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10 Proven Ways to Get Instagram Followers

Growing your business online means broadening your audience. On Instagram (IG), the only way you can do that is to get Instagram followers. Having as many followers as you can will give you a bigger audience to witness your updates, posts, and marketing. Here are ten proven ways to get Instagram followers for your business:

  • Get verified. 

You might shrug this off as an action that is limited to well-known figures like celebrities, but getting verified has a host of benefits that can help you get Instagram followers. The most obvious perk of being verified is that you get instant follower trust. If you are a business, you know how valuable customer trust is. Nobody will want to follow or seriously look at a business page that they don’t think is legit. 

That little blue check also puts you on the map for influencers and other important entities who have never heard of your business before. One more thing as to how it can get Instagram followers for you is that it allows your account to appear at the top whenever your business or an account with a similar name is searched.

  • Maximize hashtags. 

Coming up with a brand or company hashtag is great and all, but totally useless if you don’t put it to good use. Hashtags can be powerful tools to get Instagram followers if you know how to use them.

Make sure your hashtag appears in your profile and include it in all of your posts. Take the extra mile and spill it outside of your online audience. If you have business cards, include it in print along with your IG account. Make mention of it on radio ads, your email marketing, newspaper ads -basically everywhere where you see an opportunity. Build a brand community using your company’s hashtag.

As with other hashtags that you use in your posts, ensure that those are well-chosen and researched. Make use of creative multiple-word hashtags that grab attention and spark amusement. However, make sure each hashtag is relevant. Search for proper ways to use hashtags and apply them. 

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  • Make use of other platforms. 

Surely, if your business has an Instagram account, it would also have a Facebook account, at least. The great thing about social media platforms nowadays is that they are easily interlinked if you use one account across all of them. Grabbing the attention of your Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube audience can quickly get Instagram followers for you.

  • Include CTAs in your posts. 

One Important thing to remember to make all of your effort count in trying to get Instagram followers is to add your CTAs. Call-to-action (CTA) buttons ensure that the time you spent curating images, brainstorming captions, and researching hashtags, translate to followers. “Link in bio,” “double-tap,” or the very obvious “follow us” are some of the best IG CTAs out there that are used today.

  • Tag relevant accounts. 

This may feel like you are dishing out free advertisement, but if you are a small business and you are tagging someone with a significantly greater count of followers than you, you are rather riding on to their high tide. Not sure how that works?

Say, for example, you are a startup selling edible and compostable tableware with a following of 1,000, and you tag environmental activist Greta Thunberg who has 10million followers, your business appearing on their tagged feed exposes you to her huge following. 

Still, this tactic is not merely limited to celebrity accounts. You can even similarly get Instagram followers by tagging accounts who are on par with you. An excellent example of this is event planners who tag all the vendors they work with at a particular event. Think of it as mutual follower-sharing.

  • Run a few contests. 

Instagram contests are like lotteries, where each follow corresponds to an entry. To do this, create a post that asks people to follow you and tag a friend (who may then enter the contest and follow you as well).

You can achieve a greater reach by collaborating with other accounts, and tweaking your mechanics so that people need to tag a higher number of friends.

  • Engage with potential followers. 

Likes and comments are Instagram currencies. When you dole some out, it makes the receiver feel seen and makes you more likable and worth following. Take some time to look at accounts that have posts that are similar or relevant to your content. Like and comment on their relevant posts, and maybe subtly ask them to check you out.

  • Make use of geotags. 

Geotagging is one of the other ways for you to be seen by more people who are not currently following you. The good thing is that you are not only limited to geotagging your store location. Whenever your business posts something relevant to a different location such as a new shipment location, a raw-material source, or anything similar, you can geotag that other location.

This social media strategy is particularly useful to get Instagram followers if the place you are tagging has a lot of followers.

  • Repost content you are tagged in. 

Another way to engage with your audience, make your followers feel seen, and convince other people that your business is worth checking out is to repost content that you are tagged in. Reposting is merely making use of the posts that your followers made and tagged you in. It is most likely a post that is relevant to your business, such as a product review or a photo of your physical store.

Reposting content is putting user-generated content (UGC) to good use. If you know about user-generated content, you know that it has an excellent conversion rate since it functions similarly to word-of-mouth advice. People are generally more willing to trust something that other people have tried and have vouched for.

  • Secure influencer power. 

Influencer partnerships are highly profitable for businesses. Influencer campaigns, even those with several micro-influencers, are arguably more effective on Instagram than on other social media platforms, and it is a wise choice for businesses to ride on with this trend. 

Once you’ve ticked out all of the ten items listed above, you can sit back and watch your Instagram followers balloon into the size of the audience that can put your business on the map.

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