Photoshop fast. It is the ultimate software for making announcements and invitations since its sheer number of tools is simply incomparable to other applications. Birthdays, weddings, engagements, business events, showers, partiesyou name it. You can make it all with Photoshop!


A postcard is usually a rectangular piece of document that is printed on a thick paper or cardboardmeant to be mailed without an envelope. You might recall postcards sold at tourist destinations to make faraway friends and loved ones feel remembered during the holidays (or even on regular days) with a custom-made postcard. Just make sure to design it so that it fits in a postcard-sized canvas.

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Web design

Headers and banners

Photoshop offers a pre-sized canvas that is made especially for web banners. It’s not limited to website headers, though; you can create other website elements like interactive buttons, sidebar images, and many other web design tricks with it. Photoshop is the go-to software for those looking to create a website.


Logos might be minute, but they represent your brand in general. They are that important. Think of logos as your brand signature. It is, therefore, understandable how you would want every detail of it to be perfect and reflective of your business. With Photoshop, you can design your logos exactly the way you want it. 


Badges are a great way to recognize some of your best followers. You can craft some unique and trendy badges in Photoshop so others can share it on social media or stick somewhere on their websites to help you promote your business.

Pattern background

Creating your own pattern that is unique to your website can help it stand out. You can easily find elements online that you can transform into a full-page pattern with Photoshop. Even better, you can create your own element with Photoshop and turn it into a pattern right then and there.


Filters give photos a specific vibe. While this option is widely available in social media applications, you can do so much more with Photoshop. You can create unique filters that are exclusive for your website.

Digital art

Photo restoration

Photoshop is heaven-sent for people who want to return old photos to their former glory. Got old photos? You can now see your great grandparents’ more clearly with the help of this software. Say goodbye to creases, stains, blurs, and discoloration. You can even colorize old black-and-whites to give more life to old images.

Digital paintings

Create modern art with modern resources. It’s one of the best things you can do with Photoshop. If you struggle with the brush but still want to get creative and maybe let out some stress, maybe digital media will work for you. You can let your creativity soar and come up with beautiful images you can print out for display in your home or even sell at art events.

Photo alteration

This also works for photos that you would want to alter in the name of art. While Photoshop has gotten notorious for producing unrealistic alterations in fashion and marketing, it is this feature that can actually enable you to produce stunning life-like but out of this world high-quality images. Shark swimming through the night sky? Apples and lemons sprouting out of the same tree? With Photoshop, anything is possible.

Video Editing

Another thing you can do with Photoshop is to edit videos. You can add digital elements to your videos to make them more fun and engaging. Sure, you won’t be able to come up with films in the software, but editing and enhancing clips are convenient with it. You can even use adjustment layers for videos just as you would for photos.

Those are only some of the things you can come up with when using Photoshop. The possibilities are almost endless for as long as you know your way around it, so use it to your advantage. It also pays to be flexible and resourceful when using an application for different types of tasks. 

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