life skills can guarantee success

10 Crucial Life Skills That Can Guarantee Your Success

What life skills do successful people possess? What are their common traits? There is no secret formula or a magical shortcut to success. Success is often a result of a set of characteristics and ideologies that are put into action. These life skills, if put together and practiced consistently, can make you unstoppable.

Self-awareness and Self-management

Many people who “behave badly” are likely not aware of their behaviors and the impact they have on others. Among other life skills, self-awareness is the key that opens up the doors to other skills that will guarantee your success. It is only through self-awareness and acceptance that you acknowledge your flaws and shortcomings enough to correct them. In the same manner, you also uncover strengths and potentials that you can further develop to become accomplished. 

Self-management is an extension of self-awareness as it is the portion that enables you to act on the things that you need to correct, develop, or maintain within yourself. Organization, healthy habits, time management, and self-control are among the skills encompassed within self-management.

Interpersonal and Communication Skills

The ability to relate well to others is one of the most crucial life skills that a person must possess. When you can form good relationships by initiating and sustaining excellent communication, you become capable of fostering essential connections. This gives you the ability to network easily with others, meet new people, fit in with almost any crowd, and clearly convey your thoughts and ideas. 

With excellent interpersonal and communication skills, you can work well with others. That’s because you are capable of receiving and relaying information in a way that is clear and acceptable. Moreover, with this life skill, you can create meaningful connections with people around you. 

Decision-making and Problem-solving

Problems are part of everyday life. Having the ability to solve them is one of those life skills that can make you virtually unstoppable. Similarly, decisions are ever-present too. Chances are if you encounter a problem, it involves at least one crucial decision that can make or break the situation.

To practice decision making and problem-solving, you have to understand different situations presented to you, identify problems, find ways to solve them, and take action.

creative and analytical thinking life skills

Creative and Critical Thinking Skills

Having higher levels of thinking is a crucial life skill that instantly puts you above everyone else. Being able to assess and analyze information and formulate concrete deductions and conclusions show critical thinking. On the other hand, being able to see things from a new perspective, come up with unconventional ideas, and formulating inventions or new and innovative ways of thinking demonstrates creativity.

These two skills go hand-in-hand regardless of the societal impression that only creative jobs require creativity, and only analytical jobs require critical thinking. On the contrary, creatives deal with decisions that require a lot of analysis, and professionals who mostly handle data often need to think of creative ways to process figures.


To be able to put yourself in someone else’s situation is the best way you can relate to another person. It gives you the right perspective of what someone else is going through without necessarily having to live their lives or experience the same circumstances. With empathy, you can easily figure out what someone feels and needs based on what you know.

This life skill is particularly important for leaders and professionals whose jobs involve dealing with clients or other people. You won’t just enjoy its perks by being liked by many. With empathy, you will be capable of making business decisions that are more likely to be accepted by others and foster cooperation within your team or organization.


It’s hard to deny good character and superb skill, but it takes a bit of assertion to bring you all the way up. In case you haven’t noticed, most of the people we considered successful are not always the most intelligent or the most skillful. Most of the time, they are simply the most assertive.

Being assertive means being determined and insistent about yourself, your skills, and your ideas. Sure, other people can help you get to the top. However, ultimately, your number one advocate should be yourself. You need to have enough confidence in yourself and have the guts to put yourself in front to face the spotlight whenever you believe your skills and knowledge are required.


Aside from problems and decisions, another thing that is inevitable in life is failure. Everyone experiences them. It’s especially true for those who dare to aim for excellence and always strive for greatness and success. One of the best life skills for people with high ambitions is resilience.

Resilience allows you to overcome any adversity or obstacle with optimism and positivity. Resilient people are not easily broken down or discouraged by their failures in life. Instead, they view these setbacks as life lessons that they need to apply moving forward. This makes them even more unrelenting and tenacious when it comes to reaching for their dreams.

negotiation is an important life skills


In life, if you want to get the best out of as much as you can, you need to learn how to negotiate. Sometimes, the determining factor between a good outcome and excellence is a bit of negotiation. There are so many things you can arrange your way to get into a better spot—your salary, job position, a promotion, a sale, a business deal, and just about anything else.

Negotiation is not all about self-gain. When you know how to negotiate well, you do not only get good deals. You also foster solid relationships based on transparency and diplomacy. It shows other parties that you are open to finding better ground to work upon with them wherein both parties are winning.


Whether you are a manager or the head of a cluster of people, leadership is one of those life skills that you still want under your belt. Leadership is not just about bossing people around and telling them what to do. It is about setting a good example and encouraging team unity. You can do those things even if you are not in a leadership role.

Leadership can also extend to your personal life. Being a good role model for your family or your community takes leadership and accountability. It shows that you can take charge and be responsible for yourself and others too.


Most importantly, if you want to succeed in life, you must be receptive to new information and ideas. Closed-minded people tend to get stuck with their own lives and careers. They often end up trapped in old ways and mediocrity. For someone with high ambitions, this can be very frustrating.

Being open-minded can lead you to great discoveries because you can significantly improve the knowledge you already possess with the help of some input from other sources. People who succeed are often willing to learn and adapt to new ways, incorporate novel ideas into old practices, and strive to improve through change.


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