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10 Brilliant Prompts to Practice Your Creative Writing Skills

Creative writing prompts are learning tools that stimulate a writer’s imagination, ingenuity, and skill through guided practice. These writing activities are done by writing about a specific topic in a particular way. Moreover, they are made specifically for training to improve not just your writing, but also your creative thinking skills. Below are ten excellent examples of creative writing prompts that you can use to practice your creative writing skills:

  1. Open up a dictionary to a random page and let your finger land on a random word. Write about what that word means to you.

  1. Picture a closed door. What does it look like? What is behind it, and why is it closed?

  1. If you won a million dollars, how would you spend it?

  1. Rewrite your favorite poem or short story in your own words.

  1. Take a look at the night sky. Write something beautiful and inspiring about it. Furthermore, you can practice the same thing by observing the first rays of dawn, or the hot midday sun.

  1. Think about a place you used to visit often as a child. Take a trip down memory lane and describe how it looked, how it smelled, and what it made you feel whenever you visited.

  1. Open up a map and let your pen land down onto a random location. Write down why you would or would not visit the place. Alternately, you can also write about how things could be for you if you lived there.

  1. Pen down a short poem or story about the last conversation you had, the last person you spoke to, or the last person you saw (even if it’s a stranger passing by).

  1. Turn on your radio or any music player and write something inspired by the first song that it plays.

  1. If you had magical powers that allow you to fulfill the impossible, what would you do?

With the help of these creative writing prompts, you can exercise your writing prowess while creating some wonderful material that you could publish one day. However, you should remember that these creative writing prompts are learning exercises and that there are no right or wrong ways to answer them. They are merely guides to help ease you into the creative writing process, and the more unique your answers become, the better. Nevertheless, if you feel like you need more instructional guidance on the creative writing process, you can check out Creative Writing For Beginners or Creative Writing Course: Master Tips for Writing from Skill Success. 

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