10 Best Online Lifestyle Courses

Have you ever wanted to try something new? Perhaps you felt a little adventurous and wanted to break away from the daily monotony. If so, giving in to this whim might not be too bad for you.

HuffPost explained that trying new things stimulates the mind to be more creative. Exposure to unfamiliar objects or routines conditions the brain to take a fresh perspective on life. It is generally helpful because this attempt helps you overcome fears, get out of a rut, and recharge your desire for enjoyment.

Exploring lifestyle courses from online learning platforms might not be a bad option when you feel this rush. Learning new things is a productive way to spend your days differently. You can check many subjects ⁠like arts, crafts, food, music, and pet care—the list is unending!

10 Best lifestyle courses on Skill Success

People born without drawing skills should not give up on drawing. It is a learnable skill, and you can get better with time. Keep practicing, and you will be surprised by how much evolution your outputs’ quality can go through.

The Art And Science Of Drawing: Basic Skills is an ideal course for beginners. It is a simplified but in-depth webinar on basic art principles and techniques. Watch out for step-by-step guides on essential skills such as holding a pencil and drawing basic shapes.

This webinar is one of the art lifestyle classes you cannot miss. Time to awaken your inner Da Vinci!

Ukulele is a relatively simple instrument. A person may need 3 to 6 months of practice to play songs steadily, but it only takes less than 10 minutes to get a hold of it. So if you can spare a few hours daily, Fun Beginner Ukulele can be an exciting addition to your online lifestyle courses bucket list. 

This music course welcomes learners by teaching them how to hold and tune the ukulele, a.k.a. the basics. The following sections then introduce simple songs that you can start with to practice chord placement and strumming. This webinar is a fool-proof guide for all beginners.

The raw food diet promises numerous health benefits. Cleveland Clinic said it offers increased consumption of vitamins and minerals, improved digestion, and an overall cleaner body. Before you try this diet, please consult with your doctors.

If ever you are compatible with the raw food diet, check out the Raw Food Recipe And Cooking Course. This webinar is fully packed with tips and recipes for your gastronomical enjoyment.

You do not have to be a master chef to accomplish this course. Each section has detailed instructions on how to prepare and preserve each meal. Expect to learn a full course meal’s worth of raw food recipes at the end of this course.

Skill Success was not joking when it said it had lifestyle classes for everyone. Yes, even a webinar on training dogs not to bark excessively. 

How well do you understand your dogs? Did you know that barking is one of their ways of communication? If you want expert answers to these questions, sign up for Dog Training: Stop Dog Barking: Easy Dog Training. This course has pet care tips on disciplining your dogs better, especially controlling their barks.

Watch out for the dedicated sections explaining why your dog barks excessively in specific scenarios and the appropriate solutions to resolve the underlying issues.

Ayurveda cooking derives from Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medicinal system. This system utilizes natural means and balances one’s connections with nature, others, and oneself. Cuisines produced through Ayurveda cooking represent the central cores of Ayurveda.

If you love Indian food and medicinal cooking, Healing Foods With Ayurveda Cooking is a must-have course. This webinar demonstrates how to use Indian staples like Agni Tea, ghee, green beans subji raita, and coconut in several hearty recipes. You will be surprised how simple herbs and spices can create such otherworldly flavors. 

Find out what other recipes and experiences this 43-minute webinar can offer.

Cacao is a popular ingredient for its health benefits. It promotes healthy digestion, lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk for diabetes, and so much more. But more than being therapeutic, cacao is a well-loved ingredient in recipes, especially desserts.

Make Healthy Raw Cacao Desserts is a sweet tooth’s dream course. It contains a perfect blend of unique and popular cacao-based recipes. The instructor goes through each step thoroughly to ensure that everybody recreating the recipes at home can create outstanding results. 

If you are looking for new and healthy recipes, this course is for you. Prepare the whisks and pans because it is time to start cooking.

Arts and crafts can be influential mental health outlets. Do not underestimate the power that creativity holds because activities as simple as coloring can save lives. 

Coloring For Adults is a double-sided lifestyle course. First, it is a webinar that helps adults deal with stress, anxiety, and negative emotions through coloring. This 2 hours and 4 minutes webinar set guided instructions on using crafts as a soothing distraction. 

Second, this course is a skill builder. Besides mental health relief, you can pick up helpful pointers on color theory, hand lettering, and other professional art techniques. Who said it is impossible to work on your mental health and art skills at once?

The food you eat and how often you eat them significantly matter when trying to lose weight. Many people fail their weight loss journeys because they do not understand dietary practices thoroughly. If you want to fit into your old skinny jeans again without compromising your health, consider looking into this course.

A Transformational Dietary Makeover For Weight Loss And Health is a 4-week body transformation guide, recipe book, and fitness manual fitted into one course. This webinar will teach you the most effective secrets in the culinary and dietary field to cut inches off your waist. The body of your dreams awaits you!

The responsibilities of fur parents and animal advocates include knowing at least the basics of pet care. As someone who deeply loves animals, you should build skills that can help the little critters in times of need. You do not have to be a full-on veterinarian, but it is helpful to be knowledgeable about critical matters.

Introduction To Animal Psychology: Pet Behavior is a must-have course for animal lovers. It is a systematized guide in understanding the behavior of animals such as dogs, cats, and rabbits. Know the secret messages behind their sounds and body language. Overall, this course will support the improvement of your pet care skills.

Do you have a strong passion for music? If so, do you want to express it by learning how to play a musical instrument? If you answered in the affirmative, you might be interested in checking Piano For Beginners: Easy Bite-Sized Melodies.

This course lays down the foundations of playing the piano without heavy details on theories. The video instructions are straight to the point and easy to replicate. Follow along with the teacher as he walks you through some of the simplest piano pieces of all time. Once you get the hang of the examples, practice them yourself to test your growth as a musician.

More lifestyle courses to discover

Online lifestyle courses are such a joy to discover. Every new skill will eventually find a way to make your life more fun. Since lifestyle is an expansive genre, you will not run out of things to try. If the recommendations listed above are not your cup of tea, more equally exciting courses are available. 

Skill Success is proud of its lifestyle courses collection. Subjects ranging from music theory to intermittent fasting are live on the website. So no matter your passions and tastes, there will be something for everyone.

Skill Success divides webinars into several sections. It is an intentional design so that you can take one lesson at a time. There is no need to rush! Experience each course at your pace without the pressure of needing to finish soon.

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