10 Jobs You Can Do While on Home Quarantine

If you want to keep your cash flow going even while on home quarantine, here are ten job options you can choose from. We went ahead and filtered out all other home-based jobs that still required you to go face-to-face with clients or deliver products at some point in the job. These home quarantine jobs are web-based and won’t require any one-to-one human interaction at all.

Web Development

Websites are developed every day, thanks to the modernization of most businesses that are now transitioning to cater to online markets. Usually, web development refers to the aspect of website building that does not correlate with designing. The job responsibilities involve generally coding and writing markup. It can range from creating simple static pages to more complex web-based applications and services.

While it may sound like such a techy job, you can still get into it if you are determined to learn. There are several online classes such as the Complete Web Development Course by SkillSuccess. That is an online course, so you don’t have to step out of the house to learn either.


If there is one home quarantine job that is as clear as daylight, this would be it. With all the websites and businesses there are in existence, there will always be a demand for written content. Writing as a home-based job has quite a vast scope as you are not only limited to web content. It also covers sales and marketing copies, product reviews, blurbs, product descriptions, social media contents, fictions, and a whole lot more.

Social Media Management

Another occupation that is ideal as a home quarantine job is social media management. Social media managers are responsible for conducting social media marketing campaigns. They also undertake creation and publishing of social media content, and managing daily social media activities, including post scheduling. If you are on home quarantine and are planning to spend the majority of your time on social media, why not earn some cash while you’re at it?

Customer Support

While many call centers have office headquarters, a lot of companies are slowly shifting to home-based arrangements for their employees. That’s because there is little or no need for an agent to be physically present when all the work done is virtual. If you have experience in telesales or customer support, this could be a perfect home quarantine job for you. All you need is a bit of equipment and some high-speed internet to start.

Virtual Assistance

Becoming a virtual assistant is much like becoming an actual assistant -except you won’t have to buy your boss’s coffee every morning. You also  won’t have to leave your house. It’s a perfect home quarantine job for anybody. Your skills will involve a whole host of things, although you don’t have to be an expert. All you need are fundamental computer skills, some spreadsheet knowledge, a decent data-entry capability, and a go-getter attitude that knows how to pay attention to detail.

Medical Transcription

Although many medical transcriptionists are found in hospitals and doctors’ clinics, you can work as one within the comforts of your home. Basically, what you do is listen to voice recordings of physicians or other healthcare professionals such as therapists, nurses, and technologists. Then you transcribe the voice recording into written reports. Since clients expect you to transcribe medical verbatim, you should have some knowledge of medical jargon. This means that you should at least have some education under the healthcare field, such as practical nursing.


Buying and selling has never been physically easier than in this generation. You don’t even need to step out of the house to conduct buy-and-sell activities. Things like dropshipping has made it a whole lot more convenient for both business people and consumers to transact over a product. You don’t even need to touch the product itself to sell it.

Graphic Design

If you think you have an eye for design, and you love designing with the use of modern technology, graphic design just might be up your alley. Graphic designers create visual content through manual or software-aided illustrations for the consumption of customers. The work can range from simple brochures to more complex marketing campaigns with multiple optical elements. Learning a thing or two through an online graphic design masterclass can help you get started towards this creative career path.

Online Education

Online teachers are becoming more and more in demand by the day, with international demand across most age groups. Many online teaching work involves teaching English as a second language (ESL). You will encounter students with varying English communication skills and need to adjust accordingly. You will also meet students of all ages -young preschoolers, teens, and adults. 

Besides English, you can also conduct online classes or lessons for courses, skills, or topics that you are particularly good at. Just make sure you have the right set of credentials to teach whatever you plan to share.


While this would not rake in a ton of cash, taking surveys online as a home quarantine job will at least be more productive than just passing the time with mobile games. Earning a few dollars while passing the time on quarantine is a lot better than earning nothing at all. All you have to do is look for paid online survey websites, with each survey offering different rates.

You can still be productive at home despite being quarantined. Nowadays, thanks to modern technology and communication, you don’t need to step out of the house in order to earn a decent living. With contaminable diseases occurring on the regular, home quarantine is the most practical way to keep illnesses contained. Jobs that are suitable for home quarantine will enable you to continue earning and financially supporting yourself and your family despite the restriction. 

And while you may not yet possess the skills needed to perform the jobs enumerated above, the good news is that you can easily access classes and lessons to get you ready to take on a home-based career.

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