social media marketing strategy for ecommerce

13 Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies for E-commerce

Online shopping is at its peak at the moment. With the latest innovations that keep people hooked to their phones, there is no better time to bring out the business-minded in you than now! Together with the popularity of social media, your business can easily take off with just a few tactics. It’s just a matter of finding the right social media marketing strategy for e-commerce to jumpstart your business’ growth.

In 2019, the US ranked second as the top global e-commerce with $586.92 billion sales according to eMarketer. Ranking at the top, any entrepreneur will take this chance to amplify their social media presence and implement strategies to expand their reach.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the utilization of social media platforms and websites to build a strong online presence. Used by most businesses, this is a powerful approach to grow brand awareness, retain loyal customers, drive website traffic, and increase sales. The most popular platforms to integrate with your e-commerce include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, and LinkedIn.

Social media marketing works its magic of generating sales through various strategies that you ought to know. But before you jump in to those, you should immerse yourself first on what it really is through thorough research or taking up classes about social media marketing. That way, you get a full understanding of how you can market your business effectively.

social media marketing strategy ecommerce

What is social media marketing strategy?

So how does one thrive in social media marketing? Well, that’s the courtesy of the successful use of strategies to achieve marketing goals of the business. There are tons of potential schemes a business could make, but it is essential to make them timely as the change in fad is continuous.

So as an online marketer, you should embrace the latest concepts that will help your business grow. Being one of the first ones to adapt to “what’s in” and getting rid of “what’s out” will definitely earn you an increase in the number of customers and sales.

Let’s start with the simplest yet most effective social media marketing strategies for e-commerce that will help you grow your business. Here are some of the things you should add to your checklist: 

1. Upgrade your social media accounts to business type.

One of the best practices to fully navigate various platforms and use them at your advantage is upgrading to a “business” account. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube let you sign up for a business account to enjoy the benefits of seeing insights, retrieving analytics, adding “shop” buttons, creating ads, and many more features that an ordinary account doesn’t have.

2. Grow your followers.

Expanding your reach is the key to creating brand awareness. It’s not an easy goal to set—you need to utilize other strategies to actually increase your number of followers and engagements. There are a lot of efforts to be done in gaining followers such as the creation of highly-engaging content, consistent social media posts, good online presence, and reliable chat support. Honestly, there are tons out there, but growing your numbers is just another effect of the successful implementation of strategies.

3. Create engaging content.

Highly engaging content is the key to setting a mark in your target audience’s liking. With the aggressively low average attention span of 12 seconds in every 2000 seconds, people are getting pickier with what they want to see online. As the marketer, you want to be seen; in order to be seen, you have to be effective as well. Highly engaging content make up for effective marketing copies, relatable posts, shareable concepts, photo or video clips, mind games, and many more. 

4. Invest in ads.

If you really want to pick up the pace on growing your followers, you should consider shelling out some cash for ads. Investing in ad campaigns online is one of the most effective strategies to reach your market. Organic insights tend to be unpredictable. On the other hand, paid ads give you the possibility of an exponential increase in your reach. 

5. Link all of your social media into your website.

All of your social media pages should be linked together to display a solid online presence. Add the social media pages to the “connect with us” tab of your website, as well as always link the website of your business on your social media pages.

social media marketing for ecommerce

6. Provide good chat support.

Customer service is still a major priority when you have an online presence. Always make sure that you reply to inquiries and comments as fast as you can. Practicing consistent online visibility makes customers trust your brand, thus gaining customer satisfaction.

7. Start a blog.

If you have a lot of time to spare for your business, starting up a blog creates a whole new look to your website. Not only does this look interesting, but it also creates opportunities to promote and introduce your products. Creating content mainly about your products is a good way to acquire new customers. You are also going to share this to your social media pages so people will actually be intrigued about your brand.

8. Use hashtags to promote your brand.

Putting hashtags on your copies is an effective way of promoting what industry you are in. You can create a unique hashtag exclusively made for your brand, or you can use some popular ones to seem in-the-loop. Hashtags help simplify searches and thrive in your industry. With the right hashtag for you, people are going to remember you as the brand with that tag!

9. Reach out to influencers.

A lot of businesses collaborate with influencers to maximize their social media presence. Thousands of influencers are making money out of promoting businesses—you should take part in that! Influencers are much more effective in reaching your target market as they have millions of followers vouching for them.

10. Use “tag products” on your posts.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have this feature for business accounts where you can tag your products and add details to them. This is an effective way to promote your products directly to your followers. This cuts the need to go over the website to look up for the prices and availability—helping your followers save time. 

11. Use Story, IGTV, Live and MyDay features of Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

These features are very popular at the moment. Not only are they brief and convenient, but these are also effective to intrigue your followers. Making use of disappearing posts is one way to promote your brand without actually flooding their feed. Plus, they give you the liberty to add a “swipe up” link to direct your followers to your website.

12. Utilize YouTube to create promotional content.

YouTube has always been popular, but it’s become even more powerful this time. With influencers and online gurus dominating the online scene, YouTube is an effective platform to promote your brand. You should dedicate a page for your site and update it constantly with exclusive content to promote your products.

13. Give out exclusive promos and discounts.

Using your social media pages to release exclusive promos is an effective way to lure in your followers to buy from you. Special discounts and promos, after all, are what customers like. Having these surprise treats for your followers will not just gain you more sales, but also returning customers.

Those are the simplest strategies you can start with when thinking of utilizing social media marketing for your business. There are a good deal to try out as social media trends change continuously. And in order to dive into all of the strategies that will fit your business, it is recommended to take up an online class like this Social Media Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurship from SkillSuccess.

There are various social media platforms and each has its strengths that you should take advantage of. Learn them through online classes like this, and in no time, your business will grow because of your effective social media marketing.

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