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10 Must-Know Facebook Marketing Tips

There are roughly 223 million Americans on Facebook today. That number will likely grow by 12 million in five years, according to Statista. With this huge amount of users, it is no wonder that businesses have turned to this social platform to do their marketing. Maybe it’s time for you to enroll in a Facebook marketing course to join the club.

Everyone from big corporations to small home businesses uses Facebook as a tool to reach their potential customers and conduct business. If you want to jump into the bandwagon, here are marketing tips you need to know to succeed.

Set up your business page right

The way you set up your business page, in the beginning, matters a lot. First of all, make sure it’s a business page and not a personal account. You can learn how to set one up in a Facebook marketing course, but here’s a step-by-step process.

A proper business page has features that are helpful business-wise and makes it easier to conduct marketing activities such as sidebar tabs and a CTA button. You will also be able to place your business page under a specific category. 

Category options include local business, company, brand or product, artist or public figure, entertainment, and cause or community. If you’re having a hard time deciding which one to choose, here’s an in-depth explanation of each category.

If you are a small business or home business owner, make sure to choose the local business category as this will give your page the right tools to help your business succeed, such as a location listing that will lead customers to you.

Get a vanity URL

There are three ways to describe a vanity URL: descriptive, memorable, and pronounceable. It is a customized short link that usually includes your brand or store name instead of random characters. 

This way, you can print your Facebook URL in your business card, it wouldn’t look like a random jumble of endless characters. It will appear more professional and put-together.

When choosing a vanity URL, make sure that it is not only memorable but also SEO-friendly. Your business page should not only be searchable on Facebook but on Google as well.

facebook marketing is driven by engagements

Invest in good visuals

As with most other social media platforms, Facebook is highly visual. Its users come to it for social updates but also for visual stimulation.

With that knowledge, you should always opt for high-resolution, high-quality images to put up. Your business logo should occupy your profile picture and a cover photo that is either memorable or actionable. It could be your brand aesthetic, the best shot of your product, or your CTA.

Customize, customize, customize

As you create your Facebook business page, take every opportunity to customize it to match your business personality. There are several ways you can do this. 

One is to choose your CTA button. Be careful to match it to what you are offering. “Sign up” works well if you are offering subscriptions, “book now” is perfect for services, and “shop now” is just right if it leads to your shopping site.

Another way is to customize your side tabs. You can use them to expound on what your brand is all about, include an FAQ section, and add yet another opportunity to add another CTA.

Balance a good variety of posts

When posting content, make sure you put in a good mix. Putting in just one type will make your page monotonous and will lose your followers’ interest.

To find out which types of content your audience appreciates, experiment with different types. You can start by posting shareable links and work your way through visuals. A good rule you can pattern your posts by is the 70:20:10 rule. This means that you post 70% original content, 20% content that your audiences are interested in, and 10% self-promotion.

You will find that this marketing method in almost every Facebook marketing course. That’s because it works.

Initiate engagement

Wouldn’t it be fun to interact with your audience on social media? Such engagement is not only fulfilling because it gets you noticed, but it also helps you build deeper relationships with your potential or existing clients.

The great thing about Facebook is that you can easily initiate engagement with a post. A question, a poll, or callouts are particularly good. 

Keep it clean and clear

There are 60 million active business pages on Facebook as of June 2019. That number has most likely ballooned now. With this much competition posting on the regular, you would want your posts to stand out and stick.

Aside from ensuring you have quality content and visuals, there are a few more things you can do to help it stand out better. Statistics show that you increase chances of engagement tenfold by combining text and visuals compared to just plain text in a post. 

Also, when sharing links, remove the link URL in your post’s text to make it more readable.

Maximize the power of UGC

Think of user-generated content like user reviews, word-of-mouth recommendations, and free advertising all rolled into one. UGCs are powerful resources that you should not let pass.

Another great thing about user-generated content is that it saves you time and effort. With it, you won’t have to think of making original content all the time. 

Most of all, the best thing about UGC is that it promotes brand loyalty. It makes your customers feel appreciated, acknowledged, and included. You can gather UGCs by encouraging your users to share photos of their interactions with your product or service.

Video content

Facebook has slowly become one of the go-to avenues for video content. Hundreds of millions of hours worth of videos are watched through it every day. This only goes to show how much engagement you can earn through videos.

To ensure that you maximize the opportunity you have with video content, check that all of your videos have captions. A captioned video will likely attract more viewers than just a plain video. Also, set up your video so that it does not automatically play sound, as this annoys most viewers.

Analyze your efforts with FB Insights

You would want to ensure that all of your marketing efforts succeed, right? One of the best ways to secure success is to continuously monitor the results of your activities. See what works and what doesn’t and move forward with better results.

Facebook provides you with valuable data through Facebook insights. It measures page likes, post reach, and engagement, so you know how well your strategy performs.

You can promote your business effectively on Facebook with the help of an effective Facebook marketing course. There are pages worth of courses you can choose from at Skill Success. A few beginner-friendly classes you can try are Facebook Marketing 2019, Facebook Marketing Made Easy, and Facebook Marketing 101.

Ready to learn the best facebook marketing strategies? Click here to get started.

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