10 Skills You Need to Master This 2020

The new decade brings new advancements and new challenges with it. Technology continues to develop at a lightning pace, and the average worker encounters more changes in work and business. Here are the top ten skills to master this 2020 to help you cope and stay on top of your game:

1. Tech skills

Technology is constantly on the rise. There are new advances every day, and with each new year comes new updates and new technologies on each different job sector. Workers and business people alike need to have the ability to master technology to use it to its most significant advantage.

While this may be obvious given for those in the IT field, for the rest, mastering essential tech skills that are relevant to your job puts you at a great advantage. A prime example would be medical professionals gaining crucial knowledge on the latest technological equipment for medical care.

2. Adaptability

Because of the aggressive changes brought about by technology, you need to prioritize adaptability as one of the most essential skills to master this 2020. You should have the ability to adapt to constant change, even welcome it as a normal part of life. Having a flexible mindset helps in developing this skill.

3. Communication

Unlike in the past, more and more workspaces have been arranged in remote settings nowadays. If you take a look at statistics on remote work, you will see that this trend has been on the constant rise since the mid-2000s. It seems to show no signs of slowing down as companies and employees understand the benefits of telecommuting. This puts higher pressure on communication. With less physical contact, communication is the only gateway that keeps parties in sync and working towards common goals. With excellent communication skills, employers and clients are more likely to trust and respond to you.

4. Creativity and innovation

As many can expect, technology is about to overrun a lot of work services, which puts a lot of jobs at risk. Take, for example, this article, which discusses how computers are actually already learning to code themselves. 

However, elements that are inherently human in nature, such as creativity and innovation, can not easily be replaced. This is why it is one of the best skills to master this 2020. The constant need to create and innovate is unchanging, and creative jobs are seen to retain their importance.

5. Critical thinking

A counterpart of creativity is critical thinking, which is why it follows the list for skills to master this 2020. Aside from being able to innovate and come up with new ideas, you should also have the ability to analyze data and form logical conclusions. 

While computers are getting better at helping in this department, it is still solely up to the person in front of the screen to come up with an analysis that translates into the other (more human) elements of a business. If you happen to be a logical and critical thinker, now is the time to bank on that skill.

6. Leadership

No matter what era we are at, leadership remains to be one of the best ways to advance in any career. Displaying people-management capabilities makes you valuable to employers because it means that you have initiative, motivation, and the drive to inspire others to do well at their respective jobs.

If there is one skill to master this 2020 in terms of career advancement, leadership should be your top priority. While leadership may require you to master a host of other skills, it is that particular ability to manage others and become a beacon of light that guides people that makes you indispensable.

7. Emotional intelligence

Because the human element of the workforce is foreseen to remain in the future, having emotional intelligence is still one of the top skills to master this 2020. When dealing and interacting with other people for work, business, or even personal relationships, emotional intelligence plays a vital role.

Emotional intelligence lets you keep control of your emotions, handle stress, and lets you express yourself in such a way that is productive for you and for the person you are dealing with.

8. Decision-making

The main thing that ties all of the skills to master this 2020 mentioned above is the need to make decisions. While machines can completely take over many of the tasks in most industries, the responsibility of making decisions still falls on people’s shoulders.

That is because while machines are fully capable of providing an analyzing data at speeds that exceed humans’ capabilities, humans are the only ones who have the judgment to use the provided data in a way that positively impacts the environment to which that data would be applied.

9. Negotiation

Negotiation and sales have always been prized social skills, even before the advent of computers and machines. It goes to show just how adaptable and timeless this skill truly is. Negotiation is often the defining difference in ultimately having a better seat or gaining better performance. Even through the years and decades to come, this skill will still come in handy, which is why it should be ever-present among the needed skills to master this 2020.

10. Cultural intelligence

Thanks to the internet, the world seems to get smaller and smaller by day. Social and business connections are instantly made even without the need for physical contact, and more and more cultures are being exposed.

You are more likely to meet someone from a different culture nowadays than you were fifty years ago. This means that being more open, receptive, and respectful towards differences are valuable traits to have from now on.

There are plenty of other skills to master this 2020 that can make you come out triumphant over the challenges that the next couple of years can throw at you. But ensuring that you have at least some of the mentioned top ten skills can help you get through the next decade unscathed and ready to face the future with an open mind and an optimistic outlook.

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